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Vanessa won HoH and nominated James and Meg for eviction. Tonight the Power of Veto competition will take place. Will the Veto be used to save one of the nominees? Let’s find out.

After the nomination ceremony, Vanessa explains in the diary room that putting Meg and James on the block puts the least amount of blood on her hands and those two aren’t on her side anyway. She also goes up to James and tells him that this was strictly a game move. Later on, James and Meg talk in the have-not room. James realizes he is the target since he’s won more competitions than Meg. Meg breaks down in tears and is upset that they will likely be separated by the end of the week. Meg also notes the irony of how they saved Vanessa instead of Shelli weeks ago, but here she is splitting them up. Vanessa goes into the have-not room to explain her decision to both Meg and James, but Meg once again breaks down in tears. She tells Vanessa that they never were going to nominate her anyway and remind her that they saved her when Vanessa was nominated. Vanessa just tells them that it’s a game move and she knows the two of them will always have each other’s back before hers.

Vanessa then talks to Steve about who should leave this week. Vanessa claims that she does not have a specific target in mind and she’s fine with whomever leaves between Meg and James. She also notes how bad it would be if she would have to use one of the Austwins as a pawn if the Veto is used. If she does have to name one of them as a replacement nominee, then she would have angered every single person left in the game.

It’s time to pick players for the Veto competition. Vanessa draws Julia, James draws Liz, and Meg draws Austin. James and Meg go back into the have-not room and talk about how important it is for one of them to win the Veto.

Next is a scene of James telling Meg and John the story of when he found out he was going to be a father. Apparently, he didn’t find out until his daughter was just about to be born. Even though it was a big surprise, he considers his daughter to be a blessing.

It’s time for the Veto competition. The competition is called Hide & Go Veto. Each of the players will go into the house and hide a card one at a time. Afterwards, they will all go back inside individually and try to find their opponents’ cards. However, they only have two minutes to search at a time and they will have no idea whose card they find until the competition is over. The winner will be whoever’s card is not found.

Round 1: Meg goes into the house first. She comes back empty handed.

Round 2: Austin goes into the house second. Instead of trying to find one, he flips over the furniture in the area where his card is hidden. He comes back empty handed.

Round 3: James also tears up the house instead of looking for a card.

Round 4: Julia comes back with nothing.

Round 5: Liz did not find anything either.

Round 6: Vanessa is the first to find a Veto card.

The competition continues on. The house is a complete mess as people throw furniture around to find the Veto cards. The next to find a Veto card is Julia. Three Veto card remains. The next to find a Veto card is Meg. Only two cards remain. James realizes his card is still in play, so he throws as much furniture as he can on top of his before he finds another card. Only one card remains. Vanessa finds the fifth Veto card and the competition is now over. John then reveals the owners of all the cards in the order they were found. The first card is Liz’s. The second card is Vanessa’s. The third card is Julia’s. The fourth card is Meg’s. The fifth card is Austin’s. James wins the Power of Veto! 

After the competition, Vanessa goes up to the HoH room and vents her frustration about James winning the Veto. “Well, there goes that plan,” she says to herself. Meanwhile, James and Meg are glad that James won the Veto. Even though Meg will still be nominated, they believe she has a much better chance surviving the block than James ever did. They hope Vanessa will nominate a bigger target next to Meg.

Vanessa and Liz talk in the HoH room. Vanessa knows that anyone would be a bigger threat than Meg, so she’s worried Meg won’t go home regardless who she puts up on the block. Liz tells her they will vote out Meg if they want, but Vanessa is aware that it wouldn’t make sense for Liz’s game to vote out Meg if she nominates John next to her. Meg isn’t a threat since she has yet to win an individual competition, but John would target Liz, Julia, and Austin if he were to win HoH.

James and Meg talk to Austin. James says he’s done walking on eggshells and says that he will tell Vanessa to her face that she is his target. Austin then goes right upstairs and tells Vanessa his conversation with Meg and James. Vanessa tells Austin that she absolutely needs Meg to go home. Even though Meg isn’t a competition threat, she wants her gone since that will weaken James. Later on, Vanessa talks to Austin, Liz, and Julia about who should be the replacement nominee. Vanessa throws out the idea that Julia would be the only pawn that would guarantee that Meg goes home. They instead try to to push John as the replacement nominee. Little do they know, Vanessa is secretly working with John and she does not want him to leave. She is aware that if John is the replacement nominee, Austin, Liz, and Julia will vote him out even though she wants Meg gone.

Later in the evening, James and Vanessa talk in the HoH room. Vanessa tells him that this was strictly a game move, and James says that he feels that Vanessa is playing the game too hard. This remark causes Vanessa to snap. She takes James’ remark as a criticism and angrily tells him that his insult just makes her want to take Meg out of the game even more.

At the Veto ceremony, James used the Power of Veto on himself. Vanessa named Julia as the replacement nominee. We then hear from Vanessa, Julia, and James in the diary room. Vanessa explains that she needs Meg to go since she is James’ closest ally, and Julia is the pawn that will most likely ensure that happens. Julia says she is nervous being on the block with Meg since anytime Meg has been nominated, the person next to her goes home. James points out how this is the first time a twin will be on the block on eviction night and this could finally be their opportunity to take a shot at the Austwins.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 17. Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow night for a special live double eviction episode.

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