Dancing with the Stars – Season 17 – Week 5 – “Memorable Years”


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Welcome to Week 5 of season seventeen of Dancing with the Stars. Last week, we said an emotional farewell to Valerie Harper and her partner, Tristan. Valerie was a class act and one of the most brave woman this show has ever had. Regardless of her dancing technique, no one can say she didn’t bring grace, elegance, and courage to the show. She made me smile and I for one can’t wait to see her back during the season finale. But of course, the show must go on.

Tonight’s theme is a familiar one- “Most Memorable Year.” You know how this goes. Get ready to get out some tissues because we are going to hear some really touching stories. The celebrities usually match their stories to some emotional dancing, so I am expecting some stellar routines. After all, these stars are bridging dance to a year that changed their lives. Some spoilers came out earlier in the week, so we already know who is dancing what style and to what song. It is a pretty good list, so this should be fun. Of course, any unlearned dance is the task. Len Goodman will also return to the judges’ table.

I have been totally off with my elimination predictions this season so I am going to stay away from trying to determine who could be in trouble tonight. I will say that out of all the couples left, Bill is arguably the weakest dancer of the bunch, but that doesn’t mean anything on this show. I do feel pretty confident saying that Amber, Elizabeth, Corbin, and Christina are still the main four to watch going forward while the rest are middle of the pack who need to bring it weekly to stay in. Anyways, let’s get to the show! :D

The show opens with special guest music performer Aloe Blacc, performing his song “Wake Me Up” as the pros and troupe members dance. That was choreographed by Derek Hough. Aloe Blacc will be performing throughout the night.

Oh boy. Tom announces that as of now, a WOMAN will be eliminated tonight unless the judge scoring changes things up. So, if everything were stay even with last week, a female member of the cast would go. Interesting announcement.

172x172 (4)
Christina & Mark (dancing the Cha-cha-cha)
2010 is her year. The year she gave birth and the year she got a divorce because her husband was unfaithful. Christina has a great solo part in the beginning and gets another one toward the middle. All the cha-cha-cha steps are great and Mark choreographs a classic cha-cha-cha that is fun and frisky. Christina is totally on point with this. It is nearly perfection for this type of routine and Christina is totally in it with her personality as well. Great opening!

Len is happy to be back to see that fantastic cha-cha-cha. He loved it. Bruno loved it all as well and begins his usual flustering speech. Carrie Ann has loved watching Christina but tonight was something special for her.
Carrie Ann-9, Len-10, Bruno-9, for a total of 28/30
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First ten of the season folks!

172x172 (7)
Jack & Cheryl (dancing the Waltz)
2012 is the year Jack has picked. The year he moved into a new house, had a daughter, and was diagnosed with M.S. Many tears in this package. This is a nice and elegant waltz. It is classic and very by the numbers but I am finding it a bit sleepy at times. I also find that Jack has a tendency to look a bit “deer in the headlights” sometimes, especially when he has to do something major during the number. But it is nothing to really bash him about as this is a very adequately done waltz. It just didn’t do much for me personally on another level. But dance is subjective, so there you go.

Bruno gives Jack credit and says his dancing was good tonight. He even compliments Jack’s bum. Carrie Ann loves the grace of Jack’s being and it takes her breath away. She thought the technique was there from start to finish. Len appreciated how much was done in hold. He criticizes his hands a bit but calls it fabulous.
Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9, for a total of 27/30
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172x172 (9)
Leah & Tony (dancing Contemporary)
The last year was the most memorable for Leah. She choose not to be a victim. It is not being said (though it was before on the show) but she must be talking about the Scientology issue. Leah actually came up with the idea behind the routine. This is Tony’s first contemporary routine and it shows. A lot of this is basically lift Leah up and then do a quick contemporary move and then go into another lift. Very basic and I’ve seen about a hundred contemporary routines that were better. It was far from horrible but you can just tell that was basic contemporary done averagely.

Carrie Ann loves the concept and message. She feels like the routine felt like lift to movement to lift- it wasn’t flowing. Len also enjoyed the concept but the lifts was labored. It was good but not great. Bruno compliments Leah on fighting back and goes on about what contemporary dance is. He thinks Leah did well.
Carrie Ann-7, Len-7, Bruno-8, for a total of 22/30
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172x172 (5)
Corbin & Karina (dancing the Foxtrot)
2011 is Corbin’s year. His twelve year old sister was diagnosed with scoliosis. He is dedicating this dance to her. Aww. This is a very lovely foxtrot. A kiss blown to his sister in the audience. Lots of great foxtrot steps and some impressive hand movements and footwork. Corbin is totally in character and the two are gliding around the ballroom. It really is a wonderful number and in terms of touching me, this did more for me than Jack’s earlier (similar) routine. Really solid!

Len calls Corbin a terrific dancer. He loves the character that was in the dance and the fluid movement. He thought the last lift was out of character but he loved the dance. Bruno said Corbin could be the love child of Fred Astaire and Ben Vereen. Basically, he loved it. Carrie Ann is torn because she disagrees with Len about the lift but her lift police alert went up. Karina says she swears there was no lift and Tom says that if they do a replay, would Carrie Ann up her score? She says she would if she is allowed.
Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-10, for a total of 28/30
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Wow. In all these seasons where pros have argued that there was no lift, this might be the first time that a slow motion replay comes into play. We shall see what happens later. I personally think Corbin And Karina should be pleased with the 28.

Mario Lopez in the audience here to support Elizabeth in her dance later, which will of course, be an homage to her Saved By The Bell days.

172x172 (1)
Bill & Emma (dancing the Viennese Waltz)
1982 is Bill’s year. The year he got married. This dance is dedicated to her. Bill gets a solo in the beginning. It is nothing to write home about but he twirls around nicely. I have to say, Emma is probably the smartest choreographer on the show. She choreographs to Bill’s strengths and only his strengths. I don’t mean to insult him (at all) but all of his dances are quite easy as compared to others. All very basic movements, all very average steps. It is definitely like watching someone on a learning curve. I understand he isn’t a dancer but they are all novices, yet some go out there with some very difficult choreography. All that being said, Bill once again does as asked and pulls off the routine despite a few incidents throughout. I still say he is the weakest dancer on the show at this point but probably safe. Seems like a lovely guy though and the dancing to the wife is always touching.

Bruno felt it was honest and he wears his heart on his sleeve. He tells him to watch his arms and watch the timing. Carrie Ann says he was definitely off timing but touched her soul. Len compliments the romance and the in-hold movements but does mention the same types of things his co-judges did on the criticism side.
Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Bruno-8, for a total of 24/30
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Tom announces that per the rules of the show, no change of scoring despite any slow motion replays. What the judges see must stand.

172x172 (10)
Snooki & Sasha (dancing the Jazz)
Snooki’s year is 2012, when she gave birth. They are dancing to Britney Spears‘ “Work Bitch” because that’s her attitude these days. Wow. This is the type of dance Snooki would do in the club during her “Jersey Shore” days. This is fun, exciting, full of tricks, and has loads of energy. Snooki and Sasha are having a helluva good time out there. Lots of great choreography and this was probably Snooki’s favorite dance of the season. It is definitely my favorite dance from Snooki.

Carrie Ann says that every week, Snooki surprises her. She compliments Sasha’s choreography. Len actually loved it all and called it fun to watch. Bruno says Snooki works hard for the money. He loved it.
Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9, for a total of 27/30
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The pros discuss the pros and cons of working with celebrities who have dance experience versus those who do not as well as how sometimes, the best dancer does not always win but it is about the personality plus the dance. Basically, this was filler.

172x172 (3)
Brant & Peta (dancing Contemporary)
2009 is Brant’s year It was the year he moved to Hollywood to pursue his dream of acting and the year his father passed away from lymphoma. Gorgeous! This is a fantastic contemporary routine. So much passion and intensity from Brant and Peta. They are totally in-sync and this is full of everything you would want in a contemporary routine. As compared to Leah’s earlier, this is night and day. A total package of sizzling dramatics, lovely choreography, and heartfelt movements. And this is my favorite Brant routine of the season.

Len thought it was terrific. The passion, interaction, and chemistry. Bruno loved Brant’s dedication and how he acted it. Carrie Ann mentions how in contemporary, every movement was driven from a true place of passion. She loved it.
Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9, for a total of 27/30
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Amber & Derek (dancing the Foxtrot)
Amber’s year is 2009- the year she got turned down on “American Idol” but auditioned and got “Glee.” Okay. I love how every single dance Amber does is uniquely Amber. She has a certain vibe that Derek definitely choreographs to that makes each dance her own. But I do need to say that this is lacking a bit of the classic foxtrot. It has moments but it mostly looks like a fusion of foxtrot, jazz, and actually, a few other things. Entertaining, as they always say, is key- and Amber definitely does that in spades. But if we are going to be technical (and we are in week five already), let’s be honest and say that Derek played loose with the choreography there.

Bruno says that Lady Amber is here to stay. He calls it sensational. Carrie Ann compliments the singer first and then says Amber danced the heck out of the routine. One little slip is mentioned by Carrie Ann. Len agrees with Bruno that Amber is a star. Len didn’t like the dance so much because it was supposed to be a foxtrot and he didn’t see enough of it.
Carrie Ann-9, Len-7, Bruno-10, for a total of 26/30
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172x172 (6)
Elizabeth & Val (dancing the Jive)
2012 for Elizabeth, when she had her son. But of course, this is a total homage to Elizabeth’s classic sitcom. The number opens like a scene from the show. LOLZ. Dialogue and all. And then the fun begins. This exactly what you expected. Totally fun and filled with energy. Lots of kicks and flicks. Some of them are a bit shaky and this could be a tad bit more rehearsed but so much fun. I think a lot of the nostalgia on this one is going to take away from the fact that this jive isn’t totally right. The duo are not in-sync throughout but heck, Elizabeth is having a ball and overall, this is entertainment.

Carrie Ann loves Elizabeth so much for doing that. The kicks were a little soft and a few other incidents but she compliments Elizabeth for bringing her back. Len disagrees and thought she did a great job. Bruno says Elizabeth just needs to dance and he also, like Carrie Ann, used to do that dance. It was the fun of the 80’s.
Carrie Ann-8, Len-9, Bruno-9, for a total of 26/30
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Week 5 Judges’ Leaderboard:
Christina & Mark- 28/30
Corbin & Karina- 28/30
Brant & Peta- 27/30
Jack & Cheryl- 27/30
Snooki & Sasha- 27/30
Elizabeth & Val- 26/30
Amber & Derek- 26/30
Bill & Emma- 24/30
Leah & Tony- 22/30

Tom tells Elizabeth that with tonight’s judges votes added in, she is in jeopardy! Is that real? An attempt to earn more votes next week? Who knows. But the results continue next…

The following couples are SAFE…
Corbin And Karina
Amber And Derek
Bill And Emma
Jack And Cheryl
Brant And Peta
Snooki And Sasha

Elizabeth And Val… are SAFE!

Though not necessarily the bottom two, one of these couples is leaving us tonight. And the eliminated couple in week five of this season are…

Christina and Mark.
172x172 (4)

Dang. I guess Christina really wasn’t connecting with the audience. This is our first shocking elimination of the season. Now, did the show place Leah in the bottom to get more votes? Her dance tonight wasn’t very good and she is the lowest scorer but that doesn’t mean anything for next week. I guess time will tell. But Bill keeps hanging on and the results continue to be rather surprising this season with the new format.

You have to vote for your favorite if you want them to stay.

POLLS will be up soon. Thanks for watching with me tonight you guys.

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