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Last time John and Becky won the Battle of the Block competition and dethroned Jason as Head of Household. James remains the sole HoH, and Jackie and Steve are still nominated for eviction. Tonight the Power of Veto competition will take place. Who will win the Veto and will it be used to save either Jackie or Steve? Let’s find out!

James is still planning on backdooring Jace and he wants to secure the votes to send him home. Jason, Audrey, and Da’Vonne are already in on the plan, but he wants to recruit more votes. James approaches Meg and Clay to join him and the others in an alliance. They all meet in the HoH room to agree to work together, but Da’Vonne says in her diary room confessional that that group of six won’t last long and will only be temporary.

Next we see Jace streaking through the backyard. Vanessa mentions in the diary room about how unfunny it was for him to do that. Austin and Jace talk game and they are worried Jace might be a target since he has been getting on people’s nerves. The two of them go talk to James and Audrey in the HoH room about working together. They don’t know Jace is really the target, so Audrey throws out the idea of backdooring Jason if the Power of Veto is used. Austin and Jace are believing this possible alliance with James and Audrey and Jace wants to name it Cloud Town, but James and Audrey have no interest in working with them.

It’s time to pick players for the Power of Veto competition. The three chosen by random draw are Becky, John, and Jason (Jason was Steve’s pick when he drew a HouseGuest choice chip). James is glad that neither Jace nor Austin were chosen to play and the plan to backdoor Jace is still on track.

Next we see Da’Vonne counting everything in the house to prepare for a possible counting competition in the future. Da’Vonne walking around has made Clay, Shelli, and Jeff suspicious of her, and Jeff confronts her about “creeping in his room” for no reason. Da’Vonne gets angry and vents to Jason and Audrey about it. She says she no longer trusts Clay, because she believes he sent Jeff to ask her what she was doing. Jeff tries to apologizes, but Da’Vonne is still clearly mad. Jeff then tells Clay about Da’Vonne being mad, so Clay goes to apologize to Da’Vonne. “What’s going on?” Clay asks Da’Vonne, and the two of them get into a somewhat heated argument about what transpired. Clay is mad that Da’Vonne has a negative attitude about the whole situation, and he walks away with them both still mad at each other. Audrey is worried that this fight between Clay and Da’Vonne could hurt the alliance that was just formed. She also admits that Da’Vonne getting too emotional will be a liability for her game. She goes talk to Clay about it, and Clay now wants Da’Vonne to be evicted next week. However, Audrey convinces Clay to go back upstairs to apologize again. Clay is no longer angry when he apologizes to Da’Vonne and she tells him she accepts his apology, but it’s clear the two of them don’t trust each other anymore. Da’Vonne is also angry with Audrey for sending Clay to apologize to her, and she talks to the camera and says that she thinks Audrey is trying to be the puppet master of the group.

It’s time to pick have-nots for the week. James chooses to make the people who are safe this week due to the BB Takeover twist as have-nots: Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa, and Austin. They see the have-not room, which is designed to look like a dentist’s office. John is a dentist, so he gets a kick out of this.

It’s time for the Power of Veto competition. It’s a spelling competition. Each HouseGuest will have to race through the mud to collect one letter at a time. Each letter has a point value attached to it, and the HouseGuest that correctly spells the word with the highest point value will win the Power of Veto. They have ten minutes to collect letters and spell their word. James spelled “lifeguards” for 8 points. Becky spelled “closest” for 7 points. Jason spelled “zones” for 6 points. Jackie spelled “judge” for 6 points. Steve spelled “trombonists” for 12 points. John spelled “boogers” for 7 points. Steve wins the Power of Veto. 

Audrey is in the HoH room with James and Jason, and she is worried about the Clay and Da’Vonne fight. So she gets to work on getting more numbers to secure the votes. While everyone else is sleeping, she goes downstairs and brings Shelli upstairs to the HoH room and recruits Shelli into the alliance. Audrey also recruits Jeff. So the six-person alliance is now an eight-person alliance, and Jason and James are bothered by this. Audrey then brings Clay and Meg upstairs too. James and Jeff admit in the diary room that they find Audrey’s behavior to be sketchy, and they have reservations about working with her in the game.

It’s time for the Veto Ceremony. Steve decides to use the Power of Veto on himself, so James must name a new HouseGuest as the replacement nominee. James names Jace as the replacement nominee. Jace and Austin are blindsided while James and Audrey are happy that everything has gone according to plan.

And that wraps up another episode of Big Brother 17. Tune in tomorrow night for the live eviction show.

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