Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Spoilers (Week 7 Nominees and Battle of the Block Results)

Find out what has happened inside the Big Brother house since last night’s live eviction here:

Last night Jocasta and Hayden were evicted from the Big Brother house. There was a lot of fallout from the double eviction, but which two houseguests won HoH?

Nicole and Christine won HoH.

Nicole was obviously going to be the next target after losing her closest ally Hayden, so it was crucial that she won HoH this week. Christine will try to play her HoH safe, but she’s actually a target for a lot of people in the house.

Nicole nominated Frankie and Caleb.

Christine nominated Donny and Zach.

So how did this all happen? Well, Nicole had a lengthy conversation with Zach explaining how he was very close to being evicted from the house by his own allies this past week before there was a last minute flip that she, Hayden, and Donny were excluded from. Zach believes her and is furious with Christine and Frankie; Zach is adamant about getting Frankie or Christine out next, and is not even trying to hide the fact that he wants nothing to do with them. That’s right – Zankie is no more.  Zach then came up with an idea for Nicole to nominate him and Frankie together so he could throw the Battle of the Block competition to ensure that Frankie stays on the block. As a result, Nicole will stay HoH and if Frankie were to win the Power of Veto, Christine could be the replacement nominee instead.

However, Nicole is unsure whether Zach really would throw the Battle of the Block competition. She then had a long conversation with Derrick before Caleb joined their conversation. Caleb then offered to be nominated next to Frankie so he could throw the Battle of the Block. Nicole believes Caleb will be more willing to throw the competition, so that’s why Caleb is on the block with Frankie.

Despite being a big part of blindsiding Hayden and Nicole, Derrick and Cody are still in a decent position in the house. However, Nicole did admit to not trusting Cody as much anymore. After they won HoH, Nicole and Christine had a long talk about backdooring Cody this week. As well, Christine even contemplated nominating Derrick. However, Derrick had a long talk with Nicole afterwards and smoothed things over with her, and Nicole says she trusts Derrick the most in the house. So yes, Derrick is still running the house.

The Battle of the Block competition will be played later today. I’ll update this post when that competition has taken place. If everything goes according to plan, Donny and Zach will win the Battle of the Block and Christine will be dethroned. Frankie is the target this week and will likely be the next one evicted if he doesn’t win the Power of Veto.

However, the Team America mission this week is to get someone to volunteer to be a pawn and then evict him or her. Well, Caleb has volunteered to be a pawn this week. Still, it’s unclear whether this can be considered as part of Team America’s doing since Caleb offered to be a pawn without any encouragement from Derrick, Frankie, or Donny. I guess we’ll have to see how the week plays out, but Frankie is definitely the target for most people in the house.

UPDATE: Frankie won the Battle of the Block. Frankie and Caleb are safe for the week. Nicole is dethroned, Christine is the sole HoH, and Donny and Zach remain on the block.

Caleb tried to throw the Battle of the Block, but apparently Frankie was able to win it anyway. There was a huge argument between Zach and Frankie about how much Frankie has lied to everyone. Cody even got heated with Frankie too. Afterwards, Frankie revealed to all the houseguests that Ariana Grande is his sister. Some of the guys don’t know she is, so they didn’t care about this reveal. A lot of people are still against Frankie, but Frankie’s reveal did stop the arguing.

The Power of Veto competition will be played tomorrow. I’ll post an update after the competition takes place.


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