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A new episode of Big Brother 17 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

Tonight is a live eviction episode. Liz and Julia are on the block, and one will be evicted. Which twin will go to the jury house and which twin will make it to the Final 5? And who from the remaining HouseGuests will win HoH? Let’s find out!

After the nomination ceremony, Liz and Julia are understandably upset to be splitting up this week. They cry as Liz tells Julia she wants her to stay in the game. Julia believes Liz should stay instead since she believes Liz has a better chance at winning the game. Later in the evening, John and Vanessa talk about whom to evict. They agree that Liz is the bigger threat to win competitions and the game, so evicting her would be the easier decision.

Liz and Austin talk in bed. They are both concerned about Vanessa and how she’s playing everyone in the house. Julia joins the conversation and agrees that Vanessa is trying to manipulate everyone. The three of them agree that the only reason Vanessa wants Liz gone is because she would never take Vanessa to the Final 2. Austin believes Liz has a better chance and should stay, and Julia agrees. She’s willing to sacrifice her own game for her sister.

Austin talks to Vanessa and tells her that the twins have agreed to let Liz be the one to stay. Vanessa then says she will vote to keep Liz if they make a deal with three terms. The first condition is that she won’t be nominated by either of them. The second condition is that she gets to decide who stays between John and Steve next week. The third condition is that one of them must take her to Final 2 if only one of Liztin is in the Final 3. Austin and Liz agree, but Liz admits in the diary room she has no intention of agreeing to Vanessa’s terms.

Vanessa then talks to Steve in the HoH room. She lists pros and cons of keeping either Liz and Julia, and she basically says that the risk of keeping Julia is that she’s someone who can easily be dragged to the end since she’ll be easy to beat in a Final 2 scenario. She fears that everyone in the house would be incentivized to keep Julia and target their own allies, whereas Liz will always be a target. However, Vanessa admits in the diary room that she’s unsure whether she’s making a mistake in keeping Liz since she might not beat her in a Final 2 scenario.

Next Julie talks to the HouseGuests and show them video messages from from home. John hears from his family, Austin hears from his siblings, Vanessa hears from her girlfriend, Liz and Julia hear from their family, and Steve hears from his mother. The messages are all sweet and heartwarming, and the HouseGuests are all excited to hear from their loved ones.

The jury segment is next. Shelli, Jackie, and Becky are surprised to see Meg. After Meg shows them footage from the week, James walks in and shares the footage from the double eviction. They are unhappy that Meg and James are out of the game, but agree that Austwins are currently running the house. Shelli is still rooting for John and Steve, but admits that Vanessa would deserve the win if she makes it to the Final 2 since she has been in control of the game for so long.

Next is the vote. In their speeches, Liz and Julia express their love for one another and how much their sisterly bonds means to them. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Austin votes to evict Julia.

Vanessa votes to evict Julia.

John votes to evict Julia.

By a unanimous vote, Julia is evicted from the Big Brother house. Julia tears up as she hugs everyone before walking out the door. Julie asks Julia why they decided Liz should be the one to stay. Julia said Liz is playing for first place, whereas she can only play for second. She thinks Liz has a better chance to win the game. Julie asks if the other HouseGuests made a mistake evicting her instead of Liz, and Julia agrees that it might’ve been a mistake since Liz is a strong competitor. Julie then asks Julia why she picked Austin to go up against in the Veto competition. Julia said Austin winning was the worst case scenario, but agrees that in hindsight it wasn’t the smartest play. Julie then asks Julia’s opinion about Austin. She says she approves of Liz and Austin being together, despite not being on board with the relationship at first. Next are the goodbye messages. John says he is sad he couldn’t evict the both of them. Steve wishes her good luck. Liz says she will fight for the both of them. Austin says he fought for them the whole game and hopes to join Liz and her at Christmas dinner.

It’s time for the Head of Household competition. The players must navigate an egg through a wired fence designed like a rainbow. The first to place ten eggs in the slots at the end of the rainbow will be the new Head of Household. There’s also a luxury prize to be won for anyone who wants to win it. There’s a special slot for that prize, which is a vacation. The competition ends when both the Head of Household is crowned and the luxury prize is claimed. Before the episode ends, Austin is in the lead with the only one who has placed an egg in a slot.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 17. Thanks for reading and come back Sunday for another live recap.

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