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BIG BROTHER Thursday, September 22, (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT on the CBS Television Network and live streaming on Paramount+. Pictured: Brittany Hoopes and Matthew Turner. Photo: CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Highest quality screengrab available.

This past week Taylor won HoH and Monte won the Power of Veto. Tonight Monte will cast the sole vote to evict. Will he evict Brittany or Turner? Let’s find out!

The episode begins with Turner realizing Monte and Taylor are now a showmance. He doesn’t see Monte around the house at night, which means he is sleeping up in the HoH room with Taylor. However, Monte gets bothered by Taylor. Monte remarks how he’s seen his goddaughter grow up from birth to a one-year-old. Taylor says he hasn’t since they’ve been away from home for three months. After Monte falls asleep with the headphones on, Taylor takes them away. Monte thinks Taylor’s words and actions are rude.

After Monte confirms to Turner his relationship with Taylor has progressed to a romantic one, he tells him he doesn’t think he’ll continue the relationship outside of the house. He says Taylor goes on power trips, and he has no tolerance for that. Monte brings up his issues with Taylor later in the night. He tells Taylor she is to blame for the negative perception people placed on her in the beginning of the game. Taylor is annoyed by Monte’s condescending attitude towards her. She says she has more important things to worry about: winning $750,000.

We see a jury segment next. “It’s a Dyre Fest reunion!” Joseph exclaims when he sees Terrance join them. Terrance tells them it was a Double Eviction. Michael walks in next, and they are shocked to see him. They watch the footage from the week they were evicted. They all seem to be in agreement that Monte is playing the best game. Alyssa joins them a week later. Kyle says he has mixed emotions seeing her. They watch the footage from last week. Alyssa is mad at Turner since she feels betrayed by him the most. Alyssa also shares that Taylor slept with Monte in the HoH room for three nights. Joseph is stunned; he does not look pleased to hear about that.

The Final 4 are surprised with messages from home. Taylor hears from her mother and grandmother, Monte hears from his father, Turner hears from his mother and girlfriend, and Brittany hears from her husband. They are all emotional hearing their loving and supportive words of encouragement. Brittany says she can’t give up now. We next see Brittany give a pitch to Monte to keep her over Turner. Monte says he has a lot to think about.

It’s time for the eviction. Brittany and Turner will get to make a final plea before Monte casts the sole vote to evict. Brittany sends love to her family back home. She says Monte has the opportunity to make a big move. She says he’s making things harder on himself by keeping Turner. She reminds Monte that he has outperformed Brittany more often than Turner in competitions. She tells him to bet on himself. Turner gives shout-outs to his loved ones back home. Turner says Brittany is not loyal and it does not better his game to keep her. Afterwards, Monte stands up to cast his vote. Monte votes to evict Brittany. Brittany gives hugs before walking out the front door.

Brittany sits down for her interview with Julie. Julie tells Brittany she saw the writing on the wall, but she fought hard. Brittany admits it makes more sense for Monte’s game to keep Turner. Julie asks about her vote to evict Taylor last week. Brittany doesn’t regret it. She wanted to shake things up a bit. Julie brings up her alliance with Michael. She reminds her how he threw her under the bus in the Double Eviction. Brittany did not anticipate Michael doing that to her, so she has a lot of questions. She wants some clarity from him, but she’s hopeful they can be friends after the game ends. Julie asks her for her final thoughts. Brittany says it’s been a lifelong dream to be on Big Brother, and she’s thankful for the opportunity.

Next Julie chats with The Cookout, the alliance from last season that made it to the Final 6 intact. She asks their thoughts on this season. How does the Cookout compare to the alliances this season? Hannah says the difference is the Cookout had a mission that the Leftovers didn’t have. That’s why they were able to stay united. Azah said the Leftovers imploded when they thought selfishly, and an alliance needs a mission to stay loyal. Julie asks their thoughts about Kyle and his plan to target the minorities due to a fear of another Cookout alliance. Tiffany says it was a case of personal colliding with game. She says it was handled well by Terrance, Taylor, and Monte. She says their reactions were understandable. Taylor was forgiving, Monte was hurt, and Terrance was upset. Julie asks who they think is playing the best game. Derek is rooting for Taylor after she had her back against the wall. He likes Turner’s game too. Xavier is rooting for Taylor. He says she’s handled herself with grace and poise. Kyland says everyone has their qualities. He adds that Turner doesn’t make his own decisions, but it will be interesting to see what happens.

The episode ends with Julie informing the audience that we can vote for America’s Favorite Houseguest. The winner will receive $50,000 and a cruise trip for two. There will be a retrospective episode airing tomorrow night, and the two-night season finale will air Sunday. Who will win Big Brother 24?

Thanks for reading, and come back Sunday night for a live recap of the Big Brother 24 finale.

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