The Voice 6 – Top 3 Finale – Live Blog and Performance Videos

Coldplay, OneRepublic, Tim McGraw and Ed Sheeran will perform on tonight’s The Voice 6 Finale.  Plus, performances by all 4 coaches.   Either Christina Grimmie, Jake Worthington or Josh Kaufman will be crowned The Voice!  We’re live blogging the results tonight.

Wow, tonight is really jam packed with finales. Join me here at 9 for the finale of Season 6 of The Voice! Who will win? We will find out tonight!

It all comes down to this! Here we go! The Voice begins, right now!

After a quick intro from Carson, he notes that because fans had a difficult time finding Josh Kaufman’s “Set Fire to the Rain” on iTunes, due to a glitch in their systems, all iTunes downloads during the overnight of a glitch on itunes, involving problems with Josh Kaufman’s single, all overnight 14 hour voting period have been removed from the final results. Telescope certifies that removing the votes did not affect the outcome. Fair enough.

Next, we get a montage of the performances last night! Starting the night off, singing Love Runs Out, is OneRepublic! This is a really high energy performance! I love One Republic and this song lives up to their reputation! It’s not as good as Counting Stars, but it is still pretty darn good!

Carson does a quick catch up with the coaches, Adam even says he will sign Christina even if she doesn’t win. Jake Worthington takes the stage with Kat, Kristen, Audra, Ryan and Morgan to sing Summertime, by Kenny Chesney! Yay the old gang is back together! It’s so cool to see Kristen and Kat again! This was a fun, upbeat cover of a great song. The interaction between the contestants is so adorable!

Christina Grimmie takes the stage with Ed Sheeran to perform All of the Stars. Christina looks adorable in her dress! I like how simple this song is, just them and a guitar. It lets the emotion come through. I think there should be more singers like Ed Sheeran on the charts; he makes real music. A nice performance from the 2 of them.

Next, singing She’s Gone, by Hall and Oats, is Jake, Delvin, Morgan, Patrick and Stevie Jo. Someone is singing flat in there. Jake and Delvin are KILLING their parts! This is a little messy, but has some really good moments from a few of them in there. Not my favorite of the night so far.

Mel B. AKA Scary Spice is here to promote AGT!

Usher gets a montage on The Lifestyle of Usher Raymond. We learn he makes good waffles and likes candy. He thinks Blake is a hairless Chewbacca. This was a funny short!

Justin Moore takes the stage to perform Lettin’ The Night Roll. I don’t really like country music, but Justin has a great twang in his voice! He’s got a whole band with him and he delivers a pleasant performance. I’d need to listen to the song again, but it sounded really catchy!

Josh Kaufman brought back TJ, Stevie Jo and Sisaundra to perform Am I Wrong, by Nico and Vinz. Josh can SANG. So can Sisaundra! This was quite the powerhouse showcase! They are killing it on stage! Dancers join them on stage to finish the song, but this was quite a energetic fun performance! The artists, Nico and Vinz, are in the audience!

Montage time! Shakira gets a montage of how she is when the claws come out. “You never mess with a Latin Women,” quips Usher. “She is very spicy,” says Adam.

Ed Sheeran takes the stage to perform his new song “Sing.” This is quite a hard song to sing, it has falsetto, rap, high notes, everything! Ed kills every aspect of this song! Ed just is incredible when he performs.

Singing Mountain Music, Jake Worthington takes the stage with Alabama! I am a huge Alabama fan so it’s crazy to see them here tonight! Jake sounds fine enough on his parts, but the focus really is the band. I really don’t like country music, but this was still really a great performance!

MJ, Danie, Tess, Deja and Madilyn take the stage to perform Umbrella, by Rhianna. This is super pitchy. Tess is killing her parts! Madilyn and Deja are also standing out here, but this was overall just ok for me. I feel almost like they were a girl band missing a lead singer really.

We get a montage from the contestants and the coaches, and THEY ALL WIN A KIA CAR! Holy crap! Lucky!!!! I want a new car…. Adam gets a montage now! Usher jokes that he loves every song. Blake says that if you ever wrote a song, chances are, its Adam’s all time favorite.

Josh Kaufman takes the stage to perform with Robin Thicke and are singing Get Her Back. I bet Robin wrote this song when his wife found out he is the man behind Blurred Lines. Regardless, this was a great performance. Josh and Robin sound really good together! My favorite of the night so far actually! I really enjoyed this one!

Next up, Tim McGraw takes the stage to sing his new song! What is with the country overload tonight? Tim was definitely the best of the many that performed tonight. Tim just has something about him that makes him compelling to watch. I didn’t like the new song, but he sang it really well and put on a show.

Christina Grimmie invited back Bria, Jake and Tess! Awwww the musketeers are reunited. They are singing Team by Lorde! Christina is so happy to have her best friends all back. She says this is her anthem. Bria is sounding much better then she usually does. And Tess! Dang, Tess is just incredible! Oh, and Jake is there doing a pretty good job. I must say, Tess is outshining everyone. Great performance from these guys!

After a hilarious montage from Jake and Blake, Coldplay takes the stage to perform Sky Full of Stars. The song starts off with them on a video until the real them come on stage. This song is anthemic! Chris has so much energy he is basically dancing through this performance! CONFETTI IS FALLING and the judges on are their feet!

After the break…… we find out who will win The Voice!


In third place…..

Christina Grimmie! Wow….. I’m kinda shocked here.


JOSH KAUFMAN!!!!!! THE DESERVING WINNER WINS!!!!!!!! Congratulations Josh! You deserve it! Confetti falls, tears abound and with that….. we are out.

Guys, it has been a pleasure. Thanks so much for join me this season. I loved writing for you guys. I want to really thank MJ for even letting me write for her. I hope you guys thought I did a good job!

This is AdamSLM….. signing off….

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