Big Brother 18 Week 2 Eviction Live Blog

On tonight’s Big Brother, Jozea is evicted 7-4. Bridgette, who Frank put up secretly after his Road Kill pick Paul, won the Veto and took himself off of the block, received zero votes for eviction. Paulie who had volunteered to take one for the team, is safe for another week.

Julie also announced the next big twist: The Battle Back competition. The first 5 evictees will battle each other to get back in the house. First, Glenn will battle Jozea, the winner will battle the evictee from the following week and so on.

The results will be revealed in a special airing on Friday July 22. From a CBS press release:

There will be four battles in all, with the last Houseguest standing returning to the game for another shot at the $500,000 prize. Round one will feature a showdown between the first evicted Houseguest, Glenn Garcia, and tonight’s evictee, Jozea. The winner of Round One will advance and challenge next week’s third evicted Houseguest, and so on. All four “Battle Back” competitions and the reveal of the winner, will air exclusively during a special episode of BIG BROTHER, Friday, July 22 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Jozea bragged all week that, as the “messiah” of the newbies, he’d stay safe by a landslide. The elimination wasn’t exactly the blindside fans were hoping for thanks to Frank, it was still pretty amusing to find the hilariously delusional Jozea sitting uncomfortably next to Julie. To be honest, I wish he had stuck around a couple more weeks. He provided lots of unintended hilarity. Example: “My intuition is always right,” Jozea said as he incorrectly guessed that Paulie was this week’s roadkill winner.

Frank said in diary that putting up Bridgette was nothing personal, it’s just that every other houseguest available for eviction was part of his alliance, the 8 Pack. Indeed, she received not one vote to evict.

A segment on tension between the houseguests had James complaining how his season’s cast got along unlike the current crew. Examples included Victor and Paul behaving like sexist d*ckbags. The former had been negging and body shaming Natalie, while Paul mocked James for hanging out with the girls and joking he was having “girl talk.” For some reason that enraged Paul beyond reason. “I can’t be a girl!” he sputtered as Bronte led him out of the room. Sheesh.

There were a couple of minutes when The 8 Pack considered evicting Bridgette after they found out she had been spying on them for the other side. The Spy Girls–Bronte, Bridgette and Natalie–suspected there was something going on the other side of the house. Bronte wondered why nobody had approached her to make a deal. When Zak overheard Bridget talking smack about Nicole, the 8 pack briefly considered switching their vote.

In any case, there’s another all-girl alliance in the house. The female 8 pack members, Zak, Nicole, Da’vonne, Tiffany and Michelle form a group called The Fatal Five.

Here’s how the live eviction shook out:

Live Vote to Evict

Victor – Paulie
Zak – Jozea
Paul – Paulie
Frank – Jozea
Da’vonne – Jozea
Michelle – Jozea
Bronte – Paulie
Natalie – Paulie
James – Jozea
Tiffany – Jozea
Corey – Jozea

Afterward with Julie, Jozea said he felt most betrayed by Natalie. He’s convinced she switched her vote, even though she did not. He thinks he lost the vote in the past two days due to “weak minded” people in the house who allowed themselves to be manipulated. Ha. He was toast from the minute he told Day he was gunning for Nicole, whom he called “snakish” based on her watching her season. It was the one and only season he’s watched. He described himself as “powerful and vocal” but maybe if he had the chance to go back in, he’d zip it. When Julie asked why he called that big house meeting, he called it a “motivational speaking movement” because “when people have a leader…and see somebody so powerful…me being that leader, that messiah, that sanctuary would play best for my strategy in the game.” WUT? GOOD GOD I’m going to miss Jozea. So much unintended hilarity.

This week’s Head of Household competition: The houseguest who wins will also win safety for their team. In “Berry Balanced” a team races across a balance beam to retrieve a berry. They make their way back and place and place the berry in one of four columns. There are two paths to the berries, one shorter than the other. Once a houseguest steps off the beam, they are out of the game. Natalie is out pretty quickly. But then we run out of show! Results on Sunday.

Stay tuned for Steven’s big weekly spoilery powerlist/roundup, which will be posted in the next few days…

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