Big Brother 16 – Week 9 – Live Blog Eviction Results (VIDEOS)

HOH Results: Caleb wins HoH, while Derrick wins the 5K and will be bombarded with “Hollas” for the rest of the season. So will we. Think about that.

RESULTS:  Donny is evicted from the Big Brother house.  Team America’s mission was REJECTED by America. They do not win 5K each. DOUBLE EVICTION NEXT WEEK. The HoH is an endurance competition. I will update the results later!

HoH Competition: An hour later (11:06 ET) and the houseguests are still at it. Nicole is trying her hardest to win. Derrick wipes out. Didn’t he play hockey in high school down there in Rhode Island? Derrick has given up on the HoH and is going for the 5K. Derrick is crawling up the lane after wiping out. at 11:28 ET, Christine appears to be in the lead. At 11:47 ET, Caleb begins talking to himself, “Push it Reynolds. Push through the pain. Don’t be beat by the enemy.”  Nicole is yelling at a cricket that won’t get out of her lane. It’s quite comical. Christine, Frankie and Caleb are contenders. 11:51 ET Christine wipes out HARD. Everybody is feeling the pain. Cody, playing cheerleader (as outgoing HoH he’s ineligible to play) asks Caleb who he’s playing for. He says his fallen military brothers, his comrades, his family.  Derrick shouts that he’s going to need a medic afterward. Double hip replacement, shouts Frankie. It’s 11:54 ET the housguests have been playing for over 2 hours. 12:01 ET Derrick is really taking a beating, taking the most spills. If his sister, Meghan is watching the feeds, says Derrick, he knows she’s laughing her ass off at him. She can go f*ck herself. But he still loves her. 12:08 ET – Derrick wins the 5K! Be prepared for “hollas.” He also volunteers to be a have not. 12:25 pm – CALEB WINS  Between the cold and the physical toll managing the slippery surface took. that was a brutal competition.

Big Brother 16 week 9 Eviction Which houseguest will be evicted tonight? Donny or Nicole? The detonators can’t decide! We’re live blogging right here.

The story so far:

Nicole and Donny chat about sitting on the block. They agree that it sucks. In diary, Nicole knows that the target is Donny, but she still doesn’t feel safe. Donny feels Team America is his only hope, but he realizes they aren’t really behind him.

Cody feels strongly that sending Donny home is the best move for his game. Nicole and Derrick confab. Nicole admits that she feels awkward. Derrick tries to convince her not to put him up if she wins HoH. As usual, he manages to convince her. He’s good.

Christine and Nicole bond, despite everything that has happened between them. Christine assures Nicole that she won’t vote to evict her.  Nicole confesses in diary that she still doesn’t trust Christine “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” she says.

Nicole and Christine Besties Again, Frankie Threatened, Nicole Still Wary

Frankie wants to keep Donny, because he fears Nicole will target him. In a convo with Derrick, they decide that Donny is less of a threat than Nicole, but still remain on the fence. Both Frankie and Caleb note that Nicole and Christine are friends again and worry that if she becomes HoH, Nicole will target one of the guys.

We’ll find out tonight if America was impressed with Frankie’s dumb play. Julie will reveal the results by asking one of Team America what they’d like to eat if they wind up as HaveNots. They are instructed to answer “Apple Pie” If their request is denied, that will mean their mission failed.  Frankie is convinced America loved his idea. But really? The Big Brother producers would allow have nots to eat apple pie? I don’t think so.

Caleb continues to try and convince the alliance to take out Nicole. She’s smart and athletic. Donny is just smart. They figure Christine won’t flip her vote.  Derrick doesn’t want to take sides on the decision to flip the vote,  because he’s afraid it will be used against him.

Caleb Makes his Case

The upcoming HoH competition will be an endurance competition. We get to vote on the punishment via twitter.

Back from break. Victoria informs Julie that she’s doing just great after her wisdom teeth emergency. The upcoming week is the last for have nots. She asks Frankie the secret question about Apple Pie and HA HA HA HA HA APPLE PIE DENIED. Awesome. Team America fails. Frankie is horrible.


This week, the houseguests get taped messages from their families. Aw. Tears all around. Christine’s husband is so proud of her. “Don’t forget about me.” Hm. Aw. Derrick’s little girl says “I love you” and it makes him cry. She’s talking more than she did before he left. He’s so torn over his decision to leave her. I’m sure he’ll be over it when he has that 500K prize money in hand.

Touching Videos From Home Derrick Will Make You Cry Too

Cut to Tucson where we meet Christine’s family. Hubby says both families are very Christian and very invested in the Bible. REALLY?  He admits that the PDA with Cody makes him uncomfortable and that a couple of boundaries have definitely been crossed. Christine’s mom is not happy, either. “It’s not right…I raised her different,” she says. Hubby admits that he told her she could do whatever she needed to do for strategy. But he thinks both of them could throw a little respect his way. Dad and Bro aren’t on board either.

Cut to Cody’s family. They find all of his antics hilarious. Dad explains that as an Italian family, they are touchy feely. Sister on the other hand, thinks Cody should back off. Dad says “He absolutely leads Christine on.”

Christine’s husband LOVED Zingbot’s Christine zing. He figures it was something she needed to hear. He plans on letting Christine know, in their first private conversation, how uncomfortable her flirting made him. He was never angry. He always described his feelings in a joking manner, with a smile on his face. But the flirting obviously bothered him.

Christine’s Husband And Family Not Down With Her Flirty Behavior

Derrick and Frankie literally lobbied up to the last minute to save Donny.   Last minute pleas are delivered, but both know the decision has already been made and don’t put much effort into it.  At times like these, I really miss Zach.

The Vote to Evict:

Christine – Donny
Victoria – Donny
Frankie – Donny
Caleb – Donny
Derrick – Donny

Donny is evicted from the Big Brother house.

Back from break, Julie reveals to the houseguests that Donny is evicted. Nicole quietly hugs everyone, thanking them for saving her. Donny leaves the house, all smiles.  He’s a good guy. His social game sucked, but I’m going to miss him. The thing is? If Derrick and Frankie had chosen to save Donny as their Team America mission, they would have all won 5K.  I don’t think they realize how popular Donny is on the outside. Frankie has no clue that BB fans generally can’t stand him.

Donny’s Emotional Exit Interview

When Donny sits down with Julie, the emotions come. He’s literally got tears running down his face.  The message from his brother already had him upset, now the seeming betrayal has turned him into kind of a mess. He feels let down by Team America. He realizes that it’s an individual game that each houseguest has to play. Julie counters that playing alone isn’t the only option. She asks about his decision to go solo, rather than join an alliance. He was beloved by the houseguests, yet he was a target–7 times on the block. He thinks maybe his ability threatened them.  He would go to bed at midnight every night. Why didn’t he stay up with the HGs? He felt it would have been useless because he had nothing in common with them.

“I hope they don’t hurt my feelings,” says Donny before the goodbye messages roll. Most of them were about how hard it was to get rid of him! The goodbyes are good natured. Frankie apologizes–he couldn’t jeopardize his own game to save him.  Derrick promises that he tried to keep “Team America” together. Working for those Jury votes!

Julie has breaking news. The Bold and the Beautiful have extended an invitation to Donny to guest star on the show. That’s nice.  He’s such an appealing personality. He’s hoping to get his groundskeeper job back, but I could actually see him have a minor reality star career, at least for a little while.

The HoH comp is called Sloppy the Snowman. The  houseguests have to glide down an ice covered lane with a scoop of water and drop it into a bowl atop a snowman. As the head fills, a piece of coal will emerge. The first HG who can fill the snowman to the point where they can  extract the piece of coal will win.

There’s a little twist. There is a smaller snowman.  If a houseguest chooses to fill it, they will get a reward AND a punishment. During tonight’s broadcast, America decided between the winner being taunted with incessant “hollas” or  wearing 5 embarrassing T shirts. Both punishments would last for the rest of the season. The “hollas” won out. The reward is 5,000 dollars.

As we leave, Caleb really seems to have gotten the knack of gliding quickly down the lane, and then sliding his way back up. Victoria and Christine are comically having problems.  None of the players seem at all interested in the side challenge.

Sloppy the Snowman!

Julie announces next week will be a  LIVE DOUBLE EVICTION WEEK!

As we leave, Frankie shouts out to his famous sister, Ariana, and begs America to buy his stuff (Yep. Still hate Frankie.)


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