Big Brother 16 – Week 8 – Live Blog Eviction Results (VIDEOS)

Results: As predicted, Zach was evicted from the house by unanimous vote.  Juried houseguests, Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole and Zach competed for the opportunity to re-enter the house and the game. Nicole won the challenge and is back in the house.

UPDATE: Cody won The HoH competition which took place tonight. Steven will post details tomorrow. BYE DONNY OR NICOLE. The detonators remain in control. There really is no hope.

Big Brother 16 Week 8 Eviction Live Blog Which houseguest will be evicted? Cody or Zach? Frankie is Head of Household, and has turned on his BFF Zach by putting him up on the block! Also, it’s the end of the double HoH twist. BUT, the four houseguests sent to jury will have the opportunity to re-enter the game!

GOD I HATE FRANKIE. Ok. Not HATE. But URGHHH HE ANNOYS ME. Ugh at the way Derrick manipulated him into putting up Zach.

Our story so far…

Zach is upset that Frankie put him up. His best friend in the house! Victoria is happy that she’s safe and can continue her game-free summer vacation.  Cody is a little worried that houseguests might flip on him.

Frankie explains how he’s playing a game, and that Zach has proven he can’t be trusted.  Now that he’s put Zach up, Frankie is  afraid he’ll pit the detonators against each other. Zach reaches out to Donny, who promises to have his back.

Zach tries, to no avail, to get Caleb on his side. He promises to have his back no matter what.  Zach points out that Caleb isn’t on the top of either Derrick or Caleb’s list. It would be smart to evict the latter.  Caleb isn’t biting (He should be!)  Frankie walks into the backyard where the discussion is taking place and begins to argue  with Zach.  Frankie accuses Zach of being untrustworthy, many  times over.  And, if he had volunteered to go on the block and throw the competition at the beginning, as he was asked, he wouldn’t be in this predicament.

MY GOD FRANKIE DON’T EAT WITH YOUR MOUTH FULL (during the entire conversation with Zach, Frankie is chomping on a salad).

The neighborhood watch is on. After houseguests found their items missing, they decided to organize a 24 hour patrol. Of course, this is all a part of the Team America prank. So far, the plan is going off without a hitch. The patrollers are wearing little miners lights to indicate they’re on duty. This is so goofy.  It was announced today that the Team America task was a success. That means a total of $15,000 each for Donny, Frankie and Derrick.

Victoria complains in diary that Zach has been picking on her all summer. So she takes back the pink hat that Zach has been wearing all summer. HATGATE. She not only takes it back, but she destroys it with a knife. Zach notices it missing immediately and when he confronts Victoria, she sneers, “My hat.” The houseguests sure are kicking Zach while he’s down. They all still believe he stole their stuff, and Team America, including Frankie, are allowing him to take the blame.

Victoria is really getting off on agitating Zach, “I’m nothing without my pink hat!” he screams.

Donny tries to convince Christine to ditch Cody. Zach would be somebody who could help them get to the end. Donny–and now even Christine–realizes that Derrick and Cody are an alliance. Christine has an inkling that they will keep Victoria around longer than her.

Zach works on Frankie some more. He tries to convince him that keeping Cody would be worse for his game. He reminds him that he could be the next target. Frankie refuses to make a big move.

THESE HOUSEGUESTS ARE SO STUPID! They have a chance to ditch a HUGE player, Derrick’s main man, and they refuse!

Back from break, Julie chats with the houseguests. She announces that the double HoH is over. Relief all around.

Time for the vote. Cody thanks his family and all the houseguests. He’s relaxed, because he knows he has nothing to worry about.

Zack, dressed in a white shirt and black bow tie, addresses the house guests. After thanking his family, he  says, “To you fruitloops. I say I hate all you guys, that’s not the case.  I strongly dislike all of you, and I HATE ONE OF YOU. You all SUCK. I might not be walking out of here with 500K, but I’m leaving a winner. ” He asks all of his fans to follow him on  Instagram and Twitter.  “Julie, I’ll see shortly.”  Not even pleading his case.

The vote begins.

Derrick – Zach
Christine – Zach
Donny – Zach
Caleb – Zach
Victoria – Zach

Zach is evicted in a unanimous vote.

Disappointed that Donny voted to evict Zach. I hope he gets back into the house and plots to wreck some havoc.

Back from break. “By a vote of 5-0…”  Julie doesn’t even finish the sentence, and Zach is already on his feet.  He jumps on the coffee table and grabs froot loops out of a plastic baggie to throw at the houseguests. They’re all laughing. As he leaves the house, he shouts LOSERS! He brings a flower for Julie! Hilarious exit from Zach.

Zach founded the detonators, and now he’s out. He realizes that his inability to keep his mouth shut hurt his game. The houseguest that he hates is Victoria.  No surprise. He’s not over that she stole his (her) pink hat. “She kicked me while I was down, and that’s uncalled for.” Then he admits it was a “laundry list of things” that made him hate her.

He put all his trust in Frankie. He didn’t see the betrayal coming. Zach is really taking the blame for his ouster. His strategy: If everyone hates me enough, they won’t give me the satisfaction of sending me home.  Clearly, it didn’t work.  He admits he didn’t have a coherent game strategy. Zach has no hard feelings toward Frankie, who he feels is the smartest, funniest person that he’s ever met. It was a great friendship, he says. He appreciates their friendship. He was also surprised to hear that the Zankie showmance was so popular. In her goodbye message.

In her goodbye message, Victoria holds up his pink hat, now ripped into pieces. Rude.

When Zach hears that he’ll have an opportunity to get back in the house HE IS PUMPED. He admits that he can’t decide who he would target if he went back.

Aw Zach. His game was to behave like the biggest asshole ever, but underneath the bluster, he’s a total love bug.

Cut to the Jury house. We see Jocasta and Hayden have a little reunion. Hayden realizes that Derrick is an A+ manipulator and Cody “a good actor.” He’s pissed to be one of the casualties. But if he gets the opportunity to go back into the house, he’ll try to take down either one of them.

The following week, Nicole enters the house, and it is bittersweet for Hayden.  He wishes she was back there fighting the good fight. They are very surprised to learn Frankie is Ariana Grande’s brother.  Hayden and Jocasta love watching the house turn on Frankie when he was almost evicted. They laugh when Caleb refused to play the Veto competition.

JOCASTA MOCKING CHRISTINA saying the “I’m taking the knife out of my back” when she put up Nicole is EVERYTHING. The Hayden/Nicole showmance continues in the jury house. They kiss before we cut back to the studio. Awwwww.

Julie breaks the GREAT NEWS to the houseguests! The doorbell rings, and the evicted jury members run into the house for a reunion. They all head to the back yard for the competition that will determine which juried houseguest will return to the game.

The game is “Comeback Fight” played in 7 rounds. In each round, the participants slide a disk down a lane to a spinning turntable.  When the bell sounds, the gate to each lane will only open for 5 seconds.  The winner of the competition will be the jury member who has the most discs left on the spinning turntable at the end of the last round.  In case of a tie, the juror with the disc closest to the center wins.  It’s a pretty close game. Each of the players manage to land most of their discs on the turntable.  If a player knocks a disc off, that counts against the other player. When the game ends, it takes a minute to figure out that NICOLE won the game.

Nicole wins! She heads back to the game I’m ok with this.


The show ends with Julie Chen taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from her husband, CBS president Les Moonves. In return, she challenges every houseguest ever. Actor, Will Arnett, does the honors!

Completely drenched, Julie asks, “How’s my hair?”

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