Big Brother 19 Eviction Results Week 9 Recap and Live Blog

A live eviction episode of Big Brother 19 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

Jason is the HoH, and he nominated Matt and Raven for eviction. At the Veto Meeting, he decided not to use the Power of Veto, which means Maven will be split up tonight. Who will be the next to join the jury, and who will win the HoH competition tonight? Let’s find out!

Matt and Raven are very angry with Jason after he did not use the Power of Veto. They say Jason is a liar, and Matt is annoyed Jason is hiding in the storage room. It leads into a fight in the kitchen with Matt and Raven screaming at Jason. Jason tries backpedaling, but it just frustrates Matt and Raven even more. Matt calls Jason a “punk bitch” and can’t wait for Jason’s wife to see his actions when she watches it on television.

After the fight, Kevin wants to make it clear to Matt that he did not vote to evict him last week. Paul is bothered by Kevin talking to Matt, and he believes Kevin is trying to secure jury votes. This leads to Paul turning the rest of the house against Kevin, and Josh believes Paul’s claims that Kevin tries to become best friends with each person before he or she is evicted. This leads to another fight, this time between Josh and Kevin. Josh tries to call out Kevin for his game play, but Kevin isn’t having any of it. Kevin calls Josh a liar, and Josh says Kevin played himself. Josh even tells Josh to swear on his kids whether or not he won the $25,000 from the first night of the game. Kevin is upset that Josh mentioned his kids, and the argument gets more heated until they have to walk away from one another. Josh also breaks down in tears again. Christmas consoles Josh, and the two of them realize that Kevin did win the $25,000 and Alex was the second rogue vote against Matt last week.

Next is the jury segment. Two weeks ago, Cody and Elena were evicted from the Big Brother house. We first see Cody move into the jury house. He’s glad to be away from all the lunatics in the house. He sees Elena walk in, and she tells him Jason won the HoH competition. “What a loser,” Cody says about Jason. They watch the footage from the double eviction and agree that Paul is running the house. A week later, they speculate who could be joining them in jury next. Elena is torn since she wants to see Mark, but she also wants him to win the game. Nonetheless, she is happy to see Mark when he walks into the jury house. Mark calls being out the game bittersweet before he, Cody, and Elena watch footage of the previous week. Mark says he should’ve evicted Christmas in the first week of the game, and admits that Cody was right from the beginning.

It’s time for the live vote and eviction. Julie informs us that Matt already has a vote against him due to intentionally breaking have-not rules. Afterwards, they give their pleas. They both say thank you and express feelings of affection for one another. Afterwards, the voting process begins.

Alex votes to evict Matt.

Kevin votes to evict Matt.

Paul votes to evict Matt.

Christmas votes to evict Matt.

Josh votes to evict Matt.

By a vote of 6 – 0 (including the penalty vote), Matt is evicted from the Big Brother house. In his interview with Julie, Julie asks Matt why did he throw his game away for Raven. He says she’s the best, and it was around Week 3 when he decided to give up his game for her. She asks Matt if Raven even has a chance to win the game, and he believes she does. The goodbye messages play next, and he gets messages from Kevin, Paul, Jason, and Raven.

It’s time for the HoH competition, but it’s going to be delayed due to rain. Instead, Julie asks the Houseguests some questions. Raven says it will be tough to live in the house without Matt, Josh misses his family, and Paul says the vibe in the house is weird. Before the episode ends, Julie informs the audience that next week will be a double eviction episode.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 19! Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.


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