American Idol 2023 Top 5 Poll Results, Power Ranking, Predictions

American Idol 2023 Top 5 Wé Ani, Colin Stough, Iam Tongi, Megan Danielle, Zachariah Smith
(l-r) Wé Ani, Colin Stough, Iam Tongi, Megan Danielle, Zachariah Smith (ABC/Eric McCandless)

American Idol 2023 Top 5 POLL Results, Power Rankings and a PREDICTION.

The penultimate episode of American Idol season 21 airs on Sunday! The Top 5 will perform two Disney songs for America’s Vote, and a spot in the Top 3. Next Sunday (May 21) the final 3 contestants compete in the 3 hour finale for the win.

Lionel Richie and Katy Perry will be back in their judges chairs alongside Luke Bryan after missing last week’s show to perform at King Charles’ coronation concert in the UK. Sunday is Mother’s Day so expect emotional moments as the contestants enjoy the Disneyland park with their respective families.

The singers will perform two Disney songs, one classic and the other from a recent Disney film. Song spoilers dropped earlier this week. Check them out:

American Idol 2023 Top 5 Disney Night Song Spoilers

Sara Bareilles will open the show with a rendition of “When You Wish Upon a Star.” Sofia Carson will serve as mentor, filming her sessions with the contestants at Disneyland. Halle Bailey, the star of the live action film, The Little Mermaid will perform “Part of Your World.”

According to Zachariah, the Top 5 recorded their winners singles this week in between rehearsing and shooting clips at Disneyland. His song is titled “American Grace.”

Facebook Likes

I took a quick peek at the Facebook likes from the American Idol page of last week’s solo performances. I ranked them by likes, but notice that Megan came second in streaming numbers. And while Wé and Colin garnered more likes than Megan, Megan’s performance received more streams. Iam is still blowing away the competition in both likes and streaming numbers.

  1. Iam Tongi – Guardian – 50K likes, 1.1M views
  2. Colin Stough – Hand in Pocket – 16K likes, 328.6K views
  3. Wé Ani – Uninvited – 12K likes – 303.1K views
  4. Megan Danielle – Head over Feet – 11K likes – 432K views
  5. Zachariah Smith – Ironic – 8.3K likes – 223.6K views

American Idol airs live coast to coast on ABC Sunday May 14 at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT.

American Idol Top 5 Power Rankings


Here’s how I rank the contestants ahead of Sunday’s episode. How would you rate them? Tell us in comments!

5. Zachariah Smith

I predicted last week that voters would eliminated Zachariah, but they ditched Warren Peay instead. At this point, Zachariah has finally come to the end of the line. The remaining competition is too strong to overcome. Kudos to him for making the most of what he’s got. He outlasted several more talented contestants through smart strategy, and knowing how to entertain an audience.

4. Wé Ani

I want to be wrong, so very wrong this week. But while Wé is a fan favorite on the blog (see the poll results below) the overall American Idol audience loves them some Christian and country singers. Like her run on The Voice where she finished third in 2016 (Former American Idol contestant and country singer Sundance Head won that season), she is always SPECTACULAR when she takes the stage. But her unique baritone may be too offbeat for average viewers. She’s singing two big showstoppers this week “Into the Unknown” and “The Climb.” There’s a chance they could propel her into the finale. FINGERS CROSSED.

3. Megan Danielle

No less than a trusted and beloved American Idol alum, Adam Lambert, gushed over Megan when he mentored the Top 12 a few weeks ago. And he’s right, she’s an incredible vocalist who can sing authentically while ALSO hitting those high notes. Wé picked songs that are potential moments, but Megan’s country and Christian roots give her a big boost. And covering Brandi Carlile (Carried Me with You) could be a moment on its own. It’s not a Christian song per se, but could be sung that way.

2. Colin Stough

Colin is riding a freight train into the finale. If he sings “Nobody Knows” with only acoustic accompaniment, it could seal the deal. After his first outings on big stages overwhelmed him, Colin is learning how to perform to big crowds. Plus, American Idol fans LOVE an improvement arc AND a cute country singer.

1. Iam Tongi

Season 21 is one of those years when the winner is obvious from the moment the contestant stepped on stage. Chayce Beckham was that contestant a few seasons ago. Iam’s emotional backstory, his relatable issues and talent for covering any type of song and making it his own has sent him straight to the top. Enjoy the confetti shower on May 21, Iam!

Top 3 Prediction

Iam Tongi, Colin Stough and Megan Danielle advance to the Top 3. Wé Ani (DAMN!) and Zachariah Smith head home.

My ideal top 3: Iam Tongi, Megan Danielle, Wé Ani.

American Idol Top 5 POLL Results

Here are the RESULTS of the polls posted after Sunday’s (May 7) show

Favorite Top 5 contestant

Wé, Megan and Iam all chart in double digits. It’s how I’d rank them as well.

  1. Wé Ani – 30.79%
  2. Megan Danielle – 24.29%
  3. Iam Tongi – 23.45%
  4. Colin Stough – 14.97%
  5. Zachariah Smith – 6.50%

Favorite Top 8 performance

Iam ranks fourth, which is unusual. But he’s still in double digits. Wé runs away with the favorite performance ranking.

  1. Wé Ani – Uninvited – 30.23%
  2. Colin Stough – Hand in My Pocket – 19.97%
  3. Megan Danielle – Head Over Feet – 16.83%
  4. Iam Tongi – Guardian – 16.14%
  5. Zachariah Smith – Ironic – 8.34%
  6. Oliver Steele – You Oughta Know – 3.69%
  7. Haven Madison – You Learn – 2.87%
  8. Warren Peay – All I Really Want – 1.92%

Favorite Top 8 duet

The duets were pretty great this season. Warren dragged Wé down in this category.

  1. Megan Danielle and Colin Stough – Dive – 42.10%
  2. Oliver Steele and Iam Tongi – Photograph – 30.70%
  3. Warren Peay and Wé Ani – Perfect – 19.15%
  4. Zachariah Smith and Haven Madison – Thinking out Loud – 8.05%

Who was robbed?

“Nobody” prevails by over 50 percent, but the remaining votes were evenly split among the eliminated contestants.

  1. Nobody was Robbed – 54.63%
  2. Warren Peay – 19.91%
  3. Oliver Steele – 13.12%
  4. Haven Madison – 12.35%

Mentor/Judge Alanis Morissette Yay or Nay?

People loving Alanis, but a third of the vote for Ed was Nays. If you didn’t care for Ed, why not?

  • YAY! – 84.33%
  • Nay – 15.67%

Judge Ed Sheeran Yay or Nay?

  • YAY! – 66.67%
  • Nay – 33.33%
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