Big Brother 24 Week 2 Recap: First DRAMATIC Elimination!

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After last week’s premiere, Daniel won the Head of Household competition. Pooch randomly became the Backstage Boss, and he chose to bring Paloma, Alyssa, and Brittany backstage with him. Pooch, Paloma, Alyssa, and Brittany cannot be nominated and cannot participate in any of the competitions this week. The difference is Pooch is safe from eviction, but Paloma, Alyssa, or Brittany could still find themselves evicted this week. The full details of the Backstage Twist have yet to be revealed, but we should finally learn all about it tonight.

Additionally, Daniel nominated Michael and Terrance for eviction. Michael was his target, but Michael saved himself by winning the Power of Veto competition. After pressure from the house, Daniel nominated Taylor as the replacement nominee.

Targeting Taylor

Last night’s episode only showed a small extent of what led to Taylor being the house target. After Taylor warned Monte that Paloma was worried about the strong men in the house targeting the girls, Monte told Paloma what Taylor said. Paloma denied ever wanting to target the men, even though Taylor was telling the truth. However, Taylor has been ostracized from the house before she was named the replacement nominee. Several women in the house (particularly Paloma and Jasmine) have badmouthed Taylor behind her back. They have labeled her as aggressive, even though Taylor has been one of the calmest people in the house. There have been other microaggressions expressed from other Houseguests. Pooch was certain Taylor would “blow up” and get loud if she were to be nominated. Daniel claimed he knew Taylor would be trouble the moment he saw her. Taylor has had the hardest time forming bonds with people in the house, largely due to the other Houseguests making assumptions about her before even getting to know her.

Even though Taylor is the house target, she may not be walking out the door tonight. The Backstage Boss twist could save her if it somehow leads to Paloma, Alyssa, or Brittany’s eviction tonight. However, that’s not all. The live feeds have been down all day today, and there is speculation that Paloma is no longer inside the Big Brother house. Live feeders were worried Paloma’s mental health was taking a toll and she was struggling inside the house. The rumor that spread online is Paloma has self-evicted, but nothing has been confirmed yet. If Paloma did indeed self-evict, then will there still be an eviction tonight? Let’s find out.

Julie teases a big reveal

The episode begins with Julie Chen reminding us the show’s motto is “Expect the unexpected.” She says it’s never been truer than it is tonight. This could be regarding the rumor Paloma is no longer inside the house. After a recap of the week’s events, Julie teases the culmination of the Backstage Twist was supposed to happen tonight. However, it may not be happening tonight after all due to a shocking twist. Julie says the announcement will come later.

We next see the events after the Veto Meeting. Taylor is understandably sad to be the replacement nominee. Her feelings are hurt that she’s been accused of rubbing people the wrong way. Terrance admits he likes Taylor, but he is on the block next to her. He feels confident he will have the votes to stay in the house against her. Later, Paloma pulls Taylor aside to have a conversation. She breaks down crying and says that she does like Taylor. Paloma says that she is here for her. She says they are family, even if Taylor is sitting on her couch and watching the rest of the season from home. Taylor notices how Paloma is talking about her as if it is certain Taylor will be evicted.

Taylor gets to work gathering votes to stay. She also clarifies what she said about Paloma’s concern about the men targeting the women. Taylor and the other Houseguests realizes it’s a miscommunication that occurred. However, Monte says in the Diary Room that it might be too late to save Taylor. Taylor talks to Paloma next, but Paloma says she doesn’t want to hear anymore about what happened. Paloma asks if she’s being rude, and Taylor admits that she is. Paloma says she is like Buddha in the house and feels so separated from the game.

A new alliance

We next see an alliance form among Alyssa, Paloma, Monte, Pooch, Ameerah, and Kyle. There is already a Girls’ Girls alliance with all the women except Taylor and Nicole, so Paloma, Alyssa, and Ameerah are hedging their bets with another alliance. However, Monte, Kyle, and Paloma question whether or not to include Pooch in their six-person alliance. They want to replace him with Michael. Later, Paloma pitches the alliance to Michael in the pantry. Michael is agreeable, but he admits in the Diary Room that he is not confident about this alliance since he had no input on the alliance members.

Later, Brittany wants to be on good terms with Pooch. Brittany is affected by the Backstage Twist, and Pooch is this week’s Backstage Boss. Brittany reveals to Pooch that Ameerah has thrown out Pooch’s name as a potential target. We see a flashback of Ameerah saying she thinks Pooch should be the first to go. Pooch tells her he appreciates the information. Later, Pooch informs Ameerah what Brittany said. Ameerah denies this. Ameerah is annoyed with Brittany, and she says in the Diary Room that her six-person alliance might be better than the Girls’ Girls alliance. Ameerah talks game with Brittany next, and Brittany realizes that Ameerah is angry and interrogating her. Brittany knows that Pooch spilled to Ameerah what she said. Brittany denies ever throwing out her name. Ameerah says in the Diary Room that Brittany cannot be trusted and is her new target.

Paloma self-evicts after mental health struggle

Paloma is having trouble sleeping inside the Big Brother house. She is only getting about 2-4 hours of sleep a night. Paloma is feeling very anxious inside the house too. Her fellow Houseguests are concerned for her. Alyssa shares with Joseph that Paloma has already asked her to vote to evict her. Paloma eventually goes inside the Diary Room. She’s been missing for hours, and her Houseguests are getting even more worried. Later, Daniel gathers everyone to the living room. He tearfully reads aloud an announcement. Due to a personal matter, Paloma has left the Big Brother house. The Houseguests say a prayer for her and wish her well. They are sad to see her leave, but they all stress the importance of mental health.

Backstage twist canceled! All houseguests are safe

Julie reveals to the audience that viewers voted to give safety to Brittany. However, this will remain a secret to the Houseguests. Due to Paloma’s exit, tonight’s plans have changed. Julie reveals the details of the Backstage Twist to the Houseguests. Originally, there was going to be a head-to-head battle between one of the nominees and one of the backstage Houseguests. The loser of that challenge would be immediately evicted. This competition has been cancelled. Paloma was already one of the five Houseguests in danger of leaving tonight, so no one else will be evicted tonight. Instead, all remaining Houseguests will stay in the game and compete in the next Head of Household competition.

Head of Household competition begins

The second Head of Household competition is next. There will be seven head-to-head races. Two Houseguests will run across an obstacle course. The first to land on the stage and press the buzzer will advance to the final stage of the Head of Household competition. The outgoing HoH Daniel will randomly draw names to determine each match-up.

Pooch vs. Michael: Michael wins!

Taylor vs. Alyssa: Taylor wins!

Indy vs. Joseph: Joseph wins!

Brittany vs. Ameerah: Ameerah wins!

Jasmine vs. Terrance: Jasmine wins!

Kyle vs. Turner: Kyle wins!

Monte vs. Nicole: Monte wins!

The next Head of Household will be revealed on Sunday’s night episode. The Power of Veto competition will air on Wednesday. Julie teases she has a big announcement that will change the game on Thursday. She doesn’t mention anything about an eviction vote though. Hmm.

And that wraps up tonight’s live eviction episode of Big Brother 24. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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