Big Brother 19 Premiere Part 2 Recap and Live Blog (VIDEOS)

The two-night premiere of Big Brother 19 continues tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with Paul in the Diary Room. He says the Houseguests are stupid for keeping competition beast Christmas in the house. Christmas says she’s coming after the two people who voted for her, and Jillian says she was scared to be on the block. Josh is also feeling very anxious in the house. The pressure is on, and the fact someone left Night 1 scared him too. Meanwhile, Megan is suspicious of a male alliance since Christmas and Jillian received votes to evict.

Josh, Mark, and Jason are talking game alone. Josh says the girls and Ramses are forming an alliance. He even tells them Megan suggested targeting the strong guys during the last competition. We then see a flashback of Megan suggesting Cody and Matt should be targeted. Meanwhile, Megan, Alex, Ramses, and Jillian are talking game. Megan says if she wins HoH, she wants to target either Mark, Paul, or Cody.

The pressure of the game is still getting to Josh. He’s feeling very homesick, and he tearfully expresses his emotions to Christmas. In the Diary Room, Josh says he finds Christmas to be genuine and regrets voting for her. He now wants to keep her around. The conversation between Josh and Christmas turns to game, and they both agree that Megan cannot be trusted.

Later, Nicole (last season’s winner) enters the house. A lot of Houseguests are very excited to see her. She informs them that she’s here to host the HoH competition. They will randomly be divided into teams to compete in the HoH competition.

Orange Team – Jason, Alex, Christmas, Ramses

Yellow Team – Elena, Jillian, Josh, and Kevin

Pink Team – Matt, Cody, Jessica, and Dominique

Blue Team – Paul, Mark, Raven, and Megan

They will have to race through vines and bring back eight rotten apples. However, there will be a golden apple. Whomever gets it will be safe from eviction. But with every temptation, there will be a consequence. The first two teams to bring back eight apples will move on to the next round. The competition begins, and Josh goes for the golden apple. The Yellow Team now is eliminated from the competition. Jillian and Elena are furious with Josh’s decision, and Kevin says he only cares about himself. Josh tells them he knows everyone was targeting him, but they say no one was targeting him. They believe the paranoia got to Josh. The competition continues, and Mark dislocates his finger. Eventually, the Pink Team is the first to advance to the next round. It’s now down to Orange Team versus Blue Team, and the Blue Team advances. The Orange Team is eliminated from the HoH competition.

After the competition, everyone talks about Josh taking the golden apple. They think he’s selfish and will be a target. He then calls out Megan as a snake and he doesn’t trust her at all. Megan is confused; she doesn’t know what she did to Josh.

The next round commences. Only one team member can compete in the next round, which requires them to balance apples onto a tree. The first to have all their apples on the tree by the time they press a buzzer will be the next HoH. The Pink Team has Cody compete, and the Blue Team has Paul compete. Regardless who wins HoH, all team members will be eligible for eviction. Cody wins HoH!

Cody is ready to choose his allies and draw first blood. In the Diary Room, Paul says he and Cody shook hands and agreed to not go after each other. Paul plans to lie low this week. Meanwhile, Josh calls out Megan in front of the entire house. He says he doesn’t like the way she’s playing the game. He says Megan would have rallied the house against him if he didn’t have safety. Megan denies everything before walking away.

Josh explains to Kevin why he took the golden apple and why he called out Megan. However, Kevin says that Josh was too intimidating and will make himself a target for that. Josh says he won’t blow up anymore, but doesn’t regret his decisions. Meanwhile, Paul doesn’t think he has anything to worry about and will play the social game. However, Cody admits in the Diary Room that he wants to target Paul. We later see Cody talk game with Matt and Mark, and he wants the three of them to work together in the game. They are on board with this alliance.

Later, Josh feels bad about what he did to Megan. He approaches her to talk, and he apologizes for what he did. He says no one should have been yelled at like that. Megan admits she feels bad for Josh, but says that he is the one safe this week. She feels he made a mess for her this week.

Megan goes to talk game with Cody in the HoH room. Megan says she has no relationship with Cody, and she remarks how stone cold his expressions are as she asks to not go on the block. In the Diary Room, Cody says he has no respect for begging and Megan just gave him a cliché plea.

Cody wants to build a strong alliance for himself. He already has Matt and Mark on his side, but he also wants Dominique, Raven, Christmas, and Elena. He also likes Jessica, but says she’s a distraction. He sees everyone else as outsiders. Later, Cody and Mark talk later about nominations. He’s considering putting up some of the girls he considers outsiders (Megan, Alex, and Jillian). He’s also considering backdooring Paul. Mark admits in the Diary Room that he feels like he can trust Paul, but says this is Cody’s HoH.

It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Cody has nominated Jillian and Megan for eviction. Cody tells Megan that he just doesn’t like her that much. He tells Jillian she’s just guilty by association. In the Diary Room, Jillian says she feels Megan is the target, so she hopes she’ll get the votes to stay. Megan is determined to fight and win the Power of Veto to stay in the house.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 19! Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next time for another live recap!

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