Big Brother 16 – Week 11 – Live Blog Eviction Results

Big Brother 16 Week 11 Eviction Results and Live Blog


Which houseguest will be evicted tonight? Cody and Victoria are on the block. But not so fast..It’s BB REWIND MADNESS. What happens when the competition rewinds? Will Frankie have a meltdown? Stick around to find out!

Our story so far:

Cody is nervous that Caleb will flip and Frankie will decide to make a big move. “It could be a disaster,” he says. Victoria is very sad, knowing she’s probably going home. Frankie wants to ditch her now, because if he finds himself sitting next to her next week, he’ll be the one going home.

Nobody in the house even suspects that this week’s gameplay will be voided via the rewind. Derrick realizes the golden button could change SOMETHING. He’s just not sure what. Derrick takes on his usual job of reassuring Victoria. He’s been spending more time with her, to ensure her jury vote if she leaves.

In the backyard, the boys sans Frankie, discuss the button. They hope it’s something cool that doesn’t affect the game. They solidify their plans to target Frankie. The three of them HAVE to begin winning comps.

Derrick and Frankie have a chat in the bathroom. Derrick is attempting to put doubt in Frankie’s mind about taking Caleb or Cody to the final 2. Derrick says Caleb is the guy to beat this year. Frankie understands Derrick is playing strategy. He isn’t buying Derrick playing down his own chances, and still views him as a threat.

Scheming! Derrick convinces Victoria to pretend she’s pissed at him so the rest of the house will assume she won’t vote for him in Jury. Vic is willing to do ANYTHING for Derrick. She’s going to try. Frankie is Victoria’s first victim. She plays it up big, crying that Derrick told her he won’t vote to keep her safe. She whines, declaring that she won’t vote for him in jury. FRANKIE CRIES WITH HER. He’s buying it. Frankie takes Derrick aside to tell him what Victoria said. Derrick behaves very coldly, as if he doesn’t care what Victoria thinks. “HE TOTALLY BOUGHT IT!” Derrick informs Victoria, excitedly. Frankie isn’t the only actor in the house!

The houseguests learn that the live eviction is a day early. Frankie hopes it doesn’t mean anything terrible for him. Heh heh heh. Victoria is excited. Cody, who is also on the block, not so much. Caleb fantasises that there will be a luxury competition. His deluded fantasy includes the actress, Mila Kunis. Eep.

Back from break, the contestants are gathered in the living room. Julie begins the BIG BUTTON discussion with the houseguests. She shuts down Caleb’s luxury fantasies. Derrick isn’t sorry they pushed the button, but wished it hadn’t happened so fast.

Next, we see clips of the Team America task. The houseguests run around the house, looking for a non-existent rat, that Frankie and Derrick keep seeing out of the corners of their eyes. It’s pretty hilarious. Back to Q&A with Julie–Victoria reveals that Caleb and Frankie are the messiest in the house.

Now we cut to Derrick receiving FROOT LOOP DINGUS shoutouts from Jury house member, Zach! They all freak out. Now, we’re at the Jury house itself. Aw, Zach got a NEW PINK HAT for his birthday! AND NOBODY CAN TAKE IT AWAY FROM HIM.  Hayden and Zach are playing ping pong as the next eliminated contestant,  Nicole, re-enters the Jury house.  Later, the jury gang watch the HoH competition with the snowmen and laugh as Derrick and Victoria wipe out.

When Christine hits the screen, they make collective faces. “I hate her,” says Hayden. They hope Christine is the next evictee, and indeed it is. Her presence is SUPER AWKWARD. Christine admits that she “messed up.” She literally has no friends in jury. “Christine got what she had coming to her,” says Nicole.

When Christine admits the audience booed her, the rest can barely hide their delight. They ALL marvel at Derrick’s game, realizing he’s been running the house all along. They also give props to Frankie and Caleb.

Julie announces that it’s time for live voting to begin. She allows Cody and Victoria to plea their cases before the vote. THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. This is delicious. In her speech, Victoria calls out Derrick, swearing that she will never trust him again. LITTLE ACTRESS.

Oh. It looks like the vote is going to happen anyway…whooops no it’s not!!!!  A loud alarm sounds. Derrick, who was heading to see Julie, is back in the living room, confused. The EVIL Julie cuts to break, but before she does, she teases the houseguests, warning them that the result of pushing the button means it will affect each and every one of their games. Derrick looks like someone punched him in the stomach. Frankie stares open mouthed. Victoria screams…can somebody get my suitcase! The atmosphere instantly turns tense.

Back from break. Julie explains the twist. To illustrate, a video rewinds through the whole week, back to last Thursday. before the HoH comp. THEY HAVE TO REPLAY THE ENTIRE WEEK. “WHAT!!!!” says Frankie. “You’re reign as HoH has been erased,” says Julie. Frankie acts excited. Derrick isn’t eligible, because he was HoH at the time. CODY HAS TO GET BACK IN THE DINO COSTUME. Silver lining–both he and Victoria are off the block for now.

Julie talks to former winner, Dan Gheesling. He’s surprised there have been no big moves in the alliance yet. He calls Frankie “dangerous” because he understands how powerful Derrick is. The twist could work in Frankie’s favor…or not–if he freaks out. Dan says Derrick has played SO well, that the jury may not understand his game. He’ll have to do a good job explaining it. He’s cheering for Derrick to win, and will be disappointed if he loses. After the break…the games begin.

If Frankie wins the competitions again, he isn’t going to mess around. He’s going to make a BIG move. He’ll put up two of the guys on the block. Caleb or Cody HAVE to win. It’s a matter of life or death for both of them.

Here we go! The HoH game is once again the “Seed Sawed” competition, which has the houseguests walking down a see-saw like contraption to deposit balls in a shovel shaped scoop at the bottom. The trick is to walk back and forth without spilling the balls. Caleb came close to winning last time, before his slipped.  Caleb and Cody already had to start over. Damn. BEAT FRANKIE DAMNIT.

The game is in progress as the episode ends. The rewind will continue to play out on Sunday. There will be a new eviction on Tuesday, and then the usual eviction on Wednesday. An all new episode also airs next Friday.

I’ll update this post with the HoH results when they are available.

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