The Voice 21 Recap: The Knockouts Conclude, Top 20 Revealed! (Videos)

Pictured: (l-r) Carson Peters, Lana Scott — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

The Voice season 21 Knockout Rounds CONCLUDE tonight with returning coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. Pop star Ariana Grande joins the panel.  Carson Daly returns as host.  We’ll be live blogging all the performances as the coaches choose singers to advance to the LIVE SHOWS.

Tonight, the Top 20 will be REVEALED.

British pop star Ed Sheeran serves as Mega-Mentor to each coach, as they prepare their team members to face off against one another.

Like the Battles, team members will be paired up. But in this round, each singer performs a solo of their own choosing. After both artists sing, their coach choose which of the pair is eliminated, and which goes home. Each coach can steal ONE singer from another team!

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Blake has the only remaining steal. 

Shadale  vs Samara Brown – Team Legend

Samara picked “The Best” in honor of her”superwoman” mom. When the singer came out, her mom was so accepting. John and Ed advise her to watch the high notes. “It’s about the confidence,” Ed says. Shadele’s choice is special to her. Growing up, music was her safety blanket. John thinks she’s rushing the song. Ed suggests another tempo. 

Samara Brown – The Best by Tina Turner – Samara’s tone is dusky and sexy. But this song isn’t really a “competition” song. It doesn’t give her the opportunity to show off her vocal. That little growl in her voice is pretty cool. But the end effect is ho-hum. Song choice is everything!

Shadale – Impossible by Shontelle – Shadale follows Samara with an emotional performance, which audiences LOVE. It’s a great song choice, because it’s not only a showcase for Shadale’s voice, but an opportunity to connect to the audience. Shadale becomes emotional at the end of the song, but she keeps it together.

The judges like Samara just fine, but they didn’t connect to her in the way they did to Shadale. Kelly is literally wiping tears away from her eyes after Shadale’s performance. Blake loved the way Samara performed. But Shadale went from great to exceptional Blake says. John appreciates that Samara took his notes from the mentor session. He calls her performance “flawless.” But then he compares Shadale to Mary J. Blige. And Shadale wins the knockout. Emotion, once again, wins the day. John gives Samara a hug. She’s crying. 

John picks Shadale, Samara Brown is Eliminated

Lana Scott vs Carson Peters – Team Blake

Carson is breaking out the fiddle for this performance. He and his dad have been touring in a bluegrass band. Ed notices “R&B tendencies” in Carson’s voice. Blake suggests Carson not change the melody too much. Blake saved Lana. She mentions being “newly single.” It sounds like her ex didn’t support her musical aspirations. Lana has a little trouble hitting the high notes. 

Lana Scott – Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift – Lana has a twang that would work on old-school country. But she’s aquitting herself well on a contemporary pop-country tune, soaring on the chorus. She’s hitting the song’s high notes with an exquisite tone. 

Carson Peters – Amarillo by Morning by George Strait – Carson is a better fiddle player than singer. His tone is fine, but he wobbles around the notes. He sounds nervous. But I think that’s just how he sings. He’s only 17, some work on his vocals, he could be a decent. But he may be destined to be the star musician in a backing band. He’s flat and nasally throughout the performance.

Ariana calls Carson entertaining, and Lana’s voice “gorgeous.” John thinks Carson needs to sing with more breath support. John loves Lana’s piercing powerful voice. He’d choose her. Kelly had issues with Carson singing so much in his upper register. Kelly calls Lana’s voice simultaneously sultry and piercing. Blake thinks she’s flown under the radar so far. The coaches remarks: Pretty low key saying Carson’s vocal wasn’t great. And of course, Blake picks Lana to move on to the knockout. Blake thinks she has an easier path to the finale. 

Blake picks Lana Scott, Carson Peters is ELIMINATED

Bella DeNapoli vs Katherine Ann Mohler – Team Ariana

Bella and Katherine have become good friends. Bella gave up her music career after falling into a dark place. At 16, she was a member of a girl group that failed. She left music, only to return. “The Voice is my chandelier,” she declares. Katherine’s song choice is one of her dad’s favorite songs. Ariana is pushing her out of her comfort zone, encouraging her to flip songs. 

Bella DeNapoli – Chandelier by Sia – Bella’s version is to an acoustic guitar accompaniment. It’s very intimate. The song shows of Bella’s pretty head voice, and the power of her range. The phrasing is creative and well paced. It’s her best performance to date. Beautiful.

Katherine Ann Mohler – Poison by Bell Biv Devoe – It’s an interesting arrangement. But she’s shaky in her lower register. Katherine sounds a little nervous, until she hits the higher notes in the chorus. A daring performance, but Katherine bit off more than she could chew.

John isn’t sure if the risk paid off for Katherine. He didn’t love the arrangement. But he loves the quiet part of Bella’s voice and would pick her.  Kelly compliments Katharine’s “cinematic” treatment of “Poison.” She’d pick her. Blake has no idea what the song  is and seems very confused. But he thinks the Knockout round was the most equal of the round. Blake thought Bella was pitchy on her high notes. So, he would pick Katharine. Ariana loves them both. But she picks Bella.

Ariana picks Bella DeNapoli, Katherine Ann Mohler is ELIMINATED

Xavier Cornell vs Jeremy Rosado – Team Kelly

Jeremy’s mom LOVES Ed Sheeran. He connects his song choice to his adopted daughter. She just learned to drive. Ed warns Jeremy not to pull his voice away from the microphone. Seventeen year old Xavier is a musical theater major. “Falling Slowly” is the first song he ever learned on guitar. 

Jeremy Rosado – Run to You by Whitney Houston – If I never hear “Run to You” on a talent show again, I’d be fine with that. Jeremy gives it the male Divo treatment, with tons of emotion. The performance is more sincere than showboaty. 

Xavier Cornell – Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard – Kelly warned Xavier about his choppy phrasing in their mentoring session. He’s still doing that somewhat here. But he’s underrated I think. He’s got a lovely, lovely tone. And his falsetto is absolutely gorgeous. He’s still a little raw at 17. But he’s got potential. Just think of Jeremy at 19 on Idol and how much he’s improved!

Blake appreciates Xavier’s “wild” factor. Ariana loves his “unique” tone. Ariana calls Jeremy’s performance moving. She’d go with him. John calls Xavier’s tone attractive. He’d pick him. Kelly calls Jeremy bold for choosing Whitney. Kelly picks Jeremy. That Knockout was truly a draw. But Kelly picked Jeremy for his ability to sing in any genre.

Kelly picks Jeremy, Xavier is ELIMINATED.

Berritt Haynes vs Peedy Chavis – Team Blake

Berritt and Peedy got to work with Ed Sheeran! Not that we saw any of the work they did together. It’s tonight’s montaged Knockout. 

Berritt Haynes – I Swear by John Michael Montgomery – Oh gosh. What little we hear of Burritt’s performance is very very VERY off key. He’s going to kick himself when he watches this back.

Peedy Chavis – Unchain My Heart by Ray Charles (Joe Cocker) – Peedy “Elvis” Chavis still on stage hamming it up. His voice is OK, but he really needs to reel in the hokey stage moves. That last note? Just no. 

Blake notes Berritt’s nerves. Poor guy. Blake chooses Peedy, noting his “incredible” stage presence. “He’s my bold prediction for the finale,” Blake forecasts. OK then. 

Blake picks Peedy Chavis, Berritt is ELIMINATED

Manny Keith vs Jim and Sasha Allen – Team Ariana

Manny’s dad is a musician also. The two have grown closer. Ariana stole Manny from John. Both Ed and Ariana encourage Manny to “let it rip.” After another go through, Ed compliments his stage presence.  Jim is playing mandolin and mouth harp. Sasha, who is a trans man, relates to the message of the song. 

Jim and Sasha Allen – Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Jim and Sasha tend to be a somewhat…subdued. I keep waiting for more to happen. They both can sing, but their voices aren’t distinctive. 

Manny Keith – Golden by Harry Styles – Manny’s outfit is ON POINT. Manny has a compelling stage presence. I’m not sure about this song choice for him. It doesn’t go anywhere, he keeps repeating “You’re so Golden” over and over again, with little variation. 

John noted Manny’s joyful stage presence. He knows how to move on stage! He just needed a better song. Kelly liked the song choice. But she calls Jim and Sasha’s father/son relationship “magical.” Blake once again, never heard of a song “Home” everyone knows. Sheesh. And Ariana picks Jim and Sasha. 

Ariana picks Jim and Sasha. Manny is ELIMINATED

Paris Winningham  vs Jershika Maple – Team Legend

John stole Jershika from Kelly, who will think of her mother while she sings the song. She helped Jershika through dark times. After she sings, Ed reacts, “I have no notes for that!” John suggests she seem less calculated. Paris struggled when he learned he was adopted. He eventually came to appreciate his adoptive parents. Ed suggests that Paris strip the arrangement down to allow his voice to be heard above the band.

Jershika Maple – Inseparable by Natalie Cole – Jershika is a soulful and expressive singer. Even her high notes are full of character. Her runs are exciting. There are so many wonderful R&B singers on this season of The Voice!

Paris Winningham – Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton – This is a heck of a Knockout. Paris is also terrific. He’s got a raspy tone, that’s full of emotion. He and Jershika have very old souls, as if they have been honing their crafts over many lifetimes. In this specific battle, I’d give the edge to Paris. It doesn’t matter. Someone is getting stolen.

Kelly is on her feet. “YOU ARE BOTH SO GOOD.” She picks Jershika because “she’s her girl.” Blake laughs at Kelly for letting go of Jershika. “She poured a little more salt in the wound!” Ariana calls the performances “next level.” And in the end, John picks Jershika AND BLAKE STEALS PARIS.

John picks Jershika Maple, Blake STEALS Paris Winningham


Each of the coaches chose ONE artist for a second chance Wildcard. Fans can vote via Twitter. Each of the coaches nominated ONE eliminated singer from their team to vye for a Wildcard spot! In order to vote, tweet #VoiceComeback and the name of the artist. Voting closes tomorrow (Nov 2) at 7 am ET. 

ETA: From the NBC FAQ: Viewers will vote to select one artist to compete in the November 9th playoffs Save. The winner of The Comeback vote will join the competition and appear on the playoffs save ballot. The Voice Comeback vote is OPEN WORLDWIDE.

In other words, the winner of the Comeback won’t compete as a 21st contestant, but will be added to the Instant Save on the November 9 results show.

Interestingly, both Kelly and Ariana chose artists WHO LOST IN THE BATTLES to get a second chance

Samara Brown (lost Knockout) – Team John Legend
Hailey Green (lost Knockout) – Team Blake Shelton
Vaughn Mugol (singing nurse, lost Battle) – Team Ariana Grande
Aaron Hines (lost Battle) – Team Kelly Clarkson

Tomorrow, NBC airs a clip show “Road to the Lives.” The LIVE SHOWS begin on Monday November 8.


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