Billboard – 9/4/10

Today’s theme for the numbers is Billboard. There are a gazillion charts, so we’ll just check some of the majors.

Also, current numbers from other themes are welcome as well.

TW Album Artist (LW/Weeks On)
49 Play On, Carrie Underwood (43/42)
78 Leave This Town, Daughtry (92/58)
84 For Your Entertainment, Adam Lambert (77/39)
91 NOW 33, Various Artists (62/22)
172 Daughtry, Daughtry (200/175)

Hot 100
32 If I Had You, Adam Lambert (42/9)
56 Undo It, Carrie Underwood (45/17)
80 September, Daughtry (91/3)
82 Bittersweet, Fantasia (79/7)

Hot Digital Songs
30 If I Had You, Adam Lambert (36/7)
60 Undo It, Carrie Underwoo (56/16)

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