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Liz is the HoH, and she nominated Becky and John for eviction. Tonight the Power of Veto competition will take place. Will the Veto be used to save one of the nominees? Let’s find out.

After the nomination ceremony, Liz admits that she might consider backdooring Vanessa, but is still uncertain. Becky and John both know winning the Veto is imperative. As well, Austin is offended that John seemed cold to him after the nomination ceremony.

John goes into the have-not room, and Vanessa tries to talk to him. John is angry with Vanessa and knows she had a hand in him being nominated, but he is still polite when talking to her. As well, he admits in the diary room that Vanessa is his target. Meanwhile, Austin and the twins are very angry with John’s demeanor. They say if he keeps moping around, then he’ll be the target. This argument doesn’t make much sense, but that’s what they’re saying. They could target a power player like Vanessa or James, but instead they feel threatened by John just because he is feeling unhappy about his current situation.

However, Liz and Austin bring John into the HoH room to talk game with him. They ask what Vanessa told him about his conversation with them. John tells them that she told him she was just making sure that he wasn’t the target. Liz and Austin are shocked by this since Vanessa was actually throwing John under the bus to them. They all agree that Vanessa is very sketchy and someone worth targeting. In addition, Liz and Austin have completely changed their minds about John and now consider him someone they could work with in the game. John is glad to be on their good side and enlarge the target on Vanessa’s back.

We next see a scene of James scaring Julia at nighttime. She jumps out of bed and runs out into the living room. Afterwards, it’s time to pick players for the Power of Veto competition. Liz draws HouseGuest Choice and chooses Austin, John draws Meg, and Becky draws Steve. Julia is upset with Liz that she picked Austin instead of her. “Sisters before misters,” she says. John talks to Austin in the bathroom and tells him he doesn’t care about winning the Veto and wouldn’t mind throwing it to him. He even admits in the diary room he will throw the competition to gain trust with Austin, Liz, and Julia. Austin goes upstairs and informs the twins this. Meanwhile, John is telling Becky that the only way the both of them will stay in the house is if Becky wins the Veto. John seems to be trusting Austin, Liz, and Julia more than he probably should. If Becky were to win the Veto, John could very well be the one evicted.

It’s time for the Veto Competition, and it’s a Big Brother classic. It’s the Otev competition. Otev will sing a song about an evicted HouseGuest and the players will have to search for the name of that particular HouseGuest and bring it back to Otev. However, the game works similar to musical chairs. At the end of each round, the last person to arrive with the correct answer will be eliminated.

Round 1: The answer is Jason. Liz, Meg, Steve, Becky, and Austin are the first to bring back Jason’s name. John is eliminated. However, John threw the competition.

Round 2: The answer is Shelli. Becky, Austin, Meg, and Liz are the first to bring back Shelli’s name. Steve is eliminated, but he also threw the competition.

Round 3: The answer is Clay. Meg, Liz, and Austin are the first to bring back Clay’s name. Becky is eliminated, even after she tried to take away an answer out of Austin’s hands.

Round 4: The answer is Da’Vonne. Liz and Austin are the first to bring back Da’Vonne’s name. Meg is eliminated.

Final Round: The answer is Jace. Liz is the first to bring back Jace’s name. Liz wins the Power of Veto. Becky and John both know that the Power of Veto will not be used and that they will be up for eviction on Thursday night.

Vanessa goes to talk to Liz in the HoH room. She congratulates Liz on the Veto win before asking if John has told her his target. Liz lies and says no (John told her and Austin he wants Vanessa gone). Liz also says Becky is who she wants to see leave this week. However, Liz and Austin are turned off by Vanessa’s constant need to talk game. They consider her the new Audrey. If Vanessa is still acting paranoid when her allies are in power, then maybe she’s not worth trusting after all.

Next is a scene of Austin and Liz being intimate with each other at night. The following morning, Julia notices a hickey on Liz’s next. She is very angry and disgusted, and she scolds both Liz and Austin about it. She doesn’t believe Austin is the type of guy Liz should bring home to their parents.

Later at night, Vanessa breaks down in tears. She feels alone in the game since she believes she doesn’t have a super close ally like everyone else. She knows Liz has Austin and Julia, James and Meg are together, and Becky and Steve are close to John. At most, Vanessa feels like the fourth wheel in the Austin/Liz/Julia trio. Liz is very annoyed by Vanessa’s tears and is seriously considering sending her to the jury house.

At the Veto Ceremony, Becky and John both give their pleas. Becky reminds Liz that she kept her, Julia, and Austin safe when she was HoH last week and hopes that will be reciprocated. John gives a more lighthearted speech. He says that the blue couches are more comfortable than the nomination chairs and he really doesn’t want to talk to Julie on Thursday. Liz decides not to use the Power of Veto. She admits in the diary room she could have backdoored Vanessa, but she would rather leave her in the game as a shield so everyone else in the house would target her next week instead.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 17. Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow night for the live eviction.

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