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Carrie Underwood performed outside in the chilly New York City air on Good Morning America this morning.   Carrie’s hit the east coast to promote her brand-new album, Play On.

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Last night she performed on The Late Show With David Letterman (Watch it HERE). On Thursday she’ll drop by Live with Regis and Kelly.

Carrie’s new album, Play On is available everywhere:

Get Carrie:

  • Carrie Underwood ‘ Play OnAmazon
  • Carrie Underwood ‘ Play OniTunes

After the jump, watch Carrie perform her latest country hit, “Cowboy Casanova” and “Last Name” on Good Morning America.

Video after the JUMP…

Cowboy Casanova

Last Name and Interview

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  1. Carrie is lovely but her voice grates on my last nerve. Even with a cup of coffee in hand, I had to turn the mute button on during both songs. I guess I am just not a country music fan. I am glad, however, that she is doing so well.

  2. I noticed they always tend to do this at the morning show concerts. I an artist plays two songs, they always make the them perform an “old hit” as their second song after performing the new single from the new album they’re promoting. They had DMB play Crash along with Funny the Way It Is on the Today show, and Kelly Clarkson played Since U Been Gone along with Already Gone. I guess it makes sense, since the morning show audience is not comprised of diehard fans, and they’d rather not hit the general audience with two unfamiliar songs at once.

  3. I love Carrie’s outfit. She always looks so good.

    I love Carrie’s voice and I think she was incredible. Good for her.

  4. I must say she is straight up beautiful. Her country twanged voice isn’t for me either but it must be good for others since she is having an amazing career.

  5. Carrie’s new back up singer looks a bit like Jewel Kilcher.

    Honestly, neither one of these songs is very good. Last Name has always sucked and this new Cowboy Casserole is a cow pie. The thing is I think Last Name is the lesser song and they said that Carrie won the Grammy for that thing so Cowboy will likely deliver another one.

  6. I love Carrie. She is beautiful inside and out with a voice to match. I am not a diehard country fan but have purchased Carrie’s music and plan to buy her album today.

    One of the background singers is wife of Brandon Fraley who tweeted that his wife would be singing back-up for Carrie on GMA. Brandon Fraley also tweeted that he is gearing up with Danny for his radio tour of his new single.

  7. Why did they use the Plaza in Lincoln Center instead of one of it’s ampitheaters? They must have been expecting a very small crowd.

  8. Carrie is awesome. His voice is incredible and she is super beautiful!
    Good for her! I hope her new album sells millions once again.

  9. It wasn’t a really huge crowd but GMA fall concerts are rarely outdoors, they’re usually right in the tiny GMA studio where no more than 100 or so people can fit. This was a special setup so more people could attend.

  10. I thought Carrie did a great job on GMA this morning! She sounded a lot better than anybody I’ve seen lately on a morning show. She seemed to be having fun out there and I got a good laugh out of that very excited little girl singing along to Last Name of all songs.

    Carrie also did a web exclusive performance of BHC. ABC’s got that up on their site:

  11. She looked great as usual. If you hate country music, you’ll probably never get Carrie’s appeal and why she’s good. I happen to have eclectic tastes in music. It makes life much more interesting.

    Keep going Carrie. It’s looking like a great week for her on all fronts.

  12. Personality or not – no matter how you feel about that aspect of her performing, there is no denying that she can sing pitch perfect in 43 degree weather at 8:40 in the morning. And belting it pitch perfect. Lawd, lawd what a voice. I love that voice.

    And the way she looks – love it. Her stylist deserves every penny. And whoever does her hair.

    AND the album is awesome.

    Life is good, huh Carrie!

  13. I still don’t “get” Carrie Underwood.

    It’s not that I don’t like the genre, I like some country music, and there are some very good artists in country music. Carrie is also probably the best technical singer to ever come out of Idol, but I don’t understand why she is so popular? Her eyes are blank when she sings and she lacks passion (imo). She even looks uncomfortable at times on stage. She’s just visually unremarkable onstage, apart from being beautiful. But even that is a non-descript beauty, she’s not uniquely beautiful; there’s nothing out of the ordinary about her beauty, you can see that in any fashion magazine.

    Nope, don’t get it. Nice girl, though.

  14. Nice performance of Last Name. She’s showing a lot more personality in that performance. Clearly the song fits her like a glove now.

  15. I was watching GMA Monday and saw a very quick promo for Carrie. Never saw any other promos for this, even though I tend to watch GMA.

    Today, went to the GMA Fall Concert Series today to see Carrie. I liked Carrie AI4, but was more of a Bo fan. However, when I saw her on the AI tour that year, she proved to me why she won and why Simon predicted that she would sell so well.

    Checked GMA’s website late last night, & it said the venue would be in their studio, indoors, located at Times Square. It was difficult in general to find any information about her concert on the GMA site. I needed to google to find any additionl info.

    Got to Times Square only to see nobody around in the GMA studio. Small sign on the door, which I’m not sure everyone would see, said to go to Lincoln Center and use “Columbus Ave.” entrance. Quickly boarded a subway, with two young girls in tow and another adult. Once off train at LC, still hard to find concert setup, without someone who knew exactly where it was, pointing out directions. There was a lot of street construction and temp. sidewalks and detours.

    Once at stage, the crowd was much, much smaller than the one I saw at the Summer Concert Series with Cook, Allen and Lambert in Central Park. However, I remember GMA promoting their Summer Concerts a lot and there was almost nothing for this one. Changing the venue, the very last minute, with so little accessible information probably adversely affected the turnout.

    Carrie looked very nice in person and thin! Her outfit was sophisticated, and she simply looked very attractive. Very sweet, polite young woman. Country is not my thing at all. However, Carrie can flat out sing! Even in the 45-50 degree weather, she sounded amazing! It’s refreshing to hear someone who can really sing. She put forth a good effort despite the low turnout. I felt bad for her but she was a trooper.

    I think ABC/GMA screwed up. Here they had the singer with the #1 album on ITunes, with a poor turnout..maybe 100-200 people? The crowd was polite, clapped and GMA producers coming off breaks did the usual to encourage everyone to “make noise”. (Even though the producers asked the crowds to make noise at the Cook/Allen/Lambert concert, it was totally unnecessary as the crowds were large and very into the singers. Someone shouted out to Carrie something about her having a #1 something; either song or album and she seemed to take in the information matter of factly but seemed honored by it.

    WHen the show was over, Carrie was escorted off inside Avery Fisher Hall to do a M&G (I assume with ABC/GMA badge holders). B/C we did not have the official badges, the GMA/ABC security would not let the two little girls with us get an autograph inside! They were the only two really standing there at the end and the security guards/execs told us that Carrie had no more time. However, side note: NYC Police officers who were supposed to be on duty, took time to get Carrie’s autograph and take pictures with her! I don’t blame Carrie at all, she knew nothing of what was going on. She seemed polite and kind to whoever asked her for photos/autographs

    We waited around and finally someone nice told us to wait “over there” b/c Carrie would probably be leaving from that exit after the M&G. THere were some barricades set up, and maybe 30 people there. Carrie came out and took time to sign autographs and take pictures before leaving in her car! She was very sweet! SHe made the two little girls day and some other very dedicated fans!

  16. Cowboy Casanova is my fav Carrie song. Loved it as soon as I heard it. I wasnt a carrie fan while she was on Idol but have grown into one. Besides her voice, looks, and good heart, as one long time country music entertainment reporters put it, “Theres nothing trashy about our Carrie”. I didnt catch her on the morning show but did see her on David Letterman last night. I was wondering why he kept holding her hand until he finally kissed it as the show went off. Guess hes a fan. I wonder where all the good looking band members she had went to. She had one hot looking band before.

  17. She is a gorgeous girl inside and out but twangy, no way. If you want to hear twangy listen to Sugarland and you’ll really know what twangy sounds like. The girl knows how to dress very trendy and stylish always keeping it classy. I love Carrie and love her music. I bought her cd today. plus she’s Cookie’s BFF!

  18. OK…enough withthe girl country-rocker shit, her voice sounds like a mosquito screach on these tunes….Kristy Lee Cook has a TON better tone than her……and enough already with the damned Barbie-doll stylist….nobody likes a diva…..little miss prissy is getting real damned old….

    Miranda Lambert has more talent, better voice and country in her than Carrie will ever have…..ever…..

  19. Where is Kristy Lee Cook now? Doing some hunting show that no one will watch, that’s where.

    Have you ever seen Carrie in concert? I have, twice! Carrie rocks and she’s no diva.

  20. Just so happens I saw her on the Opry….she’s still not the best country singer to come out of AI….or the best country singer in the real world either….over-rated, little princess…..NEXT!

  21. I think Miranda has a little attitude there! I don’t know her, so I shouldn’t say ~ not crazy about her music either.

    But no, Carrie is definitely no “diva” ~ to me, she’s the best “female” artist to come out of AI. I love just about EVERY song she comes out with ~ and she must be doing something right, because there are MILLIONS of people who AGREE with me! GO CARRIE! Love Cowboy Cassanova too!

  22. Carrie is a total professional. She may be a fashionista but is no diva. AAAnd she is a fabulous singer. I totally don’t “get” most of the criticism of her. I, for one, am loving her new album. Being a beautiful blond is not a crime. She is also very talented, hard working and by all accounts, a thoughtful and polite person.

    By my reckoning, this Nov 2009, she is the biggest star in the Idol stable.

  23. Carrie is a great singer and I like her even though Im not a country music fan I am a fan of hers and I like her songs…that last name song is really good and she deserves all the awards and recognition she gets…
    that being said, Im not digging her new single…couldnt get through all of it…I still wish her the best though. I just wish she would step out of her comfort zone and do some crossover stuff..some more pop and even rock or jazz…just to change things up and garner some new fans

  24. she’s still not the best country singer to come out of AI

    Sorry, but I just LMAO-ed. Kristy Lee Cook a better singer? Double LMAO. Try to listen to Look At Me or Temporary Home from her new album, the tone of her voice is one of the best to come out from Idol….ever…..

  25. So tone of voice is only relevant if someone is ordained the winner? LMAO indeed….

  26. Or you can write to the ACM’s, CMA’s and Grammy’s to nominate Kristy Lee Cook instead of Carrie hihi

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