Dancing With The Stars – Season 19 – Week 1, Part 1

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Hey guys!!! I’m back… and so is Dancing With The Stars, which kicks off its nineteenth season tonight with a two-part event that will introduce the new celebrities AND a new judge.

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I have to be honest and say that this is probably the most uninteresting cast of celebrities that the show has assembled since its inception, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. On the other hand, I’m super excited to see Julianne Hough. I know she has been criticized for being too harsh and taking personal jabs at the pros, but I thought she fantastic in both of her appearances as a guest judge and I’m really looking forward to seeing how she gels (or butts heads) with Len Goodman, Carrie-Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli.

And we’re off to races for the coveted mirror ball trophy… It starts with a video starring all the judges, professionals and celebrities. Tom and Erin, who is looking amazing in royal blue, welcome us to the ballroom and introduce the entire cast. Up first, the sexy Antonio Sabata, Jr.

Antonio & Cheryl (Cha Cha)

He is best known for his role on ‘General Hospital’ and his breathtaking Calvin Klein ads. Cheryl plans to take full advantage of his sex appeal, and who could blame her. The dancing is as stiff as an iron board, but I could see him improving. Len says he needs to work on his footwork, Julianne loved his extensions (but agrees with Len on the footwork), Bruno says he handled the content well and Carrie Ann says their sexual chemistry may make it hard to reach expectations.

Carrie Ann-6, Len-6, Julianne-6, Bruno-7 = 25/40
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Call 800-868-3402, or Use ABC.COM and/or Facebook.
13 Vote Limit Per Method /Per ABC.COM / Facebook Account.

Lea & Artem (Fox Trot)

Thompson is best known for her role on ‘Back to the Future’ and she admits that she has danced before, but was told that she was too stocky. The dancing is pretty good. She has an elegance and grace about her that simply makes it work. Julianne calls it beautiful and says her lines were spectacular, Bruno says she can be a “blockbuster” in the competition, Carrie Ann criticizes them for being too picky and says it was one of the best first fox trots ever, and Len calls it terrific.

Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Julianne-8, Bruno-8 = 32/40
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13 Vote Limit Per Method /Per ABC.COM / Facebook Account.

Janel & Val (Jive)

She is best known for her role on the ABC Family series ‘Pretty Little Liars’. Their chemistry is already steaming up the television screens and the dancing is top-notch. Well beyond what I expect to see in week one. Bruno calls it “spicy” and compares her to Jennifer Lopez (that’s one hell of a compliment), Carrie Ann loves that she goes for it and says she has great potential, Len calls it “sharp and clean”, and Julianne calls it “sharp”, “raw”, “sexy” and “fierce”.

Carrie Ann-7, Len-7, Julianne-7, Bruno-8 = 29/40
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13 Vote Limit Per Method /Per ABC.COM / Facebook Account.

LoLo & Keo (Cha Cha)

LoLo is an Olympic champion and she is paired with a new pro. He tells her that they just need to be sexy for this performance. The only problem is that she is a virgin, so being sexy or sexual isn’t a tool in her arsenal that she utilizes and the dancing makes it abundantly clear. She has great long legs and usually, Olympians do well in this competition, but the movements are so awkward here. LoLo doesn’t really allow Carrie Ann to speak, before she talks about how awful she did. Len tells her not to be so hard on herself, Julianne says that she picked it back up and Bruno tells her to “let it go” and starts singing the ‘Frozen’ theme.

Carrie Ann-6, Len-6, Julianne-5, Bruno-5 = 22/40
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Betsey & Tony (Cha Cha)

She comes in during her signature cartwheel and split that we’re accustomed to seeing at the end of one of her fashion shows. She is not traditional oldie. She’s eccentric, fun and actually has some rhythm. Unfortunately, her props get in the way and throw her off, but the response from the crowd is the best so far. Len is crushed about the mishap, Julianne says she had some really wonderful moments and Bruno loves the rebel in her.

Carrie Ann-5, Len-5, Julianne-5, Bruno-5 = 20/40
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Tavis & Sharna (Fox Trot)

Tavis is a well-respected talk show host and author, and chose to do the show because he is about to turn 50. Props to him for taking the challenge and going completely out of his element, but the dancing just feels like he is going through the motions. It’s fun, but far from good. Julianne calls it awesome (really?), Bruno loved the comedic touches, Carrie Ann says she loves watching him dance and Len says he is “nifty for fifty”.

Carrie Ann-7, Len-7, Julianne-8, Bruno-7 = 29/40
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Sadie & Mark (Cha Cha)

Sadie is one of the stars of ‘Duck Dynasty’ (rolls both eyes). She is paired with Mark and he is excited to take her on this adventure. She, much like LoLo, has great legs and her personality shines more as she is dancing. She could dance harder and go for it a bit more, but her future is bright especially with Mark as a partner. Bruno can’t believe she has never danced before, Carrie Ann says she is a star, Len calls it fantastic and Julianne says she is the entire package.

Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Julianne-9, Bruno-9 = 34/40
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Michael & Emma (Cha Cha)

Michael is a NASCAR legend. He remembers her taking Bill Engvall to the finals and believes the she can do the same for him. Not with this dancing. Poor Emma is doing all the work, while Michael just stands there. Carrie Ann says it was well-done, Len says he never got out of first gear (I couldn’t agree more), Julianne says he looked like he was having fun and Bruno says he looked like a golf cart trying to keep up with a Ferrari. Oh, Bruno. That’s mean!

Carrie Ann-7, Len-6, Julianne-6, Bruno-6 = 25/40
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Jonathan & Allison (Jive)

Jonathan is best known from his role in ‘Mean Girls’ and did the show because it was a favorite of his late father. He gets emotional talking about his dad and although the routine is a little sloppy, he shows really good signs at specific points. The crowd LOVES him. Len says he just needs to work on the details, Julianne calls him a natural and Carrie Ann says he polished.

Carrie Ann-8, Len-7, Julianne-7, Bruno-8 = 30/40
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13 Vote Limit Per Method /Per ABC.COM / Facebook Account.

Tommy & Peta (Cha Cha)

He is a comedian, director and the “original stoner”. He reveals he only joined the show, because a buddy bet him that he couldn’t land a spot in the competition. He is riot in his package and his routine is probably the most entertaining of the night (at least, so far). It definitely has the most swag (did I seriously just use that word in reference to this show?). Julianne calls it “sexy”, Bruno calls it “cool”, Carrie Ann says he killed it and Len enjoyed it.

Carrie Ann-7, Len-6, Julianne-7, Bruno-7 = 27/40
To Vote For Tommy:
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13 Vote Limit Per Method /Per ABC.COM / Facebook Account.

Randy & Karina (Fox Trot)

Randy is a mixed martial arts champion and also starred in ‘The Expendables 3’. He is very competitive and dancing is really tough for him, but the routine highlights his softer side and actually showcases him a good light. Not bad. Not bad at all, in fact, it’s pretty good. Bruno calls it very good, Carrie Ann calls him sexy and says she got a little weak in the knees, Len says it was lovely and Julianne agrees with Carrie Ann and calls him the epitome of man. I’m definitely surprised.

Carrie Ann-8, Len-7, Julianne-8, Bruno-8 = 31/40
To Vote For Randy:
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13 Vote Limit Per Method /Per ABC.COM / Facebook Account.

Bethany & Derek (Jive)

With over 550 million views on YouTube, Bethany has never been judged in person and is really nervous. Derek always manages to get a good partner and this season doesn’t look like its going to be an exception. The dancing is pretty good. She needs to work on the performance aspect of the routine, but the movements and ability are there. Carrie Ann says she was pleasantly surprised, Len calls it terrific, Julianne says she needs to work on keeping her energy consistent and Bruno agrees.

Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Julianne-8, Bruno-8 = 32/40
To Vote For Bethany:
Call 800-868-3403, or Use ABC.COM and/or Facebook.
13 Vote Limit Per Method /Per ABC.COM / Facebook Account.

Alfonso & Witney (Jive)

Obviously, he is best known for his role as Carlton Banks on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’. He wants people to know there is more to him than just Carlton and he joined the show because he loves dance and wants to lose weight. Oh my, he is such a natural. This is definitely case of saving the best for last, because that was absolutely divine. Len calls it the “best dance of the night”, Julianne is blown away by the musicality, Bruno calls him the “king of the night” and Carrie Ann says he raised the stakes.

Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Julianne-9, Bruno-9 = 36/40
To Vote For Alfonso:
Call 800-868-3401, or Use ABC.COM and/or Facebook.
13 Vote Limit Per Method /Per ABC.COM / Facebook Account.

That’s a wrap from night one. Tomorrow, one couple will be eliminated (my guess would be LoLo and her massive attitude) and Smokey Robinson will perform.

Alfonso & Witney – 36/40
Sadie & Mark – 34/40
Bethany & Derek – 32/40
Lea & Artem – 32/40
Randy & Karina – 31/40
Jonathan & Allison – 30/40
Janel & Val – 29/40
Tavis & Sharna – 29/40
Tommy & Peta – 27/40
Antonio & Cheryl – 25/40
Michael & Emma – 25/40
LoLo & Keo – 22/40
Betsey & Tony – 20/40

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  1. Lolo was a hot mess and needs to shut up. Lea was the best of the bunch so far. Janel has potential, but the actual jive content was really messy.

  2. Poor Keo. They finally get a black pro on here and they give him the suckiest, most unlikable partner. That’s messed up.

  3. It sucks, but Keo will still be dancing our screen all season long, so at least there is that.

  4. That’s probably why I’m not so excited about this season because I barely know any of the people on there. Plus, they had to go to Youtube to get somebody.

  5. Like somebody said somewhere: the pros are more well-known than the so-called “celebrities”. They REALLY scraped the bottom of the barrel this season.

  6. Duck Dynasty girl…where’s her skanky beard? Mark Ballas…still a douche.

  7. I still enjoy the dancing, the glitz, the music … even without the “names”. Bruno is a hoot!

  8. The worst part is that you can see her veins in HD. It’s so squished!

  9. Did you see the look on Keo’s partner…LoLo??? She wanted to kill….

  10. Crap- you made me get up and look more closely. You’re right- ewwww.

  11. Eww LoLo and her bitch face can home anytime. You know what I hate even more than bad dancers? The ones who look miserable to be there. She was already annoying me after her awful dance and her excuses to the judges but GFO with the bitchface!

  12. In addition to those squished pancake boobs, Julianne’s make up looks so cakey!

  13. She looked much better when she was pretending to be Ryan’s girlfriend.

  14. I think Alison is married to Twitch. Anyone know who I’m talking about?

  15. A nobody with a sob story. So, he might be hanging around for a couple of weeks.

  16. YES I knew she reminded me of someone! Hope, that’s who I was thinking of.

  17. And what’s wrong w/Republicans? lol. Half the country are Republicans. Politics has nothing to do w/dancing anyway.

  18. No offense, why do they put old people on the show? They can’t dance

  19. Hey, the stoner ain’t bad!!! I’m rooting for Tommy Chong! (not voting, just rooting).

  20. Oh, I didn’t mean anything bad. I’m not a republican but I can just see some of the pros copping an attitude and making it political. Mark was great with Bristol and he was great with Candace… It’s like he’s getting “type cast” so to speak. That’s all I meant.

  21. Tommy wasnt nearly as bad as I was expecting him to be. He danced better than some of the younger ones.

  22. For real. I have been in and out tonight cuz I have no interest in any of these so called stars. I only actually know a coup?e of them.

  23. I’m sorry but Karina’s not aging well. She looked much better a few years ago!

  24. I think I’ll vote for Randy Couture. Got a hell of a lot more sex appeal than any of the other male “stars” this season. I like him.

  25. The more I look at Julianne, the more her face looks plastic and waxy. Just me?

  26. I used to think she was so beautiful. And the hair too. Looks greasy with those black roots. I thought she was a natural blonde! Stupid me.ha

  27. I’m watching in between commercials of wrestling and football.

  28. Her whole look tonight is just cheaply looking. Boobs, waxy face and old hair!

  29. Erin Andrews is annoying. The day they hired her was the day I started backing away from this show.

  30. Holy shit Alfonso! That might be one of the best premiere night dances ever! He looked like a freaking pro out there!

  31. Was Alfonso the one with the dance background? He was great, especially for the first night! It seems a lot of this group are real amateurs, which should be interesting to see how they can grow.

  32. Remember who is watching! The audience likes to see people from their prime and will vote to keep some of them for a long time!

  33. He was the lead in The Tap Dance Kid on Broadway back in 1982 and he danced with Michael Jackson in a Pepsi commercial around that time. I think his main experience goes back to those days when he was a kid but hes obviously still got moves!

  34. Oh lawdy Jesus Christ your savior, Sadie!!! Don’t y’all family be knowin’ that there be all dem homos on this show – including your partner?!?!?! What will y’all hate-mongerin’, homo-hatin’ Neanderthal family do when they realize that?!?!

  35. Tommy Chong FTW! It’s like I’m living in an alternative universe. Or maybe I’m just high LOL Never would imagine him on this show. Love seeing Cheech and Peta’s leafy costume. :)

  36. 1. Sadie isn’t her family
    2. Mark identifies as straight. Until he says otherwise, I’m going to take his word for it.

  37. Haven’t watched DWTS in several seasons (all star season was my last) as I lost interest. But you guys sound like it was fun so maybe I should give it another try. Julianne was always my favorite pro but I wasn’t sure I wanted to see her as a judge.

  38. I enjoyed the show even though I knew only 4 of the “Stars”. I also wish Keo had gotten a different partner. I have bugged DWTS to get a minority (male) professional. I didn’t think JIVE in the first round was a good choice.

  39. I really like her. The more SYTYCD dancers on this show – the better! I do miss Chelsie, though! I’m sure Dmtri will make an appearance or two this season. I’d like to see Pasha as well!

  40. Maybe that will help bring some to watch the show. He would probably bring his children.

  41. Once you have it, you never lose it. Honestly, that’s true. I plan to dance at my Granddaughters’ and Grandsons’ weddings, even if I’m in my 80’s!

  42. At least it is for the judges! I love Carrie Ann. Classy, yet silly.

  43. How? I really think Keo can be a fun partner. I’d love to see him do the Jive and Disco. Of course, I won’t be seeing Bollywood. I bet he’d be good. I don’t know much about his partner. Still enjoyed the show!

  44. As horrible and distracting as her boobs looked, her dress actually wasnt any worse in terms of being revealing than some of the costumes they have worn for dances. More than once in the past I thought there would be wardrobe malfunctions due to how skimpy some of the outfits were, particularly Peta and Edyta. (who my husband once said it looked like she was wearing 2 pieces of dental floss lol).

  45. There is no need for four judges. Just too much. I also can’t believe that Janel and Tavis got the same score. Ridiculous!

  46. Man she needs a new stylist. There’s a happy medium between dressing like you are 20 years older than your age and one double sided tape failure away from a nip slip and she needs to find it.

  47. Something is weird. I think her eyebrows are a shade too dark, too, which doesn’t help.

  48. Same! She’s such a phenomenal dancer. Can’t wait until they pull contemporary.

  49. Wasn’t Artem on Season 1 of SYTCD too? At least I think that’s the same Artem.

  50. Yes, Artem was on SYTYCD S1. He wasn’t my favorite that season, but I remember him being a good dancer.

  51. According to the executive producer, her addition was to have a mainstay on the show, because Len is going to take four or five weeks off.

    “I’m sure it’s no mystery that Len has been getting on [in years] and he took some shows off last fall,” Wade said. “I think he’s not retiring completely, but he’s certainly not looking forward to the very taxing schedule of flying back and forth every week from the U.K. — he does the U.K. show, as well. So, he’s going to take four or five weeks off. I think in particular when Len’s away, it’s going to be very useful to have her there as a permanent judge to fill that void,” Wade said. “We will have guest judges alongside them for some weeks, but I do like the idea of having a mainstay there in Julianne. She makes a lot of sense for the show not only this season but for the future of the show.”

  52. I know a surprising number of them. Lea, Betsey, Janel, Tommy, and Alfonso. All of them were terrific, too!

    I wish that Janel and Val hadn’t had the Jive in the first week. I think they would have done a great jive if they had had a more weeks to work up to it. I’m loving how Lea is playing the OTT cougar.

  53. Yeah i thought janel should have gotten a better score for sure! I would have given her all 8’s at least!

  54. Yeah last i heard he’s straight. He has had a couple of female romances that made the spotlight and he’s said several things that indicate him being straight. unless he personally comes out then assume hes straight.

  55. He was dating B.C. Jean this summer. Don’t know if that ‘s still a thing or not.

  56. Oh boy DWTS, a few things….

    1) 4 judges? I like Julianne just fine, but really 4 judges is not needed. Honestly, the only shows I can even excuse having 4 judges is The Voices and X-Factor for obvious reasons…
    2) This cast is weak as hell. There were some entertainment, like Betsey and Tommy (and he was actually not bad), but the cast is rather average and a bit of a bore.
    3) Why did Tavis get such a high score? Were we watching the same routine? I thought that was one of the poorest routines…
    4) Randy should have had a higher score. The man danced with such ease and confidence, which I couldn’t say about NONE of the men not named Alfonso tonight. Certainly not behind Lea, who was competent enough.
    5) Sadie was overrated, as good as she was. Every time a girl has this beauty they expect of a dancer, or body of a dancer, they always make that girl sound better than she actually is. She surprised me (me believe she had training before), but she wasn’t THAT great.
    6) I feel like the judges will like Janel more than I will. Lulz.
    7) LoLo Jones is such an unbearable bitch. WOW, just unpleasant and snobby. Her whole demeanour is full of poor attitude. No wonder she has a hard time earning dem medals. She does not exemplify the behaviour of a champion. And I feel so sorry for Keo. First black pro and they gave him a true dud, geez…

    What else can I say about Alfonso? Everyone was waiting for him. I knew I was, and he didn’t disappoint. Hope he won’t end up like Jaleel White though…

  57. That reasoning makes sense, but I still think four judges is too much. I think the guest judge when he’s not there was a better approach.

  58. Just realized who Lea Thompson is….from Switched at Birth….all the time I’ve watched that, I’ve never realized she was in Back To The Future!!

  59. I have to agree that this is the least interesting cast ever. That doesn’t mean that there is no one to cheer for or support, but putting a youtuber on the show? Really? Is that how low they are going now? She can dance, but she’s not even a celebrity. Dancing with the Stars? It’s getting kind of absurd.

    I thought Lea was great. She really does seem to have a flair for dancing. Randy was the biggest surprise for me. Who knew? I was expecting the same thing as that other guy last season whose name I don’t even remember. I know he was sent home first. But Randy is light on his feet. Of course Alfonso was outstanding, especially for week one.

    Lolo Jones was an embarrassment. Her attitude only made it worse. At least Betsy tried to be entertaining. Bad idea to use the boa props. That was a shame. I don’t watch Duck Dynasty, but this girl can dance.

    After such a great season with Charlie and Meryl, it’s going to be a tough act to follow.

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