Dancing With The Stars – Top 14 Results

I’m watching So You Think You Can Dance tonight…   I’ll update this post with tonight’s results when I get them.

  • Kathy Ireland and Tony Dovolani are eliminated

No surprise there. Kathy wasn’t a good dancer, had no personality, and never connected to Tony, her dance partner. Plus, she’s a model! Models seem to get booted early on DWTS.

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  1. Did the same here… was watching SYTYCD audition instead and flipped over to see Kathy getting hugged during the credits. I don’t think she was the worst dancer of the group left but she certainly wasn’t going to last another week or 2. I thought Chuck was the worst last night. But he at least he has some entertainment value.

  2. YIPES .. the adorable pocket couple was in the bottom 3! Oh, no. I’m going to have to start voting. I think it’s really neat that a cool, young snowboarder is doing DWTS. I’d like to see him stay on for a lot longer. Not to mention that I enjoy wathcing those 2 dance. I think his dancing is okay … as good as the majority of them and he has lots more personality.

    Who in the world is voting for Tom Delay?! He can go anytime, now. And I just can’t tolerate the Osmonds, so I’d be happy to see Donny leave, too.

  3. Models seem to get booted early on DWTS.

    I like Kathy. I feel bad she didn’t make it farther. Although it does seem that models seem to get eliminated early, one, so far that I know, is the exception: Brooke Burke, who won it a few seasons ago.:-).

    I think it’s really neat that a cool, young snowboarder is doing DWTS. I’d like to see him stay on for a lot longer.

    Agreed. He is cute, IMO. I hope, too, that he can stick around longer.

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure the last 3 remaining couples aren’t necessarily the B3 vote getters. In the past Tom B has usually pointed out that the B2 or B3 includes the star going home but that the rest could be anyone, even the “winner” for the night. Perhaps it’s changed this season? I hope not. I like Louie and Chelsie too.

  5. I can’t get enthused about watching SYTYCD auditions so soon after the last season, so I haven’t turned on that show at all. I probably will watch the new fall scripted shows, and skip SYTYCD completely this go around.
    OTOH, I would never miss DWTS. I could only get 2 votes in for Louie and Chelsie — the lines were busy! I’m glad they were safe. I wish Tom DeLay would have gone before Kathy Ireland. She seemed nice. And poor Tony!

  6. Yeah, I was wondering if the last three standing are neccessarily the lowest vote getters myself. I only caught the very end, but I’m pretty sure Tom Bergeron used the term “bottom two”. Not sure if that means ACTUAL bottom two or not. Of course, I’m so programmed for conspiracies, I was immediately thinking that Maks/Debi and Chelsie/Louie were just placed that low to jump start their fanbases. But then again, Maks did send out that tweet begging for votes. I just hate to think that freakin Tom Delay wasn’t in the real bottom two. Hopefully he’ll be the next to leave.

  7. SO HAPPY Kelly, Donny, Debi, Chelsea and Lacey made it thru – Donny is my favorite and I think he will be there awhile, he really is good and so happy – how can you not like such a happy guy? But, I really like the rest I noted, it will be hard to see any of them gooooo! I am going to have to throw some votes to the tiny couple to make sure they stay awhile, Chelsea and her partnere are just so adorable. Oh and Debi, they cannot go before Delay – no way!

  8. darn it, now I have to watch the rest of the season without Tony…I wish that they would have done better back stories on the Celebs (maybe they did and I missed it) but Kathy Ireland was giving all the money that she got for doing the show to different Charities.

    Now who to vote for???

  9. A lot of the models seems stiff and not musical or dancers. Kathy was very stiff and ungraceful I thought. Also maybe models don’t have large fanbases to keep them going longer.

    Of course there’s always exceptions.

    I think my favorites so far are Natalie, Kelly, and Mia, off the top of my head. I also have a soft spot for Chuck and Michael, so hope they stay a few more weeks. And I’m so glad Debi didn’t go home! I should say, so glad Maks didn’t go home! He’s too hot to go home so soon.

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