Billboard – 11/06/10

Today’s theme is Billboard Charts. There are 7 billion BB Charts, so if I missed your favourite on the “Tropical Heatseakers” chart, please feel free to post it.

This is the daily number threads, so all current numbers are welcome. Let Us Post, Let Us Post, Let Us Post.

Adam Lambert:
BB200: 187 FYE (193)
Hot 100: 62 IIHY (51)
Adult Top 40: 16 IIHY (14)
200: 32 (24)

BB200: 69 PO (65)
Hot 100: 68 MS (70)
Country (Albums): 14 PO (13)
CCA (Country Catalog): 7 SH (8), 13 CR (12)
Adult Top 40: 28 UI (28)
Country (Singles): 14 MS (14)
Hot 100 Airplay: 52 MS (52)

Chris Sligh:
Christian AC: 16 OYCS (16)
Christian Songs: 16 OYCS (17)

Danny Gokey:
Country Albums: 58 MBD (57)

David Archuleta:
BB200: 125 TOSOD (71)

BB200: 98 LTT (107)
Hot 100: 36 S (40)
Pop Catalog Album: 38 D (34)
Adult Top 40: 2 S (2)
AC: 5 LAY (5), 11 S (11)
Hot 100 Airplay: 21 S (26)

BB200: 46 BTM (36)
R&B Album: 7 BTM (8)
Adult R&B: 5 B (2), 12 IDM(19)
Hot 100 Airplay: 73 B (65)
R&B Airplay: 16 B (16), 27 IDM (30)
R&B: 16 B (16), 27 IDM (30)

Katharine McPhee
Holiday: 20 CITTTS (11)

Matt Giraud:
AC: 23 TY (21)

B: Bittersweet
BTM: Back To Me
CC: Carnival Ride
CITTTS: Christmas is the Time To Say
D: Daughtry (Album)
FYE: For Your Entertainment (Album)
IDM: I Do Me
IIHY: If I Had You
IWNSG: I Will Not Say Goodbye”:
LAY: Life After You
LTT: Leave This Town
MBD: My Best Days
MS: Mama’s Song
OYCS: Only You Can Save
PO: Play On
S: September
SH: Some Hearts
TAOB: The Anatomy Of Broken
TH: Temporary Home
TOSOD: The Other Side of Down
TY: Thank You
UI: Undo It

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  1. Country music extends its run of #1s to five of the last six weeks as Taylor Swift is poised to make history on next week’s chart. At midweek, and barring an iTunes server meltdown or Target suddenly shutting its doors, Swift will score the largest first week ever for a female country artist, besting Shania Twain’s Up debut of 874k in 2002. Can she beat Lil Wayne’s 1.005m from 2008? She has that number clearly in her sights. And if she does, will it be by enough to unseat Garth Brooks’ mark of 1.085m debut with Double Live in 1998?

    The last time a record debuted at close to or over a million (Lil Wayne in the week ending 6/15/08), the Top 15 totaled almost 2.1m. No such luck next week as it’s shaping up to be a whopping 600k less. Here’s how it all looks headed into the Halloween weekend.

    *Taylor Swift (Big Machine) 975k-1m
    Sugarland (Mercury Nashville) 85-90k
    Kings of Leon (RCA/RMG) 70-75k
    Lil Wayne (Cash Money/Universal Motown) 40-45k
    Eminem (Shady/Aftermath/Interscope) 35-40k
    Glee Cast Rocky Horror Glee Show (Columbia) 28-32k
    Elton John & Leon Russell (Decca) 28-32k
    Rod Stewart (J/RMG) 24-27k
    Darius Rucker (Capitol Nashville/EMI) 24-27k
    *Michael Buble Hollywood: The Deluxe EP (Reprise) 21-24k
    The Band Perry (Universal Republic Nashville) 18-21k
    Kenny Chesney (BNA/SME Nashville) 18-21k
    Zac Brown Band (Atlantic) 18-21k
    Shakira (Epic) 18-21k
    Trey Songz (Atlantic) 18-21k
    Mumford & Sons (Glassnote) 18-21k
    *Debuts (10/28p)

  2. A Malaysian TV Special about Adam’s concert was broadcast earlier today and they reported that 16,000 tickets were sold for the GNT Malaysia concert.

  3. The Nov. 6 Billboard chart at pulseboards is showing Matt’s song with Jim Brickman at 23 and not 25.

  4. Matt’s song with Jim Brickman at 23 and not 25.

    Oops. Typo. Fixed. Thanks.

  5. I posted this late last night but here are the Idol BB 200 numbers (unrounded off).

    46 FANTASIA BACK TO ME 9,358 -14 10,873 282,027
    69 UNDERWOOD*CARRIE PLAY ON 6,356 -5 6,676 1,767,515
    98 DAUGHTRY LEAVE THIS TOWN 4,450 -2 4,530 1,170,554
    125 ARCHULETA*DAVID OTHER SIDE OF DOWN 3,862 -38 6,237 34,325
    187 LAMBERT*ADAM FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT 2,757 -3 2,833 746,367

  6. Are those KOL’s numbers projections for its debut week, or for its 2nd week?

  7. Are those KOL’s numbers projections for its debut week, or for its 2nd week?

    2nd week. They debuted this week at #2.

  8. Some big falloffs on the HDD forecast — and even Taylor at 1 million in her debut week will not save this quarter.

    ETA: But I am surprised that KOL is that high this week — because that album in not that good. It got some really mixed reviews too. Holding up even better in the UK, Ireland and OZ.

  9. Thanks! I was out of town on Wednesday so didn’t see the final numbers.

  10. Wow, how long before Archie is dropped? 3rd single already and album sales are not setting the world on fire. :(

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