Danny Gokey at the Grand Ole Opry

Danny Gokey performed for the fifth time at the Grand Ole Opry on December 14th, as part of a line-up that also included one of Danny’s favorite acts, Rascal Flatts. Danny’s set consisted of Life on Ya, Crazy Not To, and his holiday single Tennessee Christmas.

Danny Gokey at The Grand Ole Opry – December 14 2010 (audio & photos via iheartdannygokey.com)

Danny’s Opry visit rounded out his schedule of  public performances for 2010, but he resumes concert appearances after the holidays with a New Year’s Day performance in Tampa Bay FL.  Additional media from the Opry and other recent Danny Gokey appearances after the jump!

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Danny Gokey at the Grand Ole Opry

Bonus Video – Danny Gokey holiday homecoming concerts to Sheboygan & Wausau WI

It’s Only with Sophia’s Heart Choir (Sheboygan WI)
video credit tonicny

Tennessee Christmas (Sheboygan WI)
video credit tonicny

I Still Believe (Wausau WI)
video credit djgfangirl2626

T-R-O-U-B-L-E and My Best Days are Ahead of Me (Wausau WI)
video credit luv2teach05

Back at One and Raining on Sunday (Wausau WI)
video credit jenruditys