So You Think You Can Dance – Season 6 – Atlanta Auditions

Tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance audition episode featured Atlanta Georgia.   Lil C was the guest judge.   Tune in tomorrow at 8 pm for another audition episode–this time in New Orleans, LA.


Here are some of Atlanta highlights:

Video and Highlights after the JUMP…

Billy Bell – 19 – Loxahatchee, FL –   Billy has only been dancing for 5 years.   He’s very raw, but very good.   After Nigel nitpicked his technique, all the judges said they could not pass him to choreography. Psych! They sent him straight to Vegas instead. – VIDEO

Amber Jackson – 18 – Decatur, GA –   Amber is a strong, beautiful dancer, with no personality. Oh noes. Nigel hates that.   After she dances the choreography, the judges decide to give her a chance.   Get a personality, STAT they tell her… – VIDEO

Victor Smalley – 20 – Miami, FL – Gorgeous dancer.   I hope we see lots more of Victor in Vegas. – VIDEO

Anthony and Antwain Hart – 22 – Linden, NC –   I vaguely remember these guys from Season   4, and if I’m remembering correctly, one of them made it to Vegas?   Well, that’s what happened this year.   The judges are impressed with their growth in two years, but, as they usually do with street dancers, the pair are asked to perform choreography. Anthony gets through, Antwain does not. – VIDEO

Jessica Jensen – 25 – Pensecola FL –   Jessica lost a hand to cancer, but that has not stopped her from dancing.   The judges are moved and impressed.   But, unfortunately, she stumbles through her choreography and they cut her.   VIDEO

Thomas Hamilton – 20 – Scottdale GA –   Here’s the sob story of the night.   Thomas is a crack baby raised by his aunt.   He’s itching to escape his drab, poverty-stricken life, so he dances.   The worship dance he performs for audition totally turns Nigel off.   I think Mary and Little C would have given him a ticket straight to Vegas.   Nigel sends Thomas to choreography, where he eventually advances. – VIDEO

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  1. Victor was my favorite tonight. I also liked Billy Bell and Thomas Hamilton

  2. I think the last 2 audition episodes have stepped it up. The first 2 shows were very ho-hum (hard to believe that LA didn’t have more outstanding dancers). Boston and now Atlanta showed some very accomplished dancers. And New Orleans is looking promising.

    So Nigel hasn’t gotten any negative tweets or backlash because he criticized Thomas’ praising God audition? I’m a little surprised. If people were offended by his comments to the same-sex ballroom couples I thought for sure they would be ganging up on him for obviously being a Lucifer lover. ;)

  3. I think they definitely stepped it up this episode. The last 2 have been rly lackluster, even the contemporary dancers. The twins auditioned for season 4 where one didn’t make it, then one made it, then both made it. Not sure if both auditioned last year but one made it (He was in Ryan’s group during vegas week. Nerdography FTW). Nigel needs to shut up abt the personality bit. It certainly is a point to make but he repeats it so many times it becomes naggy and so friggin annoying

  4. If people were offended by his comments to the same-sex ballroom couples I thought for sure they would be ganging up on him for obviously being a Lucifer lover.

    Heh, funny! Maybe his attempt at making it into a “remember your audience” speech smoothed all the ruffled feathers. Nigel was really in a mood in Atlanta, here’s hoping he cheers up for New Orleans.

    I want to see Victor and Thomas make it through to the top 20.

  5. I don’t think Nigel’s comments were overblown. In Amber’s case, I can see why the judges were so frustrated. The girl is physically an amazing dancer, but she’s not a complete dancer if she can’t connect to an audience. Same thing, but to a lesser extent with Thomas’s dance. I agree that he dropped the connection at the end of his dance.

    It seems likely that this lack of connection is significantly heightened when viewed through a TV screen, and even more so on a show like SYTYCD. So, I don’t think Nigel can emphasize this enough, because if both these dancers can bring their enormous talents onto the show, we’ll all be better for it. I do hope Amber can find a way to extend herself out to the audience and I also agree that Victor and Thomas need to made it into the top 20.

  6. Does anyone remember whether it was Anthony or Antwain who made it to Vegas season 4? I sort of remembered one of them making it through, but I don’t remember which one it was.

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