Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 12 – POV Competition Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 12 - POV Competition Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 12 – POV Competition Results

John WON the veto! He proposed to Austin yesterday that he’d throw the comp if they take him to F3 instead of Vanessa. But during the game, apparently, Steve was close to winning, so John had to take it. Good thing too, because Austin immediately spilled the plan to Vanessa.

John will use the veto on himself, forcing Vanessa to renom either Liz or Austin.

Vanessa furiously worked out game plans using skittles and m&ms. After Steve joined her, Vanessa told him about John’s plan to throw the veto to Austin in exchange for safety and eventually F3. Steve said he had no idea about that.  Then, they had a long talk that involved working out different jury scenarios, depending on who makes F2. Steve told Vanessa he’d take her to F2 over John because she’d be easier to beat in Jury. Not satisfied with that, Vanessa made Steve swear on something important–his mother–that he’d take her to F2 over John. Oy.

Then, Steve bumped the coffee table when he stood up, messing up Vanessa’s carefully constructed candy diagram. Oops.

Liz made an interesting case to keep her off the block. She realized last week that Austin is playing for himself first, and she has to do the same. She’d rather go to F2 with a woman, because guys are given more credit. Vanessa agreed that it would be better not to be the only girl in F4. (She also told John later that Liz would be easier to beat). She also said she trusts Liz more than Austin. Liz said she’d be upset if Austin campaigned to be off the block, especially after being up against her sister last week.

Austin made it easy, though, by volunteering to go up next to Steve.

Meanwhile, John told Austin he’d be voting with him and Liz this week.  Which means evicting Steve. Vanessa told Steve he’d be safe this week. This could get interesting.

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