Carrie Underwood – Undo It – Sneak Peek

Catch a sneak peek of Carrie Underwood’s “Undo It” from her upcoming album Play On, set to be released on November 3.

Billboard is previewing songs from the album every Sunday until the release of Play On, November 3.

  • Listen to a snip of “Undo It” HERE.

According to Billboard,   “Underwood channels her inner mancrusher again, with an angsty mid-tempo number that recalls not only “Casanova” but one of her biggest hits, “Before He Cheats.”

Carrie never goes wrong with the girl power themed country rockers.   “Undo It” was written by Carrie, Idol judge Kara DioGuardi, Marti Frederiksen and Luke Laird.

I wonder if Carrie and Kara every commiserated over a pint of ice cream?

“Undo It” will be released to iTunes on Tuesday, October 27.

Get you some Carrie:

  • Carrie Underwood ‘ Temporary Home ‘ iTunes
  • Carrie Underwood ‘ Mama’s Song ‘ iTunes
  • Carrie Underwood ‘ Cowboy Casanova ‘ iTunes
  • Pre-order Play OnAmazon
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  1. I’m not much of a Carrie/Country fan, but I must admit, her album roll out is AMAZING! This album is probably going to outsell her last. She might finally become the best selling Idol ever.

  2. Undo It’s definitely catchy and it’s definitely country/country-rock. It’ll make a great song for tour too. The verses sound awesome, the production is amazing because you can hear everything and it’s mixed so well. My only complaint is the production competing with Carrie’s voice on the chorus. There are parts of the chorus where they do that pop thing where it sounds like Carrie’s singing from inside a cave. That bugs.

    I was skeered of the Kara cowrites but they’ve both turned out pretty country and I think I’ll be liking both of the songs.

  3. Wow really liking Carrie’s album so far. And the album roll out? Pretty smart I’d say.

  4. This snippet is very reminiscent of “Flat on the Floor,” IMO. Don’t get me wrong, I like it a lot – probably more than FOTF – but the beginning of the chorus sounds very similar to me.

    Nevertheless, I am incredibly excited for Carrie’s album to be released. Is it November 3rd yet?

  5. This is the song I’m most excited about from the album, I think this will be her big hit off of it. That said I was a bit disappointed by the intro, it wasn’t as catchy as I was hoping it would be. I still love the chorus though.

  6. I really believe everything Carrie puts out is just going to be fantastic. She is just an incredible singer and artist…

  7. curlyQ23-Me too! When I heard it, I thought it sounded the most like “Flat on the Floor.”

    I’m liking the sound of all these new Carrie songs so far!

  8. I want Kara to retire. I don’t think that Mama’s Song sucks but that’s because of the vocal. I believe that the songwriting needed some work. However, I think Undo It sucks. I don’t hear much emotion, I hate the chorus, and I think the song is poorly written. Temporary Home blasts this out of the stratosphere and I really help that this song does not become a single.

  9. To the person who said the song is reminiscent of FOTF, I agree. So far, Im liking this album better than her last one.

  10. I did not start out as a big Carrie fan but I sure have become one. I am really excited for her album and I am loving the way they are introducing it. I think it will sell big. Her voice is amazing.

  11. I didn’t start out being a big fan either but she has consistently shown why she is one of the most popular artist in the world and I respect her for that. Great stuff coming from her, and a fantastic roll out from her team.

  12. It looks like Carrie performed at a Vitamin Water event in Las Vegas this weekend. Here are two (partial) videos:

    Cowboy Casanova
    Mama’s Song

    She sounds phenomenal, especially on Cowboy Casanova, and looks gorgeous – she’s rocking the ruffles!

  13. I’ll post this here since it’s a Carrie thread. I just saw a commercial for the CMA’s and it said “hosted by Carrie Underwood”. Is this old news? It’s the first I’ve heard it – granted I don’t usually read Carrie news.

  14. Thanks for posting those, curlyQ. She sounds great and looks fabulous! I’m really excited for Nov. 3rd!

  15. I like ‘Undo It’ MUCH better than ‘Cowboy Casanova’ – though I think all the tracks I’ve heard so far are likely to be hits. And I’ll just bet she and Kara commiserated together – ice cream or not. My best friend and I dissect the men in our lives over pizza and a six-pack of Killians. You gotta have your girlfriends!

  16. I’ll post this here since it’s a Carrie thread. I just saw a commercial for the CMA’s and it said ‘hosted by Carrie Underwood’ . Is this old news? It’s the first I’ve heard it ‘“ granted I don’t usually read Carrie news.

    Yes. It’s actually Carrie’s second consecutive year to co-cost the CMA Awards with Brad Paisley.

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