Carrie Underwood on the Cover of ‘Women’s Health’

Carrie Underwood graces the cover of the October issue of Women’s Health Magazine.  Some fairly unspectacular soundbites from the accompanying article:

For Women - Grace Storm Ad
For Women - Grace Storm Ad

  • On her personality:  “I’m the most normal person in the universe”
  • On getting engaged: “I was so excited that five minutes had elapsed before I even looked at the ring!”
  • On married life: “A lot like dating. Sometimes our schedules will click, sometimes they won’t. But that’s good because we’re both independent.”
  • On going to Canada: “I love going to game, cheering for my man…When I come home, I’m accused of picking up the Canadian accent”
  • On not living more of a “Hollywood” life: “I’m not the kind of person who does crazy things”
  • On a perfect day: “I’d sleep in a little, work out, do laundry, run errands, buy presents for people with birthday’s coming up. I like it when I don’t have to be anywhere, and anything I do is my choice.”

Carrie was recently named Olay’s new Celebrity Ambassador. Carrie hits the road again for the second leg of her Play On tour, beginning on September 25th in Portland OR. Check out her tour schedule HERE.

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  1. Do they give out industry awards to publicists? Because Carrie’s deserves the “gold medal.” Girl is EVERYWHERE.

  2. I think they misquoted her. I’m sure she said she was the “most boring person in the universe.” Heh.

  3. She would do laundry on a perfect day? She needs to swing by my house…..

  4. I like her perfect day. Except for the laundry part, lol. And I’d throw in some activity with friends in its place. Something dorky but semi-competitive, like bowling or touch football or boardgames. Sigh… summer’s over. Free time is but a memory right now…

  5. songsungblue,
    I’m with you. I’m sure Carrie is as nice as she can be but you never get any spark of personality from her. I wonder if she’s really as bland as she seems in her interviews.

  6. I don’t thinks she’s bland but just a normal person who happens to have an amazing set of pipes. Not a huge fan of her style of music, but she can sing.

    Her answers would be similar to mine and most of my friends – maybe less coherent with the pressure of being interviewed :)

    Sometimes, I wonder if the public has too high expectations for celebrities. Does talent and a sparkling personality have to go together? I agree, the combo makes them a superstar with the IT factor but not having it should not take diminish their successes. Sort of like they can be talented, but jerks at the same time. LOL.

    I’m not arguing with anyone…just thinking out loud.

  7. She would do laundry on a perfect day? She needs to swing by my house…..

    Yah, I could give her one fun time, too. Wonder if she does windows?

  8. I think they misquoted her. I’m sure she said she was the “most boring person in the universe.” Heh.

    I like her down to earth personality. I’d rather she be herself than a big fat phony like some people out there.

  9. To me it doesn’t matter that she may be boring behind the scenes as long as she keeps being fun and energetic on stage. Going to see her next month when her tour stops here.

  10. Pretty much these days, there are only two options if you are celebrity: 1. You’re either making scandalous headlines by making an ass of yourself in public on a daily basis or 2. You’re really a normal and down to earth person who is seen as “boring” by some who can’t enough scandal in their lives.

    So yeah, Carrie keep up the normalcy. I’d rather be called boring than be known as some homewrecker slut or the next recruit for Celebrity Rehab.

    The biggest personalities are usually full of themselves, so I’ll take Carrie any day.

  11. They basically pulled out all her personal life quotes and left out the main stuff from the article which was about her fitness routines and stuff like that. has some of the excerpts related to fitness routines and diet. I’ve seen the scans posted and it’s actually a pretty good article.

  12. Love Carrie and yes, she is EVERYWHERE! Well deserved and I have always thought she is beautiful woman. I just hope she is happy.

  13. I like this quote from the interview windmills linked:”Figure out a way to take foods I like and make them healthy.

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