Big Brother 24 Week 10 Recap: Elimination Live Blog

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Last week Michael won the Head of Household competition. He was the target going into the week, but he earned safety for himself. Michael decided to nominate Alyssa and Terrance for eviction. Terrance is the target, but Michael’s ally Brittany hoped he would target Turner instead. Turner is a bigger threat in competitions than Terrance. However, Michael promised Turner safety if he backdoored Kyle last week. Michael understands evicting Turner would be the smarter move, but he didn’t want to break his promise. After Michael won the Power of Veto, he chose not to use it and keep his nominations in place.

Terrance is likely going to be the first Houseguest evicted tonight, but someone will follow him out the door shortly afterwards. Tonight is a Double Eviction episode. Michael cannot play for HoH, so he could be in big trouble if he doesn’t win the Power of Veto. If the house cannot get Michael evicted tonight, then who will follow Terrance out the door? Let’s find out!

The episode begins after the Veto Meeting. We hear from some of the Houseguests in the Diary Room. Michael wants Terrance evicted. Terrance thinks Alyssa is the bigger threat since she has friends in jury. Monte points out how Terrance has won more competitions than Alyssa, so he wants Terrance evicted. Brittany says Michael should’ve made a bigger move since everyone is targeting Michael anyway. Alyssa feels good about having three votes to stay this week from Turner, Taylor, and Brittany. Alyssa hopes to be a power trio with the girls moving forward in the game. Taylor wants Terrance evicted. They’ve never seen eye-to-eye and his loyalty keeps shifting. She thinks Alyssa sincerely wants to work with her too.

After a segment of Turner’s quirky vocabulary and catchphrases, we see Terrance campaigning for votes. He wants a POC to win the game, so he’d be happy to see Taylor or Monte win the game if he can’t win himself. He wants them to band together. In the Diary Room, Taylor says it’s “too little too late” to want to work with Terrance. She agrees it would be nice to see another POC win the game, so she’ll win the game for both of them. Terrance gives the same pitch to Monte. Monte admits he has no attachment towards Alyssa. Terrance also points out Alyssa’s connections in the jury house. Monte agrees Alyssa could have three jury votes already with Kyle, Jasmine, and Indy. He’s unsure if keeping Terrance is best for his game moving forward though. Monte later talks to Taylor about Terrance’s pitch, but Taylor has no desire to keep Terrance in the house.

Next is the jury segment. Indy is not too surprised to see Jasmine. Jasmine says she gave it her all, and she’s proud of herself. She also tells Indy about the Split House twist and that someone else will be joining them. Joseph walks into the house next, and Jasmine says she knew it was going to be him. Joseph takes the blame for his own eviction. He also comes clean about the Leftovers.

The three of them watch the footage from the Split House twist week. Joseph says he was fighting for his life in the backyard, and he’s rooting for the people who were at BroChella during the Split House twist. The following week, they speculate who could be joining them. Joseph hopes to see Kyle evicted. Jasmine just hopes it’s not Taylor walking into the jury house. As they are talking, Kyle joins them in the jury house. They are stunned to see him, especially when they watch the footage from the past week. They don’t understand how Kyle was evicted with Turner as the Head of Household.

Kyle admits that he was taken out of the game after his speculation of an alliance built around race. Jasmine, Indy, and Joseph are upset to hear this. Jasmine says she never talked game with Monte. Indy says Kyle should’ve been educated enough to not think this way. Indy is so upset that she had to momentarily walk away from the couch. Joseph points out how it was him (“the Arab kid” he says) still loyal to Kyle in the backyard. They’re all disappointed in Kyle’s thought process. Joseph says he will need time before he can accept Kyle’s apology. Joseph and Jasmine are also bothered how Michael held onto this information instead of saying anything when the conversation first happened. Indy returns and gives Kyle a hug. She says they just need to try to move on. Kyle hopes they can forgive him someday. He says all he can do is own up to what he said and grow from the experience.

Back in the house, we see more footage from the past week. Turner reveals to Monte how Brittany spilled that there might be a female alliance with Brittany, Taylor, and Alyssa. Despite Michael being a competition threat, Turner and Monte wonder if they should team up with Michael to target the remaining women in the house. Monte worries the girls will sit back as the guys target each other moving forward in the game. Even though Monte was targeting Michael, he now debates whether it’s worth it to keep Michael in the game. They discuss possible nominations for next week. They agree they won’t nominate the woman they’re closest to. Michael won’t have to target Brittany, Turner won’t have to target Alyssa, and Monte won’t have to target Taylor.

It’s now time for tonights’ first live vote and eviction. Terrance and Alyssa can give one final plea. Terrance gives shout-outs to his family. Terrance says he will give the jury a lot of information. He says they must have courage and can’t live in fear. Alyssa gives a shout-out to loved ones back home too. She says this is the best summer of her life, and she would be devastated if it ended right now. Afterwards, the Houseguests cast their votes.

Monte votes to evict Terrance.

Brittany votes to evict Terrance.

Turner votes to evict Terrance.

Taylor votes to evict Terrance.

By a unanimous vote, Terrance has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He walks out without giving anyone a hug. He sits down for his interview with Julie. He says he didn’t give anyone a hug as an homage to Daniel. He admits he’s mad at the Houseguests too. He says they would’ve had more of a fight to get Michael out if they kept him. He thinks they made the safer choice by keeping Alyssa instead of him. Julie asks him about being nominated five times. He says it was difficult. She asks him his thoughts on Michael’s game. He likes Michael’s tenacity. She asks why did he pick Taylor in the Veto instead of Turner. He was trying to bridge a gap with Taylor, and he thought she would’ve had more of a sway over Michael than Turner.

Julie asks who was he most loyal to in the game. He was most loyal to Daniel and Nicole. Afterwards, the goodbye messages play. Michel is sorry how things played out. He wanted to maximize his chances of getting to the end, and he feared Terrance was in too many people’s endgame plans. Turner says he will miss him. Taylor is sorry they didn’t see eye-to-eye. Alyssa says she will be thinking of him as she fights to stay in the game. Brittany says she tried to persuade Michael to pick a different target. Monte throws Taylor under the bus and says that he couldn’t sway her to keep him. Julie asks Terrance for his final thoughts. He loved the experience, and he says it’s nothing like watching it from home. Afterwards, Julie tells him it’s Double Eviction night. Terrance is delighted to hear this, and he hopes Taylor follows him out the house.

Julie gives the Double Eviction news to the Houseguests still in the house. She congratulates them for making it to the Final 6, but she informs them that one of them will also be leaving the house tonight. She instructs them to go into the backyard for the next HoH competition.

It’s a memory quiz based on laser lights. After each video, they will be asked a question about the sequence they watched. The answer will be a color. The Houseguest with the most correct answers will win HoH.

Question 1: Everyone is correct.

Question 2: Everyone except Alyssa is correct.

Question 3: Monte and Turner are correct.

Question 4: Monte and Turner are correct.

Question 5: Everyone is correct.

Question 6: Alyssa, Brittany, and Taylor are correct.

Question 7: Brittany and Turner are correct.

Turner is the new HoH!

After the commercial break, Turner nominated Alyssa and Brittany for eviction.

For the Power of Veto competition, they must navigate themselves and a cable through a turntable stand to untangle an amp plug. They must untangle enough cable to get to their amp and plug it in. The first Houseguest to plug in their cable will win the Power of Veto. The competition begins, and all the Houseguests are quickly untangling their ropes. There are repeated attempts to plug in their cable, but they are all too short. Eventually, Monte is able to untangle enough of his cable to reach his amp first. Monte wins the Power of Veto! Before the commercial break, we see Monte promising Alyssa that he will use the Veto on her. He says now is the time to take out Michael.

It’s time for the Veto Meeting. Monte used the Power of Veto on Alyssa. Turner named Michael as the replacement nominee.

Brittany and Michael will get to make a final plea. Brittany says she could be an asset. She hopes she gets the chance. Michael pleads to Taylor and Alyssa. He says this a move for Turner and Monte’s resumes. He says they will target them next and take Brittany to the Final 3. He also says Brittany has made too many promises to too many people and spilled a lot of information. Michael tells Taylor and Alyssa he will keep them safe by winning the next HoH and putting Turner and Monte on the block. Afterwards, they vote.

Monte votes to evict Michael.

Alyssa votes to evict Michael.

Taylor votes to evict Michael.

By a unanimous vote, Michael has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He tells them to remain seated because he has something to say. He walks out the door without saying another word. Michael sits down for his interview with Julie. Julie asks him about his speech and throwing Brittany under the bus. He said he had to try something, but he admits they made the right choice for their games. Julie points out how he made an all-male alliance with Monte and Turner, but Michael says he was just telling them what they wanted to hear. She asks who he would’ve been loyal to if Brittany was evicted tonight. Michael says he would’ve been loyal to Taylor moving forward. Julie compliments him on his prowess in the competitions. He won nine competitions and broke the Veto record set by Big Brother All-Star Janelle. Michael never expected to be so good at the competitions. He didn’t intend to win so often, but that’s just how his game played out. Julie asks for his final thoughts, and he says he loves the game.

And that wraps up tonight’s Double Eviction episode of Big Brother 24. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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