Blake Lewis – Listen to His New Album!

Blake Lewis’s sophomore album, Heartbreak on Vinyl, is set to be released on October 6, but you can listen to it right now at AOL.

Lil Uzi Vert announces new music
Lil Uzi Vert announces new music

I’m listening to the album right now.   If you dig acid-washed 80’s synth-fueled dance fests (I do!) make sure to check it out. Me like!   More on the album from me later. Excuse me while I dance around my living room…

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  1. Blake Lewis ‘“ Listen to His New Album!

    You can’t make me :P

    I was always interested in what Blake would do on AI each week. I always also knew that I’d never buy his music. He’s just not my cuppa.

  2. Yeah, I definitely like the direction he went with this album. I do think that Heartbreak, Binary Love, or Remedy would have made better choices than Sad Song for a first single.

  3. LIKE THIS A LOT. Excellent album to dance to. Or walk to. I will enjoy bouncing along to this on my way home from work.

    You go, Blake!!!

  4. The title track and “Love or Torture” are both first rate songs. It’s too late for him to have a mainstream career (and he’d probably torpedo it by engaging in more public jackass-ery anyway) but this should set him up nicely in the dance/electronica genre. Just don’t buy anymore houses, Blake. Save whatever you make this time around. ;)

  5. mj
    September 29, 2009 at 8:02 pm

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the title track’ ¦.

    Me TOO…I said in the Headline thread that I really liked the album. I thought Sad Song was one of the weaker songs on the album and that there where two or three that would have been better 1st singles. The title track was my first Choice. (which by the way is titled Heartbreak and Vinyl) ( “Binary Love” and “Love and Torture”being the other two) I also like “Our Rapture of Love” and “The Point” though maybe not as singles.

  6. Yep, the title track is my favorite. And I think he fits so nicely into the dance/electronica genre, Niall, absolutely. This is what he always was into, anyway, w/ the beat boxing. I can totally see beat boxing and remixes of all of these songs. I don’t think most AC/HAC/Top 40 stations would play this, but there has to be a market for the album.

  7. Wow, ok, you have all convinced me to go listen. I liked Blake best his season, but not so much since.

  8. Just sampling some of the songs, it’s really not bad at all. However, would it sound like one long song after letting it play thru on its own? Entirely possible. However, can’t say I’d rule out buying it in the future next time I’m in the market for some new tunes (it just so happens I’m planning a little shopping trip around Nov. 24th-ish, give or take two minutes on either side of midnight…).

  9. OK, MJ, you made me go listen and I have *never* liked Blake. But you know what… this is a really solid album, I like it a lot, and I’m shocked, ha!! Wow. Cripes, I might even buy it. Oh noooooo! The title song is great!

  10. I’m listening right now.

    So, I thought Blake’s first album was pretty mediocre. And I remember describing it as a cross between High School Musical and NSYNC. Lol.

    But, so far this new album sounds soo much better! I really like the title track too. And it’s really catchy.
    EDIT: I don’t like Rhythm of My Heart. I like all the ones before that one.

    When is the album coming out???

  11. However, would it sound like one long song after letting it play thru on its own?

    I actually put it on play all while at work today and there is quite a good difference between tracks (thankfully). Though, it would have been interesting if he had gone the “Confessions on a Dance Floor” route and had each track segue to the next.

  12. I f-ing love it! A.D.D. was great too. I will definitely 100% buy this album. I am dancing my ass off right now. Blake is a genius in the studio. The mixing is fabulous. He will be one idol that I will actually buy a sophomore album from. You go Blake, great job. I love this so much I can’t stop listening to it. I feel energized and just happy. LOL….

  13. Thanks, MJ. I might have to get this. I have A.D.D. and thought the strongest tracks on that were “1000 miles” and “End of the World” and then the itunes bonus track, “Human.”

    But just a sampling makes me like this album more. “Heartbreak on Vinyl” is a great song, I actually was really listening to the lyrics, and makes me sentimental about record/cd stores. Liked “Remedy” and “Love or Torture” too. I remember Blake recorded “Love or Torture” originally for the first album – was this one co-written by Ryan Tedder? It sounds like a remix here, but very good. ITA with others that “Sad Song” isn’t the strongest track, though I guess maybe it was considered the most pop to lead off.

    Is it just me, or does Blake sound vaguely adenoidal here? I always liked his voice, but he sounds stuffed up a bit. The production’s nice on all the tracks.

    Yikes on the entire album being up on aol – will all the S8 idols have their albums up on aol too? Wondering about piracy.

  14. I reeaallly love this.

    And yeah, I do agree that it DOESN’T sound like one long song. Each song really has a distinct sound from each other.

    Favorites: Heartbreak On Vinyl, The Point, & SuperScrat..whatever, just cause it’s amusing to listen to. lol. I like them all except Rhythm of My Heart. But who knows, maybe that’ll grow on me too.

  15. I love it. I am buying it. To add to my collection. I liked ADD, this is much better.

  16. Pleasantly surprised. I’m digging Freak and Heartbreak On Vinyl. And the mix of old school nostalgia references (turntables/vinyl) and modern (binary love) is interesting. I like.

  17. It’s great seeing MJ and people who didn’t like ADD liking this new sound of Blake. I love A.D.D. but I definitely think the direction this album goes suits him even better. LOVE Heartbreak on Vinyl, Sad Song, Afraid, and The Remedy. Other songs are pretty amazing as well. Definitely will purchase a copy next week :D.
    Go Blake!

  18. Liked him on Idol, liked ADD, I like this too! :)

    But again, they chose the WRONG first single. Boo :(

    I think my personal fave is Love or Torture though I tend to not agree with the masses. But man, this one especially makes me feel like I’m back in the clubs in the 80’s….and that’s a fun thing!

    Thanks for the link MJ!

  19. I liked the title song, and a few others. I found myself stopping most mid song and going to the next. I’m just not fond of electronica and beat box dance music.

    With that said, I think it’s a fine representation of what Blake can do.

  20. Oh nice, thanks for the link MJ! I liked ADD a lot and I think Blake is definitely one of the more musically interesting artists that’s come out of Idol. I’ll be checking this out while I drudge through paperwork at my desk today :)

  21. You so want to dance listening to this, cannot wait to get it for my daughter and myself. Playing it here at work and the peeps are really liking it, may have found him some new fans!

  22. @BlakeLewis Just found out I debuted at #18 on Billboard Dance Radio Top 25 Airplay Chart this week. Super stoked!about 1 hour ago from Echofon

    Seems like good news.

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