Dancing With The Stars – Top 11 Results

Chuck Liddell and Anna Trebunskaya were eliminated tonight on Dancing with the Stars.

Surprisingly, Aaron Carter and Karina Smirnoff were in the bottom two.   That Aaron and Karina couldn’t even scrounge enough pity votes to stay out of the bottom, after the judges reamed them last night, and after Aaron danced reasonably well, doesn’t bode well for their future on the show.

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I think Aaron has a likability problem. The guy has given me douche chills from the very first week–there’s too much self-centered whining and not enough humility.   I’m not sure this is something Aaron is going to be able to fix.   But if he does, it could turn out to be an entertaining story arc.

Next week, the stars dance the Argentine Tango and the Paso Doble, plus they all perform in a group Hustle.

I ended up picking Michael Irvin in the pool. I suck. Other than losing points, I’m OK with Chuck leaving. The judges had a soft spot for him, despite his lack of dance floor finesse. I didn’t find him entertaining at all. I’m happy to see him head back to the cage…

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  1. I’m sorry to see Chuck go. Wish he had another couple of weeks. For some reason he really got to me. His vulnerability touched me.

    I would have been happy to see Aaron go.

  2. Completely agree. I think Max might be right thinking Aaron won’t make it into the top 3. I’m not sure that he understands the voting method. Yes, it’s about dance ability, but also about personality. He does not seem very personable.

    I heard he cried last week because he didn’t make the top spot (Would of loved to see that)

    In the past week Mellisa has had low scores, but people root for her. She seems like a very sweet person.

  3. Loved seeing Aaron in the bottom 2, too bad Joanna wasn’t with him. They both really bug me. I’m predicting that Natalie will win this year. She’s beautiful, good dancer and an Olypic winner. She’ll go all the way.

  4. Well, there are also rumors that Karina and Aaron are having an affair, and that put the final nail in the Karina/Maks coffin. *shrugs*

    ETA: Skel, west coasters know there will be spoilers here. Adjust accordingly for your sucky time zone. ;-)

  5. Well, there are also rumors that Karina and Aaron are having an affair, and that put the final nail in the Karina/Maks coffin. *shrugs*

    Wow. Dancing must make Karina pretty, um, friendly. She also hooked up with Mario Lopez, right?

    ETA: Agree that the two step was an awful addition. Hated it on SYTYCD, and it’s even worse on this show where good dancers can’t save a boring genre.

  6. Yay! So glad my boy Louie is safe.
    I wish DWTS would quit trying ‘new’ dances. The two-step, Charleston, and lambada (or whatever) were awful. The two-step and Charleston really don’t seem to require the same level of skills, either. Anyone remember when SYTYCD tried a few new dances? The folk dance and the two-step? Both were complete bombs. They just fall flat.

    I would’ve been really upset if Louie or any of the other two-steppers were eliminated when they’d been stuck with a subpar dance style (sub par for a competition tv show, anyway).

    Looking forward to tango and paso next week!

  7. Well, there are also rumors that Karina and Aaron are having an affair, and that put the final nail in the Karina/Maks coffin. *shrugs*

    And people were all critical of Maks because he said he couldn’t be friends with Karina. If THAT’S true, I don’t blame him.

    Yeah, Karina and Mario Lopez dated after his season. Not sure how long, but they did.

    Chuck did nothing for me, so I didn’t care who went out of that bottom 2. Aaron, Joanna, and Michael can all go in any order now and I wouldn’t care. Heh.

  8. Oh that’s nice. My post thanking pj for her lovely advice was deleted. Must be my sucky time zone playing tricks on me.

  9. Don’t feel bad MJ, I also selected Michael to go. I just haven’t warmed up to Anna. These professional sports people sometimes last longer than they should. ( I am not talking about the Olympians.)

    Did anyone notice when Chuck was getting compliments, Anna would nod and say thank you? That bugged me, but I did like Chick’s spirit to participate in the dances.

    Seems Len changed his mind about featuring Joanna and Derek’s passionate dance. Gee, I wonder why? So, next week she has a ballroom dance. About time.

    Marie Osmond picked Mark and Lacey to go home. I am happy she was wrong.

    Favorite part of the show was the professionals doing the Paso Doble. That is such an exciting dance.

  10. Chuck, Louie and Michael all sucked last night, IMO. None of them have/had any real potential.

    If you suck for picking Michael in the pool MJ, I double suck because I have picked him two weeks running to go home. He’s nice enough, but he just can not dance…at all.

    Aaron can go home anytime now for my money. He has a stanky attitude and isn’t near as good as he thinks he is.

  11. Not in the pool. Missing too much.

    Skel, I missed your post and didn’t mean to offend. I guess that it’s best to ignore media when you’re on the west coast. Better? I actually think East coast time zone sucks, too. Everything is late. Central is the best time zone evah. Early AND live. ;-)

    Sarah, this is my source for the alleged Karina/Aaron affair. LOL. It’s just gossip.


  12. I think Chuck was kind of endearing. But not so great a dancer. I missed the elimination, so thanks for the info mj.

  13. Louie was the worst dancer last night, and with a group that included Chuck and Michael, that’s pretty bad. I wanted him to go home because, except for the rhumba, Louie doesn’t appear to be trying at all, and at least Chuck and Michael have been. Plus, I was at the taping last night and Louie spat on the dance floor and rubbed it with his toe while the introductory video was going on. Pretty disgusting. I tried to convince myself he was just pretending and getting in character, but he was right in front of me and it was nasty.

  14. I like Chelsie, but Louie looks like an Oompa Loompa, and I won’t miss him at all. So Louie, Joanna, Aaron… Even if things go the way I want them to, I still have to wait three weeks before I’m interested again.

    What are Joanna and Derek doing next week? The choices are Argentine Tango and Paso Doble, right? So if they’re not doing Latin, they’ve got AT? It’s still not one of the five dances in the International Standard category (waltz, fox trot, Viennese waltz, tango and quickstep). Argentine Tango is a smoldery dance, and I still think they are sticking Joanna in the sexy box.

    I think they’ve scheduled the dances really stupidly this year. What is Joanna gonna do when she hits the fox trot or the waltz or (heaven forfend) the quick step? Maybe they think she won’t make it that long, so she can do sexysexysexysexysexy and be done. Which would make her out next week. Fingers crossed.

  15. If you suck for picking Michael in the pool MJ, I double suck because I have picked him two weeks running to go home. He’s nice enough, but he just can not dance’ ¦at all.

    Michael plays football. Don’t bet on the football player leaving anytime in the early rounds, ever… that’s not how DWTS works. They’ve had 5 football players so far and 4 of them have advanced to the finals. Even Lawrence Taylor, who looked like he wanted to go home, still made it to the middle. Apparently the voters love them some football… :(

    I thought Louie would go home this week. But, I’m not surprised about Chuck. His dance was very boring. I think the two step is a disadvantage in itself as a dance, and it didn’t help that Chuck depends on interesting choreography to hide his bad technique. I liked him though. He was kind of cute.

    Louie looks like an Oompa Loompa

    Louie is a hobbit. Seriously. We just need to confirm if he has hairy feet and he’s set.

  16. I think starting out with 16 contestants was a bit much. I can’t wait to get to the semi-finals. Hopefully, Michael and Louie will be gone. I have a feeling Joanna may be there for a while. She hasn’t done a dance worthy of criticisms.

    Yes, Louie looks like a hobbit.

  17. You could have put Chuck, Louie and Michael in a hat and drew any of them this week. I put it all on Louie, disregarding the “cute couple” factor. I wasn’t all that surprised with Aaron being so low. Out of the box he was a favorite, but he has mismanaged his image and Mya is killing him technically and in likability, draining away his teeny votes. Doesn’t help Aaron that Mya and Dimitry are uber hot and there is a lack of chemistry with him and Karina.

  18. I think they picked non-ballroom dances this week – two-step, Charleston, ie to try and hide the fact they have a lot of people who can’t move this season.
    Glad Chuck is gone – he was not entertaining even though the judges told us he was. And I can’t stand Anna T. either. Louie was so bad this week, I couldn’t stomach up the desire to vote at all.
    I hope Natalie isn’t lost in the run to the finals,

  19. Come on, are people just going to hear a rumor and instantly believe it? Jeez we all better hope nobody ever starts a rumor about us then. I don’t believe for a minute that Karina is dating Aaron. He’s way beneath her level. Mario was different, she was in love with him, she was brokenhearted when he cheated on her. I would not assume the worst about Karina. Just because Maks is angry and hurt right now, we don’t know what happened between them, but Karina and Aaron I don’t think is even remotely possible. So where did this supposed rumor come from?

    I agree that 16 contestants is too much. I look forward to the day there are more gone. It’s too many to keep track of and two hours of that show wears me out, too much screaming and clapping and the dance routines started out way too short to accomodate too many contestants.

  20. Michael Irving

    I would like to offer my proofreading services again. :)

  21. Based on effort, Louie deserved to go home. For Pete’s sake – even if you are just WALKING, you could fricking walk in RHYTHM – it’s “Sweet Home Alabama”! How can you not at least get a little rythmic hitch in your step with that playing?

    I think Aaron is our American version of the X-Factor twins. Icky.

    No wonder ratings are down this year – a bunch of non-likable people. I’ve watched Chuck fight (hubby is a big MMA fan) and his grin was endearing because you NEVER see that on Spike TV! And Donny is more likable than I had thought, and Kelly was a HUGE surprise in the likability department. But everyone else is either meh or outright BLECH.

  22. What I don’t get is – I thought if you had major dance experience you weren’t able to do the show. According to Mya’s references she is doing her own work. Since I didnt’ really know much about her I checked her out….. she went to the harlem school of dance…? ok, so she didn’t take ballroom – she took tap and jazz ! I don’t really care for her – maybe it’s the makeup = every week it gives me the creeps. I like Melissa and Kelly Osbourne was a true surprise ! Louie is cute but my son races bmx and he can two step !!!! I thought Michael Irving was going home he did worse than chuck !!!! but I guess once a dallas cowboy always – my brother is voting for him because he played football???? as you can see by my log in name you can tell I want Donny to win ………… I knew he was going to be a hit ! No one is mentioning the guy from food network……… I can’t think of his name. very forced dancing though – he needs to loosen up !

  23. I think the key is they can’t have ballroom experience per se. I know Kristi Yamaguchi had dance draining… all figure skaters do, and she was allowed to compete.

  24. Yeah, I think you’re right pj. I also believe that while having had any kind of dance training can give someone an edge, ballroom dancing is VERY different from tap or jazz or hip hop.

    I mean, watching SYTYCD alone can show you that even having years of training in ballet or modern or jazz or hip hop doesn’t necessarily translate to ballroom & Latin. Ballroom & Latin dance is a whole different beast.

  25. The thing is about having dance training, and Mya definitely has the most of all the celebs, though ball room IS different, when you are used to memorizing dance steps like she would have had to do –she is said to have had ballet and jazz lessons for years, any new steps (even if they are a different technique) are much easier to pick up because those synapses are already formed in your brain. Also, dances like the jive, hustle, and a few others have a lot of similarities to jazz and hip hop. That’s why I think she has the most unfair advantage over everyone else. I know its also why Melissa Rycroft, thrown in at the last minute during her season, did so well. I took ballet lessons for years myself and find it easy to pick up my taekwondo moves, not to mention jazzercise steps, and had a psychologist friend of mine explain that this was the probable reason.

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