The Biggest Loser 15 – Week 3 – Discussion Recap and Results

Week 3 of Biggest Loser starts with an update on contestant marriages. Fernanda who went home last week says losing weight has helped her stop hiding her body from from her husband & they can go out dancing again!  Matt talks to Bob about postponing his wedding to be on the show & not wanting to fail his fiancé who is sacrificing so much.  This makes Bob focus on Matt this week. Allison then starts the first ever Biggest Loser auction! There will be no equipment to use this week unless they buy it. Each team is given 500 Biggest Loser bucks to compete over 10 items. Red team wants the elliptical & bikes, Bob’s team wants weights, & white team wants the treadmills.  Blue team gets  rowing machines,  & weights. White team gets treadmills, resistance ropes.& a mystery box which ended up being full of baking ingredients . But there’s a voucher inside so they traded for the boxing equipment the red team bought. The red team gets the flour bags now, medicine balls, & tires. Of course the trainers aren’t happy but they’re used to training with almost nothing.  Jillian feels like it’s time to light a fire under her team.  Bob forces Holley to ride pickyback on the boys & since she’s been over 300 lbs. since the 8th grade she’s pretty worried about this but the guys did it!  Dolvett focuses on Tanya because she only lost 4 lbs. last week & he doesn’t feel she’s giving her all.  Tanya’s addiction to food led to her daughter being born obese & this makes her think of her mom’s drug addiction .  She doesn’t want to hurt her daughter like her mom hurt her. Dolvett asks her to write letters to her dead mother & then her family who she feels should have saved her from her bad environment growing up. The contestants then get to talk to their families to give them a boost!  Awwww I liked seeing Ruben’s mom again  So sweet he calls her his best friend & she tells him ‘you can do it’. Matt’s fiancé assures him she’s ok & he needs to keep his mind in the game. Craig’s wife reveals they will be having another baby girl! Blue team starts the weigh in with Matt. He loses 6, Hap 5, Chelsea 3, Holley  6, & Bobby 7. White team is next with Craig losing 4, Marie 6, Tumi 10,  & Jay 10 too.  I agree with Craig that their cardio equipment probably helped.  For the red team Jennifer lost 4, Rachel 7, David  6 . Ruben was confident he could lose the 8 lbs. the team needed but only got 3!  This means Tanya needs to lose 6 lbs & she lost nothing! She won it for the team 16 lbs first week, & last week 4 lbs.  so she just couldn’t do it a 3rd time . She reveals she wrote a letter to herself as well. Dolvett decides to use his save on her. Not sure why no challenge this week & did you all feel like the weigh in was longer this week than the last 2 or was that just me? What do you think about the trainers using their saves so early? Also why would they show the Halloween episode after Halloween?!