PENTATONIX: A NOT SO SILENT NIGHT-- Pictured: "Pentatonix: A Not So Silent Night" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBC)
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Idols in Concert 12/13/2018

Pentatonix kicked of December by performing in Washington DC and taking in almost $625K in concert ticket sales. This week, they also top the Holiday Album Sales chart with “Christmas is Here!”. Lindsey Stirling sold-out

Pentatonix cover Ed Sheeran's Perfect VIDEO
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Billboard Update: Chart Date 11/24/18

Pentatonix tops the Holiday Album Sales chart with “Christmas is Here!”. This week, we switched from reporting the Holiday Album chart to the Holiday Album Sales chart. Koryn Hawthorne continues to lead the Hot Gospel


Idols in Concert 11/07/2018

Flipping report dates – Billboard summary will be out tomorrow. Camila continues to open for Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift continues to hoover up the money. This time, we have just one report from Arlington,