Big Brother 19 Eviction Results Week 10 Recap and Live Blog

A double eviction episode of Big Brother 19 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

By the end of the evening, two Houseguests will be evicted from the Big Brother house. Jason and Alex are nominated, and one of them will be the first to leave tonight. Who will be evicted and who will make it to the Final 5? Let’s find out!

After the Veto Meeting, Christmas is hopeful that the house will stay calm until Thursday. The plan is for Jason to be evicted, which will be a blindside to him and Alex. Josh and Raven will vote to evict Jason, Alex and Paul will vote to evict Kevin, and Christmas will cast the tiebreaker vote to get Jason out of the house.

Josh is not comfortable with the plan to blindside Jason, and he even breaks down in tears over it when he sits in the hot tub with Jason. He doesn’t want to come across as a snake, so he’s feeling guilty.

It’s time for the first eviction of the night. Julie informs the Houseguests that it’s a double eviction night before the nominees give their pleas. Jason gives a shout-out to his wife before asking the Houseguests to vote to keep him. Kevin says hello to his family and that he’s had a great summer being on Big Brother. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Alex votes to evict Kevin.

Raven votes to evict Jason.

Paul votes to evict Kevin.

Josh votes to evict Jason.

It’s a tie. Christmas must now cast the tiebreaker vote. Christmas explains it’s simply a game decision before she votes to evict Jason. Jason is evicted from the Big Brother house. In his interview with Julie, Jason calls the Houseguests counterfeit and says he has been blindsided. Afterwards, the goodbye messages play. Alex says she’ll be blindsided if Jason is watching her message, Josh explains that he’s been in a Final 3 alliance with Paul and Christmas, and Paul asks him to wish him luck. Jason is aware that Paul turned on him, and he’s clearly angry with Paul for turning on “friendship.”

It’s time for the HoH competition. It’s a true or false quiz.

Question 1: Everyone gets it right.

Question 2: Raven, Kevin, and Alex get it right. Paul and Josh get it wrong.

Question 3: Everyone gets it right.

Question 4: Kevin is the only one to get it wrong.

Question 5: Josh and Alex get it right. Paul, Raven, and Kevin get it wrong.

Question 6: Everyone gets it right.

Question 7: Kevin is the only one to get it wrong.

Alex wins HoH.

Alex nominates Kevin and Raven for eviction.

It’s time for the Veto competition. They each must jump into a ball pit, retrieve limes, and transfer them into a tube. The first to transfer four limes into their tubes will win the Power of Veto. The challenge begins with everyone scrambling to get limes (green balls) from their pits. Alex and Josh are the first to get a lime into their tubes. Christmas gets one lime next. Alex gets her second as Raven gets her first. Alex extends her lead with a third lime. Christmas gets her second lime as Kevin and Paul finally get their first limes. Soon enough, Josh and Raven both get their second and third limes. It only takes four limes to win, and Josh is the first to get four limes. Josh runs back and hits his button. Josh wins the Power of Veto.

Josh has decided not to use the Power of Veto. Kevin or Raven will be the second person evicted from the Big Brother house tonight.

Kevin and Raven give their pleas to the Houseguests. Kevin says it’s been a long summer, he tells them to do what feels right, and he gives a shout-out to his family. Raven says she wants to stay in the house too. Afterwards, the voting process begins.

Paul votes to evict Raven.

Christmas votes to evict Raven.

Josh votes to evict Kevin.

By a vote of 2 – 1, Raven is evicted from the Big Brother house. In her interview with Julie, Raven admits she understands why the house kept Kevin. She also believes her back story scared the Houseguests away from wanting to take her to the Final 2. She also believes she played the game to the best of her ability.

Before the show ends, Julie announces that there will be a celebrity edition of Big Brother this winter.

And that wraps up tonight’s double eviction episode of Big Brother. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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