Big Brother 23 – Week 5 Spoilers

Last night the fourth Houseguest was evicted and a new HoH was crowned. Find out who the Week 5 nominees are here.

Last night a battle of endurance took place after the end of last night’s live eviction episode. The Houseguests held onto the wall for as long as they could, and Derek X. ended up being the last one hanging on. Derek X. is the new Head of Household!

At the Nomination Ceremony, Derek X. nominated Sarah Beth and Britini for eviction. However, Derek X.’s plan is to backdoor Christian. This could be tricky as Christian could get picked to play in the Power of Veto and win it himself. However, if Derek X. or one of the nominees win the Power of Veto, then Christian’s fate will likely be sealed.

As for alliances in the house, the Royal Flush alliance is falling apart. Derek X. and Sarah Beth are both in the Royal Flush, but Derek X. has nominated Sarah Beth as a possible backup target. Christian is in the Royal Flush too, and he’s Derek X.’s target. The only solid alliance in the house at the moment is the Cookout, but a smaller alliance of Royal Flush members could become solid. However, the Cookout seems unlikely to fracture at the moment.

In this fifth week of the game, here are the power rankings for the remaining Houseguests.

  1. Derek X. – He’s the Head of Household. He’s in power and safe this week. Derek X. believes he will be a target eventually, so he’s planning to make a big move and build as much trust as he can with his allies. He’s making enemies by targeting former Kings team members, but he does have the backing of Hannah, Tiffany, and Claire.
  2. Claire – She won safety after last week’s Wildcard competition, so she cannot be nominated this week. That’s why she’s this high on the ranking, but she has been building trust with Derek X. Even without safety, it’s unlikely Claire would’ve been nominated this week.
  3. Hannah – Derek X.’s last remaining Aces teammate is Hannah, and she seems to be Derek X.’s closest ally too. Hannah and Derek X. have made their close bond obvious to the other Houseguests. They could one day find themselves sitting on the block together, but the Cookout alliance will likely have the numbers to save Hannah. Hannah also has a Final 2 deal with Tiffany. Even though Hannah is a target for some people in the house, the Cookout will have her back.
  4. Tiffany – Tiffany has built a strong game relationship with Derek X. Derek X. was on the outs in the early days of the game, but Tiffany took him under her wing and the two seem to trust each other a lot. Tiffany is prepared to cut Derek X. loose when the time comes, but they are still close at the moment.
  5. Xavier – Xavier is in a good spot this week and still has a good amount of protection in the house at the moment. Derek X. has considered building a closer game relationship with Xavier, and Derek X. promised Xavier he would not nominate him before Xavier dropped from the Head of Household competition. But Derek X. will likely be on the bottom of Xavier’s totem pole. Xavier favors the Cookout and his former Kings team members over Derek X.
  6. Kyland – Derek X. has gone back and forth on how much he can trust Kyland, but they seem to be on good terms at the moment. However, Kyland was not pleased to see Sarah Beth on the block. Derek X. has reassured Kyland that Sarah Beth is not the target, but Kyland could hold a grudge if Sarah Beth ends up getting evicted this week.
  7. Azah – Azah was a potential pawn this week, but Derek X. ultimately decided to keep her off the block. Azah and Derek X. are friendly with each other despite neither being in each other’s alliances. Azah still has the protection of the Cookout, and she’ll likely only be in danger in upcoming weeks if she’s sitting on the block with another Cookout member.
  8. Derek F. – Derek X. strongly considered nominating Derek F. as a pawn this week, but the latter managed to dissuade Derek X. from doing so. Derek F. doesn’t have much influence in the house overall, but he’s being kept as a number for the Cookout.
  9. Alyssa – Alyssa made a deal with Derek X. at the Head of Household competition. She got Derek X. to promise her he won’t nominate her this week before she fell, and Derek X. is determined to keep this promise. However, Derek X. is planning to get Alyssa’s closet ally Christian out of the house this week. And if Christian somehow gets picked to play in the upcoming Veto competition and wins the Power of Veto, Derek X. is prepared to tell Christian he will nominate Alyssa if he uses the Power of Veto on Britini or Sarah Beth.
  10. Britini – Britini is nominated as a pawn for the third time. Britini knows she’s not the target, but there’s still a chance she could be evicted if nominations stay the same. Britini is expendable to everyone in the house, and only her former Jokers team members Azah and Derek F. seem to have any sort of loyalty to her.
  11. Christian – Christian is the target, but he’s not on the block yet. There’s still the Power of Veto competition that will determine the outcome for the week. Even if Christian ends up on the block, he could potentially have some people campaigning on his behalf. He wouldn’t necessarily be doomed like Brent and Whitney were. However, he’s won several competition already, so it’s more likely he’ll be evicted if he does end up on the block since he’s a competition threat.
  12. Sarah Beth – Sarah Beth is in danger this week. If Christian does not end up nominated after the Veto Meeting, then that could be disaster for Sarah Beth’s game. Tiffany was already planting the seeds last week to turn the other Houseguests against Sarah Beth. Hannah is also aware that Sarah Beth wanted her evicted last week. However, Sarah Beth is smart and can talk herself out of getting evicted on Thursday. She has the Kings’ loyalty if she’s on the block next to Britini, and she’s already had good conversations with Derek X. after the Nomination Ceremony. Sarah Beth could survive this week, but her fate likely rests on the outcome of the Power of Veto competition.

And that’s where the house stands at the moment. Come back on Thursday for a live recap of the next eviction episode of Big Brother 23.

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