Big Brother 19 – Week 7 Power Rankings

Thursday night was a live eviction episode of Big Brother 19. Read on for spoilers to see where the Houseguests stand for the week.

Thursday night was a live eviction episode of Big Brother 19. By a 7 – 1 vote, Jessica was evicted from the Big Brother house. After the eviction, Alex won HoH. The nomination ceremony will be shown on Sunday’s episode, but Alex has nominated Jason and Elena for eviction. But before I get to my predictions of the upcoming week, let me discuss the events of the previous week that led to Jessica’s eviction.

JESSICA: For several weeks, Jessica and Cody have been the biggest targets in the house. They were spared two weeks thanks to Jessica winning HoH and using the Halting Hex temptation. This week, however, Jessica’s fate was sealed after she did not win the Power of Veto. Although Josh wanted Elena out, he didn’t have the influence to convince enough people to vote to evict her. Even before Josh’s fight with Jessica and Cody in the kitchen, the house (including Josh) already decided to evict Jessica. Jessica has been accused of throwing her game away for Cody, but that really wasn’t the case. Cody was already safe, so it’s not like she fell on the sword for him. She and Cody both knew they needed to win competitions in order to stay in the game, and they weren’t able to secure the Veto for Jessica. However, it would’ve been nice to have seen Jessica and Cody at least campaign for votes. Nonetheless, kudos must be given to Jessica for playing her own game, standing up against the house, and not being one of Paul’s minions.


Right now it’s the entire house against Cody. However, Mark and Elena are open to the idea of working with Cody since they know they’ll be the next house targets once Cody is gone, but it will be tough for all three of them to survive this week. Elsewhere in the house, there are tight duos: Matt/Raven, Alex/Jason, and Josh/Christmas. Kevin is close to Alex and Jason too, but all of them are very trusting in Paul. They’re all Paul’s sheep and have yet to realize they are basically handing him the $500,000. Only Cody, Mark, and Elena are aware of how dangerous Paul is, but the three of them are outsiders with no numbers or influence to make the others realize this.

Now onto the Power Rankings. Here are where the Houseguests stand in the house this upcoming week with Paul Alex as the Head of Household.


1. ALEX – Alex is the HoH, and she’ll be safe this week. She’s going to do what the majority of the house wants, which is to backdoor Cody. This move won’t make her any enemies in the house, but she’ll eventually become a target soon since she has now won HoH twice. But right now she’s safe, especially since she’s one of Paul’s most devoted minions.

2. MARK – Mark won the Temptation Competition, so he is safe this week. However, he’s in a very dangerous position going into the double eviction on Thursday. If Cody does get evicted next, all eyes will likely be on Mark. Today Christmas and Josh publicly called out Mark for playing both sides of the house and flipping to the power each week. He’ll need to win HoH or Veto during the double eviction. If not, he could be walking out the door Thursday night.

3. PAUL – If nothing in the house changes, then just give Paul the $500,000 now. Unless Cody, Mark, or maybe Elena wins an HoH, Paul will have an easy path to the Final 2. He has complete loyalty from Alex, Kevin, Matt, Raven, Josh, Christmas, and Jason. And it might be too late by the time they finally realize how big of a threat he is. Paul could win the remaining competitions if people like Cody and Mark are gone by that point of the season. Paul should have been targeted a long time ago, so it’s a shame these Houseguests are making it so easy for him.

4. KEVIN – Kevin is still in a good spot in the house, despite Alex being unsure about him. He’s got strong bonds with Jason and Paul, and he wants Cody, Mark, and Matt to be the next ones out. Everyone generally likes Kevin, and he could get the votes to win the game if he makes it to the Final 2. It’s unlikely anyone will want to target Kevin anytime soon.

5. JASON – Jason is nominated for eviction this week, but it’s very unlikely he’ll be walking out the door on Thursday. He is Alex’s closest ally, and he volunteered to be a pawn in order to play in the Veto competition. No one in the house is targeting Jason, and he’s in a great spot to make it far in the game. He has Alex and Kevin on his side, and no one is currently targeting him. Jason will likely be in the game until the end of the season.

6. JOSH – Josh was ostracized very early in the game, but he’s now in a pretty decent spot. He has bad relationships with Cody and Mark, but they’re likely to be evicted before him. As well, it’s unlikely anyone will be targeting him anytime soon. The others might think it’ll be a waste of an HoH to take him out, but that’s the same sentiment people had about past winners Steve and Andy. Josh’s social game might be too poor to be a winner, but him making it to Final 2 isn’t out of the question.

7. CHRISTMAS – Christmas called out Mark today in front of the house, accusing him of flipping and playing both sides. Actions like this have made some people fed up with Christmas, and she’s probably the most expendable of the people in the majority alliance. Although she’s got a very loyal ally in Josh, she’ll become a target sometime soon.

8. RAVEN – Raven is another one of Paul’s minions, but there have already been talks of taking out Raven and Matt soon. Once Cody, Mark, and Elena are gone, all eyes will be on Matt and Raven. They are both too naive to see this move coming, and they’re likely to continue to be non-entities in the house too.

9. ELENA – Elena has become a target in the house, and Paul and his minions plan to evict her if Cody somehow manages to win the Veto. However, they are unaware that Cody has already promised Elena he’ll use the Veto on her if he wins it this week. If Cody doesn’t win the Veto, then he’ll be sitting on the block next to Elena. The odds of Elena getting evicted this week are low, but she’ll likely remain in danger going forward. She’s been on the outs ever since she was excluded from the plan to vote out Ramses instead of Josh, and her position in the house isn’t likely to change.

10. MATT – Matt lost the Temptation Challenge on purpose, and he’s the automatic third nominee of the week. Matt said he was being a team player by making himself the third nominee, but Matt will be evicted if Cody somehow wins the Power of Veto this week. Although Elena is the backup plan if Cody wins the Veto, Cody will use the Power of Veto on Elena if he wins it. But these circumstances must occur in order for Matt to be evicted on Thursday.

11. CODY – Cody must win the Power of Veto this week. If he doesn’t win, he’ll be gone on Thursday. Although he could bring Mark and Elena to his side, their support won’t be enough to save him if he’s sitting on the block after the Veto Meeting. There actually are benefits to keeping Cody in the game since he’s completely alone and has no influence on anyone. He’s a strong competitor in challenges, so he could be a valuable ally. However, the house will stick to the status quo; the plan to backdoor Cody will remain in place if he doesn’t win the Veto.

So those are my thoughts on the house dynamics this week. Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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