Dancing With The Stars – Season 18 – The Finals, Part 2

Hey guys!!! Amanda (Celebrity Bug) is back in action and tonight marks my last time recapping season eighteen of ‘Dancing With the Stars’, because tonight, either Meryl Davis, Amy Purdy or Candace Cameron Bure will be reign supreme and take home the covet mirror ball trophy.

Last night, the remaining four contestants danced two dances including the biggest dance of the season, the freestyle. At the end night, in a shocking elimination, James Maslow was sent home, leaving the final three. Here is a recap of last night’s leaderboard and where each of the contestants landed.

Meryl & Maks – 60/60
Amy & Derek – 59/60
Candace & Mark – 51/60

Tonight, the final three will hit the dance floor for another routine, your favorite freestyle from last night will get an encore and all the contestants from this season will return. The conclusion to the two-part finale starts now….

It kicks off with a star-studded opening to “It’s My Party”, with the three finalist, the pros, the troupe and all of the eliminated contestants getting in on the action. Tom and Erin welcome to show and reveal that the remaining contestants will take part in the 24-Hour Fusion Challenge. We see a recap of last night.

Opening Group Number – Entire Cast – DWTS 18… by IdolxMuzic

It is revealed that James and Peta, the couple that was eliminated last night, won the freestyle encore challenge by a landslide. This could be because American felt sorry for him getting sent home, but it was likely because of all the dances, there’s was actually a freestyle. Not a contemporary dance passed off as a freestyle, and not a themed dance that we have seen a million times. The perform the encore and it is even better than it was last night.

Team Loca – Freestyle (LIVE Performance) – DWTS… by IdolxMuzic

The three pros (Derek, Maks and Mark) dish on the three remaining celebrities and their journey throughout this competition. They also talk about what it would feel like to win the competition. Mark and Derek have each won previously, but Maks hasn’t. They will probably all be winner after tonight.

Next, Team Loco, which featured all three finalists and Danica McKellar, return to perform their team dance that they were unable to perform a couple weeks ago. If you recall, due to Amy’s injury, we were shown the rehearsal footage. Still great!

Danica McKellar & Val – Beauty & The Beast… by IdolxMuzic

Next, Iggy Azalea performs her hit single, “Fancy”. She has some problems with her earpiece and all you hear is music for quite some time. Like a pro (sort of), she pushes through once she finds her place.

Iggy Azalea – Fancy – DWTS 18 (Finale) by IdolxMuzic

Last year’s champion Amber Riley appears singing her single, “Colorblind”. She will return for another performance later in the show. We are now treated to another look back at the season starting with week one. Wow, I forgot some of these contestants even existed.

Drew Carey and Cheryl Burke take on the Jive. To put it simply, Carey is all entertainment, no technique.

Next up, we are shown some highlights from this season’s new co-host Erin Andrews. Some people love her, some people hate her. Personally, I fall in the former category. I thought she brought a lot of fun and personality to the season with her colorful questions. Less serious, more fun.

Returning from the commercial break, we see Olympic partners Meryl Davis and Charlie White dancing together for the first time together on the show. It’s beautiful. Charlie should be in the running right now.

Meryl & Charlie & Nene With Female Pros – DWTS… by IdolxMuzic

After that, NeNe Leakes joins forces with some of the female pros for a performance to “Grown Woman”. Much like Drew, she is all personality.

Another recap follows, then Danica McKellar and her partner Val recreate their performance from Disney week. This girl was and is a tremendous dancer.

Cody Simpson, this season’s youngest contestant, hits the stage to perform his single, “Surfboard”. He incorporates some dancing and it is much more natural here than it was during his stint in the competition.

Cody Simpson – Surfboard – DWTS 18 (Finale) by IdolxMuzic

Following the performance, Erin talks to Amy and Derek about their 24-Hour Fusion dance. They will perform a fusion of the Argentine Tango and a Cha Cha. Then, the entire cast talk about the season. They are really working hard to fill these two hours. : Rolleyes :

Now, Charlie White and his partner Sharna perform their Disney-themed dance. He doesn’t drop the cane this time and it only reaffirms what I said earlier, he should be a finalist right now.

Returning from the commercial break, Erin checks in on Candace and Mark, and she admits that she is a little surprised to be around. They will be performing a Samba and a Quick-step for their 24-Hour Fusion dance. Then, James Maslow and Peta take the stage for their Michael Jackson performance to “Love Never Felt So Good”. I love this song! The dancing is good too!

Now, a reel to highlight guest judges Ricky Martin, Abby Lee Miller and Kenny Ortega. Only one of them were a capable guest judge in my opinion and that was Abby. Controversial, but at least, she wasn’t full of cotton candy and rainbows like the other guest judges (Julianne Hough excluded). After this, Ariana Grande performs the biggest selling single of the year, “Problem”. She is cute as a button. A stiff dancer, but cute and she can sing her face off, which is quite refreshing amidst a pop world ruled by Katy Perry.

Ariana Grande – Problem – DWTS 18 (Finale) by IdolxMuzic

We learned more about the finalist. Candace loves that Mark makes fart noise in her ear, Derek wants Amy’s legs in the divorce (Lol) and Maks is asking Meryl to marry him tomorrow. After this, Meryl and Maks talk about their 24-Hour Fusion dance. They got the Foxtrot and the Cha Cha.

Next, Amber Riley returns to perform “Do Your Thing” with some stellar dancers. She shows off her big voice and a hint of the moves that help her win last year. The final dances are coming up after the break…

Amber Riley – Performs – DWTS 18 (Finale) by IdolxMuzic

Amy & Derek (Argentine Tango & Cha Cha)

Amy says she has learned so much from this experience and feels like her journey is just beginning. Aside from being an inspiration to anyone with a heart, this girl is just a phenomenal dancer and this routine is a beautiful (and well-executed) bookend to her journey. Len says she is a fantastic dancer, Bruno says her unbreakable spirit should inspire everyone and Carrie Ann calls her uplifting.

Carrie Ann-10 , Len-10 and Bruno-10 = 30/30

Amy Purdy & Derek – Cha Cha/Tango Fusion – DWTS… by IdolxMuzic

Candace & Mark (Samba & Quickstep)

Candace calls this week the toughest week of all the weeks and she is happy that she is still standing. I have been critical of Candace and deserving so, but she really does enjoy being on dance floor and has worked hard to get here. The dancing is still way behind Meryl and Amy, but I still respect that she gives her all.

Bruno notes the ups and downs, but says she has always been adorable. Carrie Ann says she killed it and Len calls her the dark horse of the season.

Carrie Ann-9 , Len-9 and Bruno-9 = 27/30

Candace Cameron Bure ‏& Mark – Quickstep/Samba… by IdolxMuzic

Meryl & Maks (Samba & Quickstep)

Sorry guys, my cable blanked out, so I missed what Meryl and Maks talked about. All I hear is that she did better than Maks expected and that they are proud of each other. The dancing is great as always and I suspect they will be hanging onto their one-point lead.

Carrie Ann calls them the best part of the season, Len says this may be his last season and this dance is a great way for him to go out, and Bruno says it remind him of his first love (dance).

Carrie Ann-10 , Len-10 and Bruno-10 = 30/30

Meryl Davis & Maks – Foxtrot/Cha Cha Fusion… by IdolxMuzic

Meryl & Maks – 90/90
Amy & Derek – 89/90
Candace & Mark – 78/90

After the break, the first couple is eliminated and music from Christina Perri. She performs her single, “Human”, while clips of the final three play in the background. Beautiful song! Beautiful vocals.

Christina Perri – Human – DWTS 18 (Finale) by IdolxMuzic

Now, for results. The first couple ELIMINATED is CANDANCE and MARK! The winner will be announced after the break. Back from the break, the WINNERS of season eighteen are MERYL and MAKS. Tony and Val are more excited than Maks. Great run! Well deserved! The new season will return in September.

WINNER: Meryl & Maks
2ND PLACE: Amy & Derek
3RD PLACE: Candace & Mark

[HD] Final Results & Mirror Ball Champs Crowned… by IdolxMuzic

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