Dancing With The Stars – Week 2 Results!

Michael Bolton and Chelsie Hightower are eliminated. VIDEO

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Usually when a contestant is dissed by the judges as brutally as Michael was (The worst jive in all 11 seasons of DWTS!!!) viewers will throw a pile of pity votes, often saving even a low scoring contestant. But that Michael couldn’t even get a pity save speaks volumes about his lack of popularity.  He really deserved to go home.

His post-elimination interviews should be interesting, because he was clearly pissed (Watch Michael call Bruno’s remarks “inappropriate and disrespectful HERE).  Also, the extra footage that was supposed to prove that last night’s random boos were for the judges’ scores, not Sarah Palin’s presence in the studio–proved nothing except there was a whole lotta confusion in the studio at that moment… (Check out the VIDEO for yourself)

Video and recap after the JUMP…

Who goes home on Dancing With the Stars this week?

Plus, film footage that will settle BOO-gate, once and for all, or so host Tom Bergeron promises…

They get right to the results.  Kyle and Lacey are safe.  Brandy and Maks are still in jeopardy (HELLO FAKE DRAMA)

Tom calls out Bruno for being super hard on Michael Bolton last night.  Len thinks the judges’ job is to educate and encourage, and thinks Bruno’s relentlessly negative critique should have been tempered with some positivity.

The judges agree: They want to see Kyle and Lacey’s quickstep again. Uh why? Can you say overrated?

The sublime Janelle Monae takes the stage for an other-worldly performance of  “Tightrope” – VIDEO

Brooke chats with Florence, The Situation, and Bristol before they take the stage for results.

But first, Brooke talks to Jennifer and Derek about boo-gate.  In NEW ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE, we see the judges become upset as the audience begins booing what appears to be the panel’s low (ish) scores of Jennifer and Derek’s routine.

The judges clearly believe they are being booed.  That doesn’t prove they actually are being booed.  What would prove conclusively who and what was being booed? Interview people in the audience who were doing the booing…  But, don’t hold your breath on that one.

OK time for results.  Florence and Corky and Bristol and Mark are safe.  The Situation and Karina are still in jeopardy.

Audrina and Tony and Jennifer and Derek are next. Both are safe.

After a little filler, the Macy’s Stars of Dance take the stage to perform a routine inspired by Michael Jackson. Except they dance to a Sting tune, and it’s oh-so-very Cirque du Soleil! – VIDEO

After the break, Seal performs his new single, “Don’t Let it Bring You Down.”

After even more filler, it’s time for more results. Michael and Chelsie, Kurt and Anna, Rick and Cheryl and Margaret and Louis are next.  Kurt and Anna, Margaret and Louis are safe.  Rich and Cheryl and Michael and Chelsie are still in jeopardy.

Back from break!  Brooke is backstage with Michael and Chelsie.  Michael tells Brooke that Bruno was inappropriate and disrespectful. OH SNAP.

The next couple safe is: Rick and Cheryl.

Back from break. Who will live  to dance again? Brandy and Maks are safe.  Michael and Chelsie are eliminated! I was sure pity votes would save them.

Michael is surprised and disappointed that he’s going home. Sure, Bruno was a little tough on him but if it wasn’t the worst jive of the entire 11 seasons of DWTS,   Michael and Chelsie’s routine was easily the worst of the night.  Mr. 80’s crooner deserved to be sent packing. Ha ha…you could tell he was REALLY pissed.


  • Kyle and Lacey
  • Florence and Corky
  • Bristol and Mark
  • Audrina and Tony
  • Jennifer and Derek
  • Kurt and Anna
  • Margaret and Louis
  • Rick and Cheryl
  • Brandy and Maks
  • The Situation and Karina
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  1. Brandy needs to go before Ms Brady. They need to save Brandy’s partner before he snaps!

  2. I like Michael Bolton as a singer but as a dancer he was awfull and was due to go. I hope the Situation goes next week as he is not much of a dancer either. Brandy is not that bad as least for now and is suffering from her partner lack of artistry and custom flair.

    So far Jennifer Grey is the best one.

  3. I’m gonna vote for Margaret Cho as much as I can. She’s funny. lol
    Michael really did deserve to go. The Situation next, please!!!

  4. I enjoyed Kyle and Lacey last night and tonight. For me this show is about being entertaining rather than being the best dancer so I was happy to see MB go because it hurt to watch him attempt to dance and it hurt to see the show allow him to be humiliated with that horrible dog dance. Instead of complaining about the judging and the low scores, I want to fire the person who came up with the dog house idea.

  5. Maks is not one of my favorite person, although I really wanted him to win last year with Erin, but, boy I feel so sorry for him that he got to hang out day in and day out with Brandy.

    Yeah, for sure he is missing Erin in more ways than one.
    Come on Brandy, loosen up a little. Somehow, even when she tries to joke around, it fell flat.
    Let’s face it, with these realities shows, I don’t care what people say, the audience vote also for people with likable personality.
    I’ll see what happens next week.

  6. I thought it was rather low class of Bruno to not even temper what he had said the night before when given the chance last night. He didn’t have to backtrack, just say that he was sorry he expressed his opinion in such a nasty manner. What a farce to see him standing and applauding Michael Bolton once he was announced as leaving. He was right. Bruno was disrespectful and inappropriate. This show is supposed to be fun. No reason to humiliate someone like that.

  7. I don’t watch the show, but I do hate Michael Bolton with the heat of a thousand volcanoes, so I’m happy to learn he was ripped and booted.

  8. Next week, Florence, Margaret and Mike The Situation are in trouble if they can get a dance that at least entertain the viewers.

    I am hoping the Situation stay, at least he is funny.

  9. Next year when they are down to all “E” level celebrities and wonder why they can’t attract the bigger names anymore I hope they look back to this little kerfluffle and change their ways a bit.
    Celebrities all come on this show for various reasons- the money, the exposure, the chance to learn to dance- whatever. But they will not come on if they think the show will set them up to be belittled and humiliated on national television.

    I do not like Michael Bolton not one little bit. I love the “no talent ass clown” joke about him in Office Space and have repeated it here.
    But I do think they crossed the line with him and I do not think it did this show any favors as far as future recruitment goes. This is not a life and death, career breaking competition. It is light fluff and the judges comments may need to keep that in mind. They are all about “growth” but for anything to grow it needs to be nurtured, not shot down in cold blood.

    Bad, bad start to the season, show.
    They need celebrities- popular, current celebrities. They are close to scraping by as it is and they certainly do not need humiliating comments further gumming up the works.
    I will bet you there have been meetings and discussions and that we will see a change in the commenting whether it is acknowledged on air or not.
    Otherwise this show is dead.

  10. “But that Michael couldn’t even get a pity save speaks volumes about his lack of popularity.”

    After watching a few seasons of DWTS, I’d say that in general, the one who goes home is usually the worst dancer left, give or take the popularity/likeability factor. Michael was like the Hoff last week: bad dancer who is past his prime in popularity and who was never very likeable even at the peak of his career.

    Poor Chelsie. I’ve got a soft spot for her because she worked miracles with Ty Murray a few seasons back.

  11. Michael easily deserved to go home this week. His dance was the worst of the night. Worst of all 11 seasons – not so much. Bruno forgets the debacle that was Grand Master P or even last year’s Kate G. Bruno’s comments were above and beyond inappropriate and disrespectful. Comparing Michael’s dance to pooper scooper on Monday night, then saying Rin Tin Tin would have done a better job on Tuesday. We get it – Michael was bad. But Bruno went too far.
    I’m curious about the “Fox” comment Bruno made though. About going to Fox. Was it meant for Michael – that Michael was wanted on Fox for some reality show or is Bruno being recruited for a Fox tv show. Either way, I don’t think the DWTS powers are going to like Bruno’s mentioning it.

    As for boo-gate, the video showing “proof” of the booing for judges didn’t do a whole lot to show that and in fact felt a bit edited. But whatever. Hopefully it is over now.

  12. They need celebrities- popular, current celebrities. They are close to scraping by as it is and they certainly do not need humiliating comments further gumming up the works.

    No celebrity with a currently strong career is going near DWTS. They don’t need it and aren’t going to deal with any snide comments from the judges and fans.

    The best DWTS can do in terms of recruiting is already covered–popular athletes who we still recognize.

    I’ve contended that if DWTS went to one season per calendar year, they would pull in stronger candidates. They may not be current, but they would close enough to the B-list that it would make for a better product for the viewers.

  13. Bruno called it like he saw it – Michael Bolton was awful. A bad dancer combined with an awful attitude. I’m glad he’s gone.
    I know Master P and Kate Gosselin were the other really bad contestants, but I can’t remember if either of them tackled the Jive. Anyone recall?
    And was Bolton’s the worst score ever given?

  14. Master P did the Jive, yes Score: 14 (6,4,4)
    Kate Gosselin did it as well Score: 15 (5+5+5)

  15. I looooove that Karina calls her partner, “Mike”, and refuses to use that ridiculous brand name. He seemed to come into the show feeling pretty pompous (skipping rehearsals, scheduling other events), but his judge feedback, plus Karina, have helped knock him down to an almost tolerable level in a mere week. If he sticks around for a month I might actually like him.

  16. But they will not come on if they think the show will set them up to be belittled and humiliated on national television.

    I hope the producers do see remarks like this. At first I thought Bruno was kidding or that it was going to be a scripted moment. Does Bruno want to become another Simon like character? He showed no class, and I have liked his comments in the past. I agree, someone who is not a good dnacer may back away from the show after Monday’s rude comments.

    I had hoped that Chelsie and Michael could have improved, but this was not the case.

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