Carly Smithson Blogs – “I Can’t Wait For You Guys to Hear Some of the Music I’ve Been Making”

Read an excerpt from Carly Smithson’s new My Space blog below.   You can read the entire post HERE.

Carly has moved to Los Angeles to get her career started, and will be going into the studio soon to record a couple of duets with Michael Johns.   She just finished writing the lyrics to a song called “Lay With Me.” Of course, she’s making time to hang out with her fellow Idols.

Im waking up this morning in my new home away from home in LA . I have nothing in my kitchen but water , cereal and cashew nuts but I havn’t had time to go to the store . I’m not even sure if I know where my local grocery store is yet . Ha Ha !! I am totally in love with my new place . It has exposed brick walls and just a cool loft feeling . Great vibe for making music . Castro came over tonight to hang out and check out my new place . He loved it here so im gonna try convince him to rent the apartment downstairs so I can have a friend in my building . Haha !!! We ended up not being able to work my new TV so opted for a movie called Body Of Lies at the famous chinese theatre . Such a good flick !!!!!! We also listened to some of each others new songs we have written . Let me tell you I will be buying Castros record . I am very proud of him . Beautiful songs !!!

I can’t wait for you guys to hear some of the music i’ve been making . Its such a dream come true for everything to be finally working out . I was up late last night working on a lyric on a new song called “Lay with me” . Im very excited to finish it today !

I took a day off last week cause i was tired so Myself and kim Caldwell went furniture shopping . We didnt buy much though . All we ended up with was a gumball machine that lights up from a yard sale and a wooden elephant head . I think we got bored looking at furniture so we went bowling and clothing shopping instead . Being famous in LA is so wierd though . Im still trying to get used to it . Last night at dinner Kim told me that she saw a news letter on the Planet Funk website that said last week we went into their store and Showed what we bought . So Funny !!! They got it wrong though , I bought the dress and cardi . Kim has adopted me as one of her new super friends here in LA . Trouble is usually at the top of our list . We gel pretty well cause she knows how to have fun but she’s also very smart and a hard hard worker . Maybe we should get our own BFF reality show . We’ll call it ” The Mountains ” or ” The Not So Simple Life ” . LOL !!!!!!

Unfortunately I didn’t go to Michaels B-Day bash on Sat . I heard it was epic though from the man himself . We have just recently decided on the perfect songs for our duet so we should be going onto the studio very soon to record them . We have done two events together since the tour ended . A charity event in Orange County where I got to meet Tony Hawk and another in Vegas to launch a new Car for Toyota . Sheryl Crow , Santana and the Blue Man Group also performed . I met one of the blue men backstage . I tried to talk to him but I think he was in character cause he just stared at me and did some mime thing . Michael said they have to stay in character if their faces are blue so I left him alone .

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