Dancing with the Stars 21 Alek Skarlatos & Lindsay – Paso Doble VIDEO

Alek picked 2015 for obvious reasons. We get to see footage of the train attack and how it changed Alek’s life. And since this interview was done before the school shooting last Thursday, we see Alek hearing about it for the first time. He left went home. He is dedicating this dance to his hometown, the school, and everyone involved. Alek is doing a very proper paso doble here but I notice something that needs some work. Alek is always reliable to do exactly what the dance requires but in this dance, it was a bit in his head. It was like watching a student of dance do one step, then another, followed by another, without much of a story in the dance. It is hard to explain but in a paso, the strong movements that are necessary make the dance work need to be accompanied by strong character. I would say, perhaps this dance required a bit less technical practice and more acting practice. It was still totally passable and Alek continues to impress (especially with what is on his mind) but he should work on that for coming weeks.

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Bruno says the dance was done well but his spanish lines need more extending and his hips need to be pushed forward more. Carrie Ann has a lot of respect for Alek. It wasn’t the most expressive dance for her but it was strong and sturdy. Julianne thought the connection was strong. She wanted Alek to show more in the dance even if he is angry or upset because it will help the dance.
Carrie Ann- 8
Julianne- 8
Bruno- 8
Total: 24/30