Big Brother 18 – Week 2 Power Rankings

Tonight was the first live eviction of Big Brother 18. Read on to see who won HoH and where the Houseguests stand for the week.

Tonight was the first live eviction of Big Brother 18. By a vote of 7 – 4 – 0, Jozea was evicted from the Big Brother house. After tonight’s HoH competition, Paulie is the new Head of Household. But before I get to my predictions of the upcoming week, let me discuss the events of the previous week that led to Jozea’s blindside.

Jozea: He honestly played a terrible game. Apart from his delusions that being on Big Brother would lead to him being a big star that could host red carpet events at the Grammy’s and star in independent movies, he was completely unaware of the house dynamics and reckless enough to make it clear whom he was targeting. It was especially foolish to tell everyone that Nicole (the current HoH) was his #1 target. He assumed he had an influence on the majority of the house to have Paulie evicted, but the self-proclaimed messiah lacked so much self-awareness that he only has himself to blame for his eviction tonight.


Big Sister – Da’Vonne, Paul, and Zakiyah

Category 4 – Bridgette, Frank, Michelle, and Paulie

Freakazoids – Corey, Nicole, and Tiffany

Team Unicorn – Bronte, James, Natalie, and Victor

The teams somehow don’t seem to be playing a role in how the alliances are formed, except for the Freakazoids. They are the only team with all of their members in the 8 Pack. However, everyone else in the house seems to be ignoring the team twist. James even threw the HoH competition tonight to ensure that Victor will be vulnerable for eviction this week. Even though the HoH competitions will be a team effort that will make all team members safe from eviction, people are willing to target people within their own teams.


8 Pack

The 8 Pack is the majority alliance. This group consists of Da’vonne, James, Frank, Nicole, Tiffany, Corey, Michelle, and Zakiyah. If they stick together, they should be able to dominate the game. However, the chances of the eight of them staying together until the final 8 are unlikely as there is already distrust among the group. Nearly everyone feels uneasy about Tiffany. Just last night, Tiffany and Frank got into a heated argument that led to Tiffany storming out of the HoH room and venting about what a chauvinist Frank is. Throughout the first week, Frank, Da’Vonne, James, and Corey have expressed a desire to kick Tiffany out of the alliance too. However, Tiffany is not the only one that’s causing concern. The girls in the alliance are feeling uneasy about James. They think he’s getting too close to the girls on his team and he has a big mouth that lets information leak out. And just this morning, Nicole and Corey both expressed concerns about Frank playing both sides of the house. So the odds of all eight of them sticking together until they are the only Houseguests left do not seem likely.

Fatal 5

Within the 8 Pack is a five girl alliance between Da’Vonne, Nicole, Tiffany, Michelle, and Zakiyah called Fatal 5. The girls seem to get along. However, the other girls have their concerns about Tiffany too since she’s very emotionally sensitive. However, Michelle seems to be Tiffany’s closest ally, and Nicole and Zakiyah seem to want to keep the group together. However, Tiffany is clearly on the bottom of this group.

Spy Girls

Bridgette, Bronte, and Natalie formed their own female alliance. After realizing the vote did not go the way they wanted it to, how will they adapt? They likely will have no problem seeing Victor or Paul leave as long as the three of them are safe.

The Revolution

This was an alliance between Paul, Victor, and Jozea. Bridgette, Bronte, and Natalie are assumed to be a part of this too since they are on the same side of the house. However, they are all targets now that Jozea is gone and Paulie is the current HoH.

Now onto the Power Rankings. Since Paulie is the HoH, these are where the Houseguests stand in the house this upcoming week.


1. PAULIE – He is the current HoH and will be making nominations this week. Although he isn’t an official 8 Pack member and doesn’t even know about that alliance, he is still working with them this week and keeping them safe. Now that he is in power, will he form his own alliance this week?

2. FRANK – Before last night, I thought Frank was playing the best game in the house. However, Frank going rogue to warn Natalie and Bridgette that Jozea was going home and getting in a big argument with Tiffany did some damage to his game. Some of his allies are doubting him too, and enough Houseguests on both sides of the house have enough information about him to throw him under the bus in future weeks. But since he is part of Category 4, he is automatically safe this week. As well, he will try to heavily influence Paulie’s HoH reign. However, he wouldn’t be this high on the list if Paulie didn’t win HoH this week.

3. MICHELLE – Just like with Frank, Michelle is up this high on the list due to the Team Twist. She’s a member of Category 4 and the 8 Pack, so she will be sitting pretty this week. She can lay low and just let the week play out as it will.

4. BRIDGETTE – She’s simply this high for being a member of Category 4. She would have been an easy pawn if she wasn’t on Paulie’s team. However, she doesn’t seem to be an immediate target for the 8 Pack, so she can try to maneuver her way into a better position for next week if she tries.

5. NICOLE – I think Nicole is playing the best game in the house right now. Although she’s a big target for people outside the 8 Pack (Bronte especially wants her gone), she’ll be in a great position to go really far in the game if her allies continue to win HoH competitions. Da’Vonne and Corey seem to trust her more than anyone else in the house, and all of her allies really like her too.

6. ZAKIYAH – Zakiyah does not seem to be on anyone’s radar at the moment. Last week she was a double agent for the 8 Pack. She continuously lied to the other side of the house to bring information to her allies. However, the other side of the house will now likely be wary of her going into this week. After the HoH competition tonight, Bronte and Victor already discussed how much they believed her and Da’Vonne and are now angry with them. As well, her flirtmance with Paulie could put a target on her back, but she insists there will be no showmance between them. But as of right now, she is in a pretty good position.

7. COREY – Right now he’s just a loyal soldier for the 8 Pack. He seems really close to Nicole, Frank, and Paulie, but Nicole seems to be the one person he trusts the most in the house. Paulie told Corey last night that he’s looking out for him in this game, so Corey has nothing to worry about this week. However, he’s a target for people on the other side of the house, and Corey doesn’t have a good competition record at the moment.

8. DA’VONNE –  Da’Vonne has taken a leadership role in the 8 Pack and the Fatal 5. She’s learned from her mistakes from last year while still playing a proactive game. She will be safe this week, but her constant paranoia of Tiffany could harm her down the road since Tiffany is someone she doesn’t need to be worrying about right now.

9. JAMES – He’s a member of the 8 Pack, so he has nothing to worry about this week. However, he’s a big target for the other side of the house. As well, the girls in his alliance are concerned with him leaking information and getting too close to Natalie. But as long as the 8 Pack remain in power and other targets remain, he should be fine.

10. TIFFANY – If Frank had won HoH, I would have Tiffany lower on this list despite being an 8 Pack member. However, she should be fine with Paulie in power since he seems to trust her and hasn’t expressed any doubts about her yet. In addition, Paulie and Tiffany share a bond due to both being siblings of former Big Brother players Cody and Vanessa. However, Tiffany will be in big trouble once Houseguests such as Victor and Bronte are gone. Too many of her allies doubt her, and unfairly so too. Tiffany is extremely similar to Vanessa in their mannerisms, and someone akin to Vanessa makes others nervous due to how cutthroat and manipulative of a player Vanessa was. What Tiffany needs to do this week is to just lay low and go with the flow. However, I doubt Da’Vonne, Frank, and James will ever fully trust her. But as for Week 2, she should be okay as long as she remains calm and doesn’t try playing too hard this week.

11. NATALIE – Last night Natalie was the only one from the other side of the house to figure out that Jozea was getting evicted. She had separate conversations with Tiffany, Frank, and James and has extended an olive branch to them to keep herself safe. However, she’s made it clear her true allegiance will always be to Bronte and Bridgette, and she’s wary of Frank and James. I could potentially see Natalie forming an alliance with Tiffany, but she’ll have to survive this week first. If Victor were to win the Power of Veto, she could be in trouble. However, she could make it far in the game if she’s still around by the time the 8 Pack turn on each other.

12. PAUL – Paul was one of the people blindsided tonight, so he is in obvious danger this week. The 8 Pack have discussed the pecking order, and Victor and Bronte are higher on it than him. Nonetheless, he very likely could find himself on the block this week, whether as an initial nominee, Roadkill nominee, or replacement nominee if the Power of Veto is used.

13. BRONTE – Bronte is in a very dangerous position this week. Except for the name of the alliance, the Spy Girls is a secret to no one and the house views Bronte as the leader of the alliance. She’s made it clear that she would nominate Nicole and Corey for eviction if she were to win HoH and she voted for Paulie to get evicted tonight. Several 8 Pack members have said they want Bronte gone if Victor wins the Power of Veto this week. So Bronte better hope Victor doesn’t win the Veto.

14. VICTOR – Unless he wins the Power of Veto, Victor will be evicted this week. Even Natalie and Bronte are aware Victor will be targeted, and they don’t mind seeing him leave as long as they are safe. Despite the doubts the 8 Pack have about Tiffany, their strong desire to get Victor out of the house is what is keeping the eight of them together. Even if something crazy happens, I don’t see the majority of the house keeping Victor this week.

So those are my thoughts on the house dynamics this week. Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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