Dancing With The Stars – Week 10 – The Final Recap, Video

It’s the FINAL performance episode of Dancing with the Stars All Stars!  Kelly & Val, Melissa U Tony and Shawn and Derek dance for the Mirror Ball Trophy!

Part 1: The all-star couples reprise favorite dances.

Kelly and Val – Paso Doble – Kelly and Val choose to perform their Paso from week 3. Kelly is STILL WHINING about never getting a 10.  That was pretty fierce. And very well choreographed by Val. Len gives kudos to the band and the says, “Your best dance to date, well done.” Bruno says, “You can always ignite drama. Your lines are much better.” Cheryl Ann says, “There was a little slip up, but I’m so proud of you. That was your best dance. Carrie Ann – 9.5  Len – 10  Bruno – 10 – 29.5.  Kelly finally gets her 10. Thank Jeebus. – 1-800-868-3411

Melissa and Tony –  Samba   – They are the only remaining couple who aren’t already champions.  They chose to dance the Samba –  a dance they got 3 9s–so room to improve. I think I smell a perfect score!  Bruno says, “What a wonderful blend of moves. You’ve grown so much as a performer.” Carrie Ann says, “You’re abs are ridiculous! Tonight FABULOUS.” Len says, “You captured the party atmosphere. FABULOUS.” – Carrie Ann – 10 – Len – 10 – Bruno – 10 – 301-800-868-3406.

There will be an instant dance round tomorrow! They will pick the music and dance style tomorrow.

Shawn and Derek – Quickstep – Shawn calls it their “Statement” dance. They broke the rules last time, and will break the rules again. Oh. This was the fun dance with the trampolines, and the jumping and the crazy stunts. A real crowd pleaser. But, Melissa and Tony were smart to pick a routine they could improve. The element of surprise is gone the second time around–it lost the wow factor. And they aren’t going to get high scores from the judges. Carrie Ann says, “I’m sad you didn’t choose to follow the rules. I hope your risk pays off.” “There was more body contact this time. But you aren’t allowed to to do lifts. You have nowhere to go.” “We are bound to the rules, but it takes nothing away from your achievement.” – Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 8.5, Bruno – 9.5 – 271-800-868-3402

Part 2: Supersize Free style! The couples are in charge, and they were able to ask other performers to join them.

Kelly and Val – The troupe dancers will join them Kelly will do aerial work while Val plays the violin! They chose “Time Of My Life” from Dirty Dancing because it reflects the showmance they’ve been selling.  Kelly begins suspended from the rafters on silks.  Oh. They also have a GOSPEL CHOIR.  They do the Dirty Dancing lift to finish.  Eh. That was just a’ight. The stage was so busy, it took the focus off of them. Len says, “I thought the opening was great, I loved the lifts. It lacked originality.” “Your chemistry never shown brighter. Patrick is smiling on you.” “You executed everything beautifully. It was wonderful.” – Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 9.5, Bruno – 10 – 29.5 – 59

Melissa and Tony – They bombed their free style in Season 8, so now they want redemption. They will be incorporating contemporary into their routine. Their extra dancers are hanging from the ceiling, out of the way. As a contemporary dance, except for a few nice lifts, it was boring. SYTYCD has spoiled me. Bruno says, “Fantastic extensions, a gem.” Carrie Ann says, “With great risk comes great reward. Jackpot.” Len says, “That had passion. It was wonderful. Thrilling.” – Carrie Ann – 10 – Len – 10 – Bruno – 10 – 30 – 60

Shawn and Derek – The Fierce Five join the duo for their freestyle. Wow. Amazing tricks and tumbles from the pair. The Fierce 5 descended to the floor on Olympic-like rings near the end of the routine to add some pizazz, but without distracting from the star couple. Carrie Ann says, “Sensational! You do not disappoint.” Len says, “This was totally unexpected. A medley of Derek and Shawn’s greatest hits.” Bruno says, “Fierce, flawless, exciting, brilliance!” Carrie Ann – 10 Len – 10 Bruno – 10 – 30 – 57

More judges scores coming tomorrow on the finale. The two hour show begins at 9/8c pm.


Melissa and Tony – 60
Kelly and Val – 59
Shawn and Derek – 57

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