Dancing With The Stars Season 30 Queen Night Recap: Live Blog and Videos

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Tonight, the nine remaining couples will rock us as Dancing With The Stars honors the music of Queen.

Not only will each couple individually perform to a Queen song, but Relay Dances later into the night will determine which couples earn bonus points before the elimination.

Last week, after Iman and Daniella shocked the ballroom with their first perfect score and Jimmie and Emma performed a beautifully creepy Contemporary, the judges were left to decide between Kenya and Brandon and Suni and Sasha. In a unanimous decision, Kenya and Brandon were sent home.

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The show opens with a troupe performance (look at all the male pros lookin like Freddie!!) and Tyra in a not-so-hideous outfit this week.

Amanda Kloots & Alan – Jive

Remember when we all complimented Amanda’s legs in, say, Foxtrot? It’s the entirely opposite for a dance like the Jive. Long legs hurt you in a Jive, and Amanda’s legwork in general just doesn’t flow in this dance. Alan makes a great Freddie, though!

Len condemns Alan for the lift (not allowed) and then criticizes Amanda’s footwork (and someone in the audience curses Len I think…). Derek compliments the opening of the dance then says he slightly agrees with Len, calling it not Amanda’s best dance. Bruno says it was “soooo good” then jumps on the judges’ table and starts flailing. Carrie Ann says it was high energy, but if she wants to win she has to surprise them.

Carrie Ann- 8, Len- 8, Derek- 8, Bruno- 9 = 33/40

Olivia Jade & Val – Quickstep

Talk about a sucky Quickstep song, but Val can make anything work. And anything look good. Like his partner. And those rock on hands at the end were way too cutesy for my liking…

Derek says it was a challenging routine but Olivia was on point. Bruno said she was a lean, mean, Quickstep queen! Carrie Ann says she uses the floor in a beautiful way and can out grace into a rock ‘n roll Quickstep. Len said it had speed but had control, she was fast but it didn’t look rush, but he would have preferred more body contact.

Scores after the break…!

Carrie Ann- 10, Len- 8, Derek- 10, Bruno- 10 = 38/40

Iman Shumpert & Daniella – Paso Doble

Iman didn’t quite hit the steps like your average Paso. Daniella is proving to be a phenomenal choreographer though. The “rock n roll” aspect of this made it even more enjoyable for me, thanks to both the song (“Another One Bites The Dust”) and Daniella’s choreo.

Bruno says Iman is now an accomplished dancer and it was a tricky dance because it had a rock feel. Carrie Ann says she feels “a spiritual thing” when she watches Iman dance and then says he brought DWTS into a new era just by  the way he performs. Len says it had attack and attitude, and he lightens and brightens up the dance floor. Derek says he has to borrow Iman’s abs back (lol) then says it lacked the posture of a Paso but he oozes joy. 

Carrie Ann- 9, Len- 7, Derek- 8, Bruno- 8 = 32/40

Jimmie Allen & Emma – Viennese Waltz

Jimmie and Emma are becoming this year’s power couple!! They have such a great partnership. If Iman oozes joy then Jimmie oozes chemistry with Emma. This was such a sweet Viennese, full of content and Jimmie kept up beautifully. And when Jimmie ran over and brought flowers to his wife, omg!!

Carrie Ann says Jimmie has “full-on, beautiful lines” despite the lack of dancing she saw from him at the start of the season. Len says in this competition, it’s not how you start Week 1, it’s how you finish, and Jimmie is finishing strong. Derek says this Viennese had power and energy and he loves Jimmie’s black sequin suit (same!!). Bruno compliments Jimmie’s ability to lead.

Tyra really just admitted she knows nothing about ballroom dancing omg… Scores after the break!

I’ll take this commercial break to finally say how cute Derek’s jacket is!!

Carrie Ann- 9, Len- 9, Derek- 10, Bruno- 10 = 38/40

The Miz & Witney – Foxtrot

This was NOT a Week 7 Foxtrot… what was that frame? He looked like he was trying way too hard. And why was he looking up at the ceiling the entire time? That’s not a ballroom frame. Good choreo and “Radio Gaga” is a fun one to dance to though!

Len says his frame was good but keeping his head up the whole time become scary. Derek explains how to keep his head right then calls his footwork impressive. Bruno calls him muscular (??) but says it should be more fluid. Carrie Ann says his top half is too tense and to just have fun now.

Carrie Ann- 8, Len- 8, Derek- 8, Bruno- 8 = 32/40

JoJo Siwa & Jenna – Tango

While it definitely achieved Jenna’s goal of being sexy, it was hard to remember at times that this was a Tango. That one moment when they both held up their ponytails was gold though!! But overall, in my opinion, it was a bit lackluster for JoJo.

Derek says it was a tantalizing Tango and “y’all said STRUT during the whole dance!” Bruno says it was a supermodel Tango. Carrie Ann says people need to grow in this competition and that JoJo is growing and reminds her of Zendaya! Len says JoJo danced beautifully as always but criticizes the choreo. 

Carrie Ann- 10, Len- 9, Derek- 10- Bruno- 10 = 39/40

Suni Lee & Sasha – Paso Doble

I wrote a bunch of criticisms then deleted them all because after the dance we find out Suni has been sick, danced sick, then had to run out of the ballroom. She did so well for being sick. She still doesn’t quite hit the steps, especially for a Paso, but I think we can let it slide this week for obvious reasons.

Sasha stands in front of the judges for both of them while they receive their judges’ comments.

Bruno says she rocked the Paso in spite of not feeling well. Carrie Ann says Suni is already a champion and criticizes a slip. Len says she was understandably hesitant and she did a sterling job. Derek says he’s super proud of Suni even though tonight wasn’t her best night. 

Carrie Ann- 8, Len- 8, Derek- 8, Bruno- 9 = 33/40

Cody Rigsby & Cheryl – Foxtrot

Cody is another one who always looks like he’s trying too hard. The choreo was so cheesy, even for a Foxtrot. But at least they looked like they had fun? And what was that rainbow best friends heart at the end… looked like a Care Bear.

Carrie Ann says it was the first time she saw true joy in his dancing. Len says it wasn’t his worst dance but not his best. Derek disagrees, saying it was his best dance, then compliments his frame. Bruno says he saw Cody’s true self tonight.

Carrie Ann- 8, Len- 8, Derek- 9, Bruno- 9 = 34/40

Melora Hardin & Artem – Foxtrot

Melora has great frame, some of the best out of the stars on this show… but the mess-up was incredibly hard to miss this time. Melora went entirely out of sync when she went off on her own, turning, doing I don’t know what.

Len says it had sophistication, elegance and style and was an all-around polished performance. Derek says, “All hail Queen Melora!” Bruno says it was the full performance package. Carrie Ann says she was upping it a notch, the criticizes the clear mess-up. 

Carrie Ann- 9, Len- 9, Derek- 9, Bruno- 9 = 36/40

The second round of tonight’s competition is Relay Dances! The couples are divided into three groups, will perform one after another in their specific dance style, then one couple will be rewarded one bonus point per judge.

The first group is JoJo and Jenna, Olivia and Val and Jimmie and Emma dancing a Jive.

Now Tyra comes on and says they rolled the wrong package and they’re now playing the correct package that reveals a different group and dance…

So the real first group is The Miz and Witney, Iman and Daniella and Cody and Cheryl dancing a Jive to “A Cray Little Thing Called Love.”

First on the dance floor is The Miz and Witney and The Miz makes it clear from the first step that he’s not getting these bonus points… Next is Iman and Danielle and Iman’s technique is all out of whack but they certainly look like they’re having fun during this bouncy routine. Last is Cody and Cheryl, who makes every dance unnecessarily sexual.

Len says it was fun to watch. Derek calls Iman’s Jive swaggy and calls Cody’s Jive technically fantastic. Bruno starts saying he doesn’t know what to do (ok..). Carrie Ann says one of them stood out.

Carrie Ann points Iman. Len points Cody. Derek points Iman. Bruno points Cody.

The second group is JoJo and Jenna, Olivia and Val and Jimmie and Emma dancing a Foxtrot to “Under Pressure.”

First up is JoJo and Jenna, rocking those matching dresses again, and it seems JoJo was definitely under the pressure during this one… Next is Olivia and Val, who both looked beautiful dancing together for those short few seconds. Last is Jimmie and Emma, but I think Emma’s choreo may have hurt them this time…

Derek says JoJo’s was beautiful, Olivia’s was unbelievable and Jimmie’s was “so good.” Bruno says they all raised the bar so high. Carrie Ann says they’ve all grown. Len says if they were under pressure, they didn’t show it.

Carrie Ann points Olivia. Len points Olivia. Derek points Olivia. Bruno points Olivia.

It comes back from commercial and Tyra’s mic isn’t even working wow… literally not a single word was heard…

The last group is Suni and Sasha, Amanda and Alan and Melora and Artem dancing a Viennese Waltz to “We Are The Champions.”

First out is Amanda and Alan, and Amanda’s out fit looks ridiculous, I’m sorry, you just don’t wear that for a Viennese… Next is Suni and Sasha and major props to Suni, she’s a literal champion on the dance floor for doing a twisty-turny Viennese while being sick! Last are Melora and Artem, and Melora’s steps were far to big for a Viennese.

Bruno says it keeps getting better and harder for the judges! Carrie Ann get on top of the table and starts screaming and playing air guitar… Len says it was wonderful to watch. Derek says they all were sensational.

Carrie Ann points Suni. Len points Melora. Derek points Amanda. Bruno points Melora.

It comes back from the break and starts the elimination. The safe couples are… Suni and Sasha, Olivia and Val, Cody and Cheryl, Iman and Daniella, Melora and Artem, Jimmie and Emma, Amanda and Alan.

Bottom two are JoJo and Jenna and The Miz and Witney.

Bruno saves JoJo and Jenna. Derek saves JoJo and Jenna. Carrie Ann saves JoJo and Jenna.

The Miz and Witney are eliminated.

Judges’ Scores

Olivia- 42

JoJo- 39

Jimmie- 38
Melora- 38

Cody- 36

Amanda- 34
Iman- 34
Suni- 34

The Miz- 32

What a night! I was certainly under pressure to live blog those Relay Dances! haha Not to mention all of the technical difficulties and the shocking bottom two… and we’re going to do it all again next Monday when DWTS honors the music of Janet Jackson! See you then!