Dancing with the Stars – The Semi-Final Results!

Welcome to the final live result show of the 16th season of Dancing with the Stars before the grand finale. Tonight, we have special guest performances by The Wanted and Avril Lavigne. We could also see another Macy’s Stars Of Dance Performance and/or an AT&T Spotlight Performance.

And before the credits finish rolling, we will find out who our four finalists are that will compete for the DWTS championship!

Our poll here at MJ’s is overwhelmingly predicting that Ingo & Kym will be exiting the show tonight.

So, who is likely to get the boot? Yes, I agree that it is going to be Ingo. As predictable as last week’s result show was, I think tonight will be a duplicate. Put it this way, Ingo making it into the finale would be the shock of the season. Let’s face it- Kellie, Zendaya, Aly, and Jacoby have been the leaders since day one. For one of them to be knocked out now in favor of a forgettable dancer who only does a decent job would be quite unfortunate. The viewers deserve to see the four best dancers duke it out for the title.

Here’s something to watch for tonight. Who will the show place in jeopardy and who will join Ingo in the bottom 2? It probably won’t be a legit bottom two, so it should be interesting to see who the producers place in that position. Will it be Jacoby again? How about Kellie? The show will do anything to get some buzz and if they really want someone to place higher, they will put them in trouble to rile up the fans.

I wish they wouldn’t do that at this point quite honestly. I would be happy if they just brought out all five couples and announced who was exiting the competition- keeping the rest secret and making it even. I am not a major fan of producer manipulation on any of these reality-competition shows.

Let’s enjoy tonight and see how it all plays out. Segment by segment…here we go. :D

Segment 1
The 300th episode of DWTS kicks off with ALL the pros and troupe members coming out to perform. This is basically a dance party with everything but the kitchen sink. We even have sparkles and glitter. A major celebration of the show’s 300th episode.

And now, a look back at last night’s show.

Time for some results right out of the gate…

The first couple GOING TO THE FINALS is… Jacoby & Karina.

Of course, momma is losing it in the audience.

Segment 2
The encore dance is Kellie & Derek’s argentine tango from last night. Just as awesome and just as perfect. Wow.

Time for the AT&T Spotlight Performance. Sophia Lucia, a record holder for the world’s most pirouettes. Wow. She is excited about having Chelsie dance with her. Aww. Fabulous. This little girl getting to dance on this show with pros and spinning like crazy. Plus, she’s adorable.

Segment 3
Time for a bit of a filler. The celebs and pros take the camera and interview one another. Some really funny back and forth with the couples, especially Kellie & Derek and Jacoby & Karina.

Brooke talking with Jacoby and Aly. Jacoby comments that he knew his mother was bringing her own paddle. Aly steals little things from the show as memories.

Out to perform are The Wanted, singing “Fill A Heart.” This is a really sweet song. I am partial to this group’s “Glade You Came” but this is a really nice tune. Tyne and Blake are dancing contemporary beautifully to this song. The group talks about a charity supporting child hunger. Nice!

Segment 4
Avril Lavigne is out to sing her hit “Here’s Never To Growing Up.” I love Avril’s voice. She has such a distinctive sound and has for years. This is a really catchy song. Some troupe members are out to dance. Lots of fun and high energy.

Time to see how things went last night for Zendaya & Val and Kellie & Derek with some unseen footage.

More results…

Zendaya & Val ARE IN JEOPARDY.

Yeah, you can pretty much guarantee that Zendaya was placed in jeopardy when she wasn’t even close to being in danger. This is going to propel the Zendaya fans to vote hard next week. In fact, this may have just cemented a victory for her.

Segment 5
Sharna and Gleb are out to perform as Christine Grimmie sings “Take Care“. A bit of T.M.I. coming from me now- I would be heaven if I could dance like this with Gleb. I’m just saying. :D Anyways, a beautiful contemporary routine.

Time to see how things went last night for Ingo & Kym and Aly & Mark with some unseen footage.

Let’s get some more results…


So, do they really expect us to think that Zendaya could be going home with Ingo staying? LOLZ. Come on now!

Segment 6
Final results of the night, folks.

Not necessarily the bottom two…. (DUH)

The last couple GOING to the finals is… Zendaya & Val

And leaving us just one week short of the finals are Ingo & Kym.

Well, that was expected. I’m just confused as to why they placed Zendaya in “jeopardy.” It is only going to make her fans vote super hard next week. I’m not saying she wouldn’t be a deserving winner (far from it), but she didn’t really need any kind of producer help when it comes to votes. Like I said earlier, I wish they didn’t place anyone in jeopardy so things could be even. SIGH.

Anyways, Ingo’s time was up and he exits with grace. I have to say, despite the fact that Ingo was always in that middle pack with the other forgettable male dancers, he did bring great determination and we got to meet his adorable son. He should be very proud of his time on the show.

I’ll see you guys next week for the 2-night FINALE event! I hope you guys enjoyed watching with me tonight. :D