Big Brother 18 – Week 4 Power Rankings

Tonight was the third live eviction of Big Brother 18. Read on to see who won HoH and where the Houseguests stand for the week.

Tonight was the third live eviction of Big Brother 18. By a vote of 5 – 4 – 0, Bronte was evicted from the Big Brother house. After tonight’s HoH competition, Paulie is the new Head of Household. But before I get to my predictions of the upcoming week, let me discuss the events of the previous week that led to Bronte’s eviction.

Bronte: Bronte has been having to play defensively since she sided with Jozea and voted to evict Paulie. She was always a target for the majority of the house, but this week it seemed like she would survive as most of the house was on board with targeting Tiffany. However, the vote kept flipping in the last couple of days. After much discussion, the house decided to keep Tiffany due to her being a target and someone who is definitely gunning for Frank. As well, Bronte has mentioned targeting Corey, Paulie, and Nicole too. Therefore, enough people decided keeping Tiffany and evicting Bronte was the better game move.


8 Pack

The 8 Pack is no more. Several people in the group are still working together, but they are targeting people within the group too. Frank really wants Tiffany gone, and most people in the group almost went ahead and evicted Tiffany this week. In addition, everybody in the 8 Pack (and Paulie) want Frank gone. However, Frank, Nicole, and Corey have discussed targeting Da’Vonne too. So the odds of the group of eight sticking together is very low.

Spy Girls

Bronte is gone now, which just leaves Bridgette and Natalie as the remaining Spy Girls. However, Natalie was always closer to Bronte than she was to Bridgette. In addition, Bridgette has gotten very close to Frank and Natalie has gotten very close to James.


Now onto the Power Rankings. Since Paulie is the HoH, here are where the Houseguests stand in the house this upcoming week.


1. PAULIE – He is the current HoH and will be making nominations this week. Paulie wants Frank gone, but is unable to target him since they are on the same team. Paulie was the last person to agree to keep Tiffany this week, so he will likely target her this week once more. If not Tiffany, then it could be either Da’Vonne or Natalie leaving instead.

2. MICHELLE – Category 4 has won the last three HoH competitions, so Michelle once again finds herself safe. Although Michelle campaigning to keep Tiffany was a big factor why Tiffany is still in the house, she is safe and can lay low for the week. She’ll likely try to influence the vote once again though, especially if a close ally of hers is safe. She’s aligned with Tiffany and Da’Vonne, so she’ll probably push for Natalie to leave this week.

3. FRANK – Once again Frank is safe despite being the #1 target going into this week. He was oblivious to the fact that people were targeting him, but he’ll surely find out everything now that he was blindsided with Tiffany surviving the vote. He’ll reassess who he thinks he can trust moving forward as they surely will all throw each other under the bus to save themselves.

4. BRIDGETTE – Bridgette is Frank’s puppet and is safe due to being a Category 4 member. The plan going into this week was to nominate Frank and Bridgette to split them up. However, that plan is out the window now that Paulie is HoH.

5. ZAKIYAH – Zakiyah is in a flirtmance with Paulie, so she’s definitely safe this week. It will be interesting to see if Zakiyah will try to help save Da’Vonne and turn the target back on Tiffany or Natalie. However, she’ll probably will continue to lay low and let the week play out the way it will.

6. JAMES – James is in a great position in the house right now. Although he voted to evict Tiffany, he knew she was staying in the house. He went ahead and voted to evict Tiffany so Natalie would still trust him. He’ll also try to make it seem like he’s on Frank’s side this week (although he really wants Frank gone too). However, the people who voted to evict Bronte can reveal to Frank that James was in on the plan all along. However, it’s unlikely James will be a target this week.

7. COREY –  Frank has already figured out that the four votes to evict Tiffany were from him, Paulie, James, and Natalie, but Corey and Nicole plan to lie and say that they evicted Tiffany. Who knows who Frank will believe? Frank will likely have distrust about Corey when he learns the truth. However, Paulie is the HoH. He trusts Corey, so Corey has nothing to worry about this week. Corey will be happy to see either Tiffany or Da’Vonne leave next week too.

8. NICOLE – Nicole is in the same boat as Corey this week. The house is viewing them as a pair that will vote together and won’t turn on each other. Even though they are not an official showmance yet, they are pretty much this season’s Shelli and Clay. Nicole really pushed for the vote tonight to be 5 – 4 so she can deny saving Tiffany if Frank is in a power position. She can lie all she wants to Frank, but Paulie (or anyone else) can tell Frank the truth. In addition, Nicole really wants Da’Vonne gone, so she will try to push Paulie into targeting Da’Vonne this week. But she would be fine with sending Tiffany home too.

9. PAUL – Paul is floating right now. He’s not closely aligned to anyone and is just trying to survive. He won’t be an initial nominee this week, but he could find himself on the block as a Roadkill nominee or a replacement nominee. However, even if he ends up on the block this week, he’ll be a pawn that survives again.

10. NATALIE – Paulie has never liked Natalie and has discussed getting her out for weeks. If the 8-Pack chooses to stick together for just one more week at least, then Natalie will be evicted next. However, with so much distrust surrounding Tiffany and Da’Vonne, Natalie could survive the vote….or her fate will be the exact same as Bronte’s. Bronte was not the original target, but the majority saw the benefit of keeping Tiffany. Regardless, it’s almost guaranteed that the next evicted Houseguest will be either Natalie, Tiffany, or Da’Vonne.

11. TIFFANY – Although I don’t have her ranked at the very bottom, Tiffany could once again be close to certain eviction once again. She will be back on the block this week and a possible target. Everyone has been afraid of Tiffany due to her being Vanessa’s sister, but her performance in competitions thus far has made people realize she’s not as much of a threat. She also has little influence in the house due to having to play defensively for weeks. However, it doesn’t help that Paulie wants Tiffany gone, so Tiffany could very well be walking out the door next Thursday.

12. DA’VONNE – Da’Vonne is in danger this week. Frank has already discussed targeting her this coming week. However, Tiffany is still in the house too. Even though Tiffany and Da’Vonne have both done poorly in competitions, the house views Da’Vonne as more influential. Even though Paulie is HoH once again, he will likely placate Frank and do what he suggests. Right after tonight’s HoH competition, Frank and Da’Vonne got into an argument and Frank has already said he wants to see Da’Vonne leave this week. It doesn’t help that Nicole and Corey are on board with targeting Da’Vonne too. Da’Vonne will have to do a lot of campaigning or win the Veto to save herself from eviction next week.

So those are my thoughts on the house dynamics this week. Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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