Blake Shelton The Voice Family Celebrates Walk of Fame Star

Blake Shelton’s The Voice family celebrates his Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Blake Shelton received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday (May 13), feted by three special guest speakers from The Voice.

Adam Levine spoke, making it clear if not overtly, that the two haven’t really kept in touch since the Maroon 5 frontman left the show four years ago. He snarked a bit, but had mostly fond things to say about his former “nemesis.”

Wife Gwen Stefani had sweet words for her husband. The moment was especially potent as the two met working as coaches on the show.

And Carson Daly, who is clearly close to both Blake and Gwen mentioned that he presided over their wedding ceremony in Oklahoma. Then, The Voice host went on to thoroughly roast his friend, before giving him a hug.

Blake told friends “I’m getting a Hollywood Square”

Blake said in his speech that he never dreamed or even desired a Hollywood star. “I had a dream of being a country singer and hearing myself on the radio one day, and I never, ever thought that that path would lead me here. … So, like, this is shocking to me that this even happened. … I’ve been telling people for the last few weeks that I’m getting a Hollywood Square. ”

A good reason for Kelly Clarkson to skip the ceremony…and it’s not even what you’re thinking

And if y’all were wondering why good friend and fellow coach, Kelly Clarkson didn’t attend the ceremony. Here’s probably why. Blake’s manager, Narvel Blackstock was in the audience. “If there’s one person that I probably need to thank more than anybody from a career standpoint, Narvel Blackstock literally changed my life,” said Blake. “He got me to take my cowboy hat off. I mean, my God … and cut my mullet. You’re an a—— for that, actually, because that’s cool again. Now, I can’t go back.”

Narvel the father of Kelly’s ex-husband Brandon Blackstock. Narvel is also Kelly’s former manager. And they are suing each other. However, Kelly’s presence at Friday’s ceremony would have been distracting nonetheless.

Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Hollywood Walk of Fame

Adam Levine: “It makes me sick to my stomach to say this to you. I’m really proud of you, man”

After joking that he got his Walk of Fame and issue of People’s Sexiest Man Alive before Blake, Adam put the jokes aside.

“…But honest to God, and it makes me sick to my stomach to say this to you. I’m really proud of you, man, and I love you. …,” said Adam. “There’s no joke coming. There’s no joke. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, and I love you and I’m proud of you. And even though you’re an idiot in so many ways, I just love you and I’m happy to be here and it’s an honor to be here for you.”

Before he left the podium, Adam advocated that Carson Daly be the next celebrity to receive a star. “It’s time to get Carson Daly a star on this thing. Carson, he’s been on our TV for what, 30,000 years, and we’ve taken him for granted on an almost daily basis. Let’s go — Carson Daly, next year or next whatever, star on the walk of fame.”

Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Hollywood Walk of Fame

“There is no one more authentic than this guy,” says wife Gwen Stefani

Gwen was next and gave the kind of gushing speech expected from a loving wife. “Let me try to paint the picture of the little boy, Blake Shelton, who had a simple kind of life and a big dream growing up in a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny town in Oklahoma,” she said.

“The backdrop of his life was nature. He was in the woods all day long, not wanting to come home until it was dark. Knowing every name of every tree, every species of animal, with a soul connection to country music and what country music represents right there.”

Gwen continued, “There is no one more authentic than this guy. He lives and he breathes country music. He is a country music jukebox, and it is his DNA. He was born to do this, and hasn’t done anything because he wanted to be a star. He has just always been a star, from barely graduating from high school to roofing houses and then moving to Nashville by himself at 17 years old to chase the only thing he ever wanted to do in his life, be a country singer.”

Carson Daly, Blake Shelton Hollywood Walk of Fame

Carson Daly snark: “Some fun facts about Blake: he has 28 No. 1 hits. Seventeen of them are about a dead dog.”

Carson Daly ended the trio of speeches with a hearty roast. “Blake’s not a Hollywood guy. Once when we were shooting The Voice, he was so homesick, I had to take him to a Bass Pro shop in Riverside just to get him to stop crying. I left him there for two weeks and he was happy,” joked Carson

“Somehow Blake would go on to become the biggest — and, weirdly, only — breakout star from ‘The Voice,’ Carson snarked about the lack of Voice alum stars (Morgan Wallen would like a word! Oh that’s right…Blake didn’t turn his chair for Morgan) “He would meet a co-star he would go on to marry: Cee-Lo Green… Blake dating Gwen was hard for many of us to believe. She fronted a ska band in Orange County. Blake wrote a song called ‘Hillbilly Bone.’ Gwen was unable to resist this hillbilly’s bone, and the rest is history.”

“Some fun facts about Blake: he has 28 No. 1 hits. Seventeen of them are about a dead dog.”

Blake Shelton, Adam Lavine, Gwen Stefani, Carson Daly Hollywood Walk of Fame

Blake dedicates his star to his late brother Richie

Blake ended his speech, praising Gwen, and dedicated the star to the memory of his late brother.

“I kinda stopped checking things off my list of great accomplishments in my life when I married Gwen, and so this is just icing on the cake,” he said.”That’s the greatest thing that’s happened along this, this journey.

“My family is all here, by the way, from Oklahoma, and I was talking to my mom this morning and I was just thinking about what I’m gonna say when I get up here. And she said to me, ‘I wish Richie could have been here to see this and everything that you’ve done.’ And I feel like that’s probably the best way to wrap this up. Richie was my brother that I lost many, many years ago. So I dedicate my star on this Walk of Fame to my brother Richie.”

Watch the full ceremony below.

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