Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 9 – POV Competition Results (UPDATED)

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 9 - POV Competition Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 9 – POV Competition Results

Vanessa won the Veto Competition.   HoH Austin, nominees Steve and John plus Meg, Vanessa and Julia played the Veto competition Saturday night. The comp involved Zingbot and a face morphing thing.

Afterward, backdoor paranoia ensued, with Julia afraid that Vanessa would pull Steve off the block so she could be backdoored. Meg was in tears afterward, which prompted Vanessa to run around the house, demanding to know why Meg was crying. She instantly suspected she was the backdoor, and began grilling Steve and John for information about Austin’s plans for her. They both assured her that as far as they knew, they were pawns for one of the goblins.

Vanessa collared Austin, demanding to know if he considered backdooring her. Like a terrified animal, he spilled his game, admitting that he considered putting her on the block, that he was using her as a shield. He threw Steve and John under the bus, claiming they knew it too. Austin said he “knew in his gut” he couldn’t put her up. He basically begged her forgiveness and promised to do better. He said he realized the things JMac said about Vanessa were lies (Uhm. They weren’t) and he believes her now. (This is so pathetic). He warned Vanessa that any deals John made with her, he planned to go back on.

Vanessa convinced the Austwins that John, Steve and the Goblins are working together (Uh. No they’re not) and that’s why Meg was crying. Actually, Meg explained that another terrible competition performance had her depressed and mad at herself.

Vanessa Austin now has to decide who to target.  Since the group is pretty paranoid about both of the nominees at this point, there will probably be some back and forth before they decide. I’m betting on John. Steve was always closer to Van and that group. He’s also easier to manipulate.

The Austwits are definitely suffering a case of HoH-itis. Austin keeps bragging that they’re running the house (No assclown, Vanessa is). He said that SURELY his and the twins hometowns have been featured on the show because of how dominant they are. Meanwhile, they’re paranoid about John being called to the Diary Room so often, and his screaming while he’s in there. They don’t realize that America loves Johnny Mac and his crazy/hilarious Diary Room talks. The Austwits? Not so much.

As of last night, John and Steve were still under the impression that they are pawns. They are both due for a pretty big wake-up call. John made some huge missteps this week. He was wise to align himself with the Austwins, but was way too trusting. He needed to put EVERYTHING HE HAD into the HoH and Veto competitions. Assuming that others would have his back? Dude! This is Big Brother! Sigh. I’m going to miss him when he’s (probably) gone.

UPDATE: On Sunday, John saved his ass by buttering up Vanessa. He told her that yes, he was gunning for her and planned to go back on deals, but it was only to protect himself. Also, He and Steve were never explicitly working with The Goblins, but they all wanted Vanessa out. He’s willing to put up and target the Meg/James if he wins HoH. Vanessa is considering using her veto this week to put up one of the Goblins, probably James. But maybe Meg, because Van is still sketched out by her crying. The Austwins would probably be resistant to evicting Meg, but Van would probably get her way. She always does.

Vanessa also cornered Steve and got him to admit that he lied about not knowing the plan to backdoor her. He blamed his insecurity in the house for his lies, and apologized.

Now, the hunt is on to implicate the Goblins. Steven mentioned that Meg was mad after Vanessa tried to make a deal with her during the double elimination. That stoked her anger and paranoia toward Meg even more.

Vanessa is also swearing on her mother, stack of Bibles, yada yada, that she wasn’t responsible for…well just about everything. I can’t believe these people still play into her game of blame and deflect. I don’t think John is buying it–but his back is up against the wall right now. He’s just trying to survive.

At the moment–Vanessa is running the joint.

UPDATE2: After rounds of aggressive interrogations of Meg, James, John and Steve, Vanessa is back to not trusting John/Steve and probably won’t use her veto. but we have an entire day ahead until the Veto ceremony. Stay tuned.

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