Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 9 – POV Ceremony Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 9 POV Ceremony Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 9 POV Ceremony Results

Vanessa did not use the Veto at today’s ceremony. That leaves Steve and John on the block. On of them will be evicted.

It’s been chaos in the house, for the last 24 hours. With Vanessa essentially back in charge, she went on a rampage, interrogating everyone in the house about who did what when and where. The targets were constantly moving. At one point, she was thinking of saving Steve and John (particularly after a heart to heart she had with John over the weekend). It looked like one of the Goblins would go up on the block–her target switching between Meg and James depending (She actually called Meg a “Mastermind” at one point. WUT)

But after a round of super aggressive interrogations, Vanessa decided that James was a straight shooter, and she could trust him, and that Meg REALLY WAS crying over her poor competition performances (YES VANESSA. EVERY DAMN THING IS NOT ABOUT YOU). Now, it was time to find “reasons” to evict either Steve or John.  As of this morning, Vanessa was sure she wouldn’t use her Veto.

More hell broke loose today, however. John told Vanessa about the 5 person alliance, created to evict her. That sent Vanessa into another tailspin, and pissed off the Austwins as well.  In the meantime, Steve told Meg that the Austwins were a “powerful fortress” after which she ran to Austin tell. Steve was his new target. For a minute or so.

When Vanessa confronted the Austwins about the alliance, Liz said it was Steve’s idea.  At which point, Vanessa rages that she wants him gone.  But the twins want John gone, after he threw them under the bus.  She confronted Steve about the alliance, he admitted it existed, but insisted that he didn’t orchestrate it.  There was lots of crying from Van, while the Austwins continued pledging their loyalty to her, blaming everything on Steve and John.

John told Austin that he ratted himself out to Vanessa, as well as everyone else. He’s doing what he needed to do in order to protect himself. Austin calmed down, and suggested he talk to the twins. But in reality, Austin wants John out, especially after he said something vaguely threatening about targeting him if he got sent to jury and came back.

Vanessa is still angry with Steve. She doesn’t trust him. The Austwins want John out, and hope to be able to change Vanessa’s mind (Jeez, it’s your damn HoH. Do what YOU want, work to convince the rest of the house). They think they can work with Steve. Basically, Steve is malleable in a way that John just isn’t, so they’d rather send the latter home.

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