Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Spoilers (Week 9 Veto Ceremony)

Find out the details of this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony here:

BWW Video Show Preview: The 39 Steps
BWW Video Show Preview: The 39 Steps

To recap, Cody is the HoH. He nominated Donny and Nicole for eviction. Cody won the Power of Veto.

Cody did NOT use the Power of Veto. 

Donny will be evicted on Thursday. If Nicole does not win the upcoming HoH competition or the Power of Veto, she will most likely follow Donny out the door. So we may not see the big alliance finally turn on each other in another two weeks.

This week’s outcome was predictable the moment Donny and Nicole lost the HoH competition. The majority alliance will stick together and will avoid making any big moves until they are the only ones left in the house. However, there have been talks about taking out Christine before Nicole, but I doubt that that will happen.

At the moment, this is Derrick’s game to lose. He has been in control since the beginning of the game, and it’s unbelievable his alliance members don’t see this. Cody is just Derrick’s lapdog and will follow him blindly until Derrick back-stabs him to take Victoria to the final 2. The only way I see Derrick get evicted is if he or Cody do not win the necessary competitions to guarantee safety in the last few weeks of the game.

I guess we’ll have to see how the rest of the game plays out in the upcoming weeks.

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