Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 3 – POV Ceremony

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 3 - POV Ceremony

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 3 – POV Ceremony

As expected, during today’s Big Brother 17 Veto Ceremony, John took himself off the block, and HoH Vanessa nominated Jeff to take his place next to James.

The original plan on Thursday between Vanessa, Austin, Shelli, Liz/Julia and Clay, was to backdoor Jeff while leading the rest of the house to believe Vanessa  was backdooring Audrey. In order to keep Audrey in line, Vanessa told her the plan.

Just like Shelli before her, Vanessa made it clear that she did NOT want to evict Audrey because of what she represents as Big Brother’s first transgender houseguest. As an LGBT contestant herself, she was particularly sensitive to the situation. Weirdly, Vanessa is choosing to believe the things Audrey says, even as houseguests warn her take Audrey’s ramblings with a grain of salt.

Vanessa prides herself on not being “manipulable” and knowing when someone is lying to her face. But even as Audrey was swearing up and down that she did not vote to keep Day in the house (she did), Vanessa was oblivious.

When John won the PoV, it ruined Vanessa’s plans to keep the nominations the same. She fretted all weekend about which houseguest to put up, obsessed with getting blood on her hands. She felt she needed a reason to put Jeff up. Finally, she found one. After Shelli and Clay confronted Jeff about some rumors they heard, Austin burst into the room to accuse Jeff of throwing him under the bus. Then Vanessa joined the conversation to confront him, “Have you said that you can’t work with Shelli & Clay as a couple? You said that to me yesterday in the HOH room.” (He did). Jeff began to say…”When you asked me to join your alliance…”  But he didn’t get much further. Vanessa flipped her lid. She walked away from the group, yelling “You’re a liar” for everyone in the house to hear.

Mission accomplished.

Vanessa spent all day Sunday retelling the story to the rest of the house. She had her reason to evict, and made sure everyone knew it. Jeff tried to apologize, but to know avail. Really, he is dead man walking, at least for now. The target not only of Vanessa, but the rest of the alliance as well.

Jeff is gross and he did float and play all sides of the house. But he’s not less trustworthy than Audrey, who is basically a pathological liar. Jason, who is also LGBT said he’d have NO trouble ditching Audrey. “This ain’t no Gay Pride parade,” he quipped. We’ll see who finally has the nerve to put her up.

In the meantime, John is planning to vote out James, because he has a deal with Jeff. Jeff’s Amazing Race partner, Jackie, will vote to keep him.  We’ll see how the rest of the house falls. I suspect Jeff is toast, but anything can happen between now and Thursday’s live eviction.

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