Big Brother 18 – Week 8 Power Rankings

Last night was a live double eviction episode of Big Brother 18. Read on to see who won HoH and where the Houseguests stand for the week.

Last night was a double eviction episode of Big Brother 18. By a vote of 3 – 2, Zakiyah was evicted from the Big Brother house. Afterwards, Corey won the double eviction HoH and Bridgette was evicted by vote of 5 – 1. After tonight’s HoH competition, Victor is the HoH. But before I get to my predictions of the upcoming week, let me discuss the events of the previous week that led to Zakiyah’s and Bridgette’s evictions.

Zakiyah: Just weeks ago she was in a very safe spot. She was flying under the radar and seemed destined to be one of the last few Houseguests standing in the house. However, after the guys in the house decided to unite together, she and Michelle became the new targets. Michelle was originally going to be evicted since that was what Paulie wanted. However, Natalie successfully turned the house against Paulie by making them realize he was running the game. With Bridgette’s help, they managed to convince James, Paul, and Victor that Paulie needs to be the next one evicted. Since he wasn’t on the block, they took out Paulie’s showmance partner Zakiyah out instead and kept Michelle since she has made it clear she’s going after Paulie.

Bridgette:  The majority of the house had united to go against Paulie, Corey, and Nicole. Unfortunately, Corey won HoH, which meant the new alliance was about to lose a member. Corey still wanted to keep the guys together, so he nominated Michelle and Bridgette. During the double eviction it seemed as if they were indifferent who they wanted to evict between Bridgette and Michelle, but somehow settled on Bridgette. It was a shame that Bridgette was evicted since she was totally on board with targeting big threats in the house and she was not afraid to stand up to Paulie when he made sexist remarks to Natalie. She also had buried the hatchet with Michelle and the two of them and Natalie were a newly formed trio. But sadly, Bridgette ended up being the victim of the double eviction.


The Executives was a newly formed alliance between Paulie, Corey, Paul, Victor, and James. However, this alliance is no more. Thanks to Natalie brilliantly exposing Paulie’s game and turning the house against him, Paul, Victor, and James are done with Paulie. James was unsure whether to cut ties with Paulie, but Paul is adamant that they need to take Paulie out of the game. PP is no more, and neither are The Executives. Only Paulie and Corey may believe it’s a real alliance, but they will find out otherwise when Victor makes his nominations. Instead, it’s Victor, Paul, Natalie, James, and Michelle against Paulie, Nicole, and Corey.

Now onto the Power Rankings. After the HoH competition, Victor is the HoH once again. Here are where the Houseguests stand in the house this upcoming week.


1. VICTOR – He is the current HoH and will be making nominations this week. After being manipulated into working with Paulie, Victor has now finally seen the light and realized Paulie needs to go. He has the backing of the majority of the house for him to nominate Paulie and Corey (with Nicole as an option for replacement if the Veto is used). After the HoH competition tonight, Victor was unsure whether it would be smart for him to make a bold move. Thankfully, Paul asserted that it’s imperative that they take a shot at Paulie this week. After Paulie backdoored Victor in week 2, it seems like Victor will finally get his revenge.

2. PAUL – Paul and Victor have been close friends since the beginning of the game, and is definitely safe this week. After spending weeks as Paulie’s lapdog, Paul has finally opened his eyes and is playing the game for himself. He’s become aware that Paulie has told people that Paul could be a potential target down the road, and now Paul wants Paulie out of the house. Victor and James are still a bit scared to make this big move, but thankfully Paul is adamant that they need to take a swing at the Paulie, Corey, and Nicole trio now.

3. NATALIE – Natalie is playing a great game. She was accurate in her perceptions of the house dynamics and the first one to see that Paulie was running the house. She managed to get Paulie’s own allies to turn against him while forming a majority alliance to target him, Nicole, and Corey as well as flipping the house to keep Michelle. After weeks of Paulie sailing through the game, his game was finally blown up thanks to her. Paulie, Nicole, and Corey still really want her out, so she could be in trouble if one of them wins HoH next week. However, her fantastic social game and how underestimated she is by the others can help take her far. At the moment, Natalie is the Houseguest I want to see win the game the most.

4. JAMES – James is very wishy-washy, but he’s on board with Paulie, Corey, and Nicole being targeted since it won’t be him putting them on the block. So far I’m still not impressed with James’s game. He is so afraid to make big moves and seems perfectly happy to just hand over the win to Paulie. It took a lot of convincing from Natalie for James to finally be on board with going against Paulie’s wishes and evicting Zakiyah. James will be fine this week, but he’s not playing to win right now.

5. MICHELLE – Michelle was the original target, yet Zakiyah was evicted. Michelle called out Paulie and Nicole in her speeches during the double eviction, yet Bridgette was evicted. Michelle has managed to survive, and luckily she will be okay this week once again (especially if she gets the Super Safety). However, Michelle will probably be the pawn if Nicole wins the Veto and saves Corey. Michelle is in the same spot as Natalie and James this week, but she’s lower on this list since Natalie and James are an unbreakable duo that have each other whereas Michelle doesn’t have that strong of a bond with anyone else in the house.

6. NICOLE – Nicole is in danger this week and will be again next week if she or her remaining ally doesn’t win HoH next week. Nicole has played a terrible game as she allowed potential allies of her to get picked off one by one as she just attached herself to Corey and Paulie. She was part of the Fatal Five, yet she has become fine with seeing all the girls get evicted. It’s more likely that Paulie or Corey will be evicted this week, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility if Nicole ends up leaving instead.

7. COREY – Corey was in a decent spot in the house until this week. He was on no one’s immediate radar, but he sure is now since he’s still attached to Paulie when most of the house is completely against him.  Not only that, but he won both HoH and Veto during the double eviction and everyone now sees him as a competition threat. Victor is planning on nominating Paulie and Corey with Paulie as the target. If Paulie wins the Veto, Corey will most likely be walking out the door on Thursday.

8. PAULIE – Finally! Paulie has been running the game since he backdoored Victor. The weeks following Victor’s eviction, Paulie continued to have a great influence on the house. After Victor was evicted, Tiffany was his next target. However, he changed his mind and gave them permission to allow the house to vote out Bronte instead. He won HoH the next week and took out Tiffany. The next week he made sure the target remained on Frank’s back. The week after that, he controlled Paul’s HoH reign and forced Paul to take out Da’Vonne despite the fact she was a close ally to Paul. It seemed like Paulie was going to win this game without any trouble. However, thanks to Natalie, Paulie is now the #1 target in the house. And if Natalie opening everyone’s eyes wasn’t enough, Paulie’s disgusting behavior in the house sealed his fate. Paulie has made a lot of extremely offensive and sexist remarks in the house. His behavior towards Natalie is especially awful as he continually body-shames her and speaks very poorly of her. He also never treated Zakiyah with any respect. He bragged about the places where he claims he’s had sex with her in the house as if she was just an object to him. While he sits in a room talking crap about the women in the house behind their backs, he threatens violence against them too. And before the eviction, he said someone being a feminist is the same thing as being a racist. He’s shown to be a very despicable human being, but thankfully he’s the target this week and will be evicted if he doesn’t win the Veto or have the Round Trip ticket.

So those are my thoughts on the house dynamics this week. Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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